Only in America could a police officer get rich by killing an unarmed black man

Darren WilsonDarren Wilson resigned from the Ferguson Police Force over the weekend following the grand jury decision not to indict him for killing unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. Wilson cited security concerns for his decision and will stop getting paid immediately. The poor guy will also not receive a severance package.

All is not lost for Darren Wilson of course, this is America, a land where you can capitalize on the smallest of triumphs and the greatest of tragedies. Wilson won’t be able to work as a cop in Ferguson anymore (or anywhere else I hope), but where a door is closed, a palace gate is opened. By the time the dust settles, America will have made him a millionaire.

Almost immediately after Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, donations started pouring in from across the country for his defence, a defence that is no longer needed. The amount far surpasses the money that was raised for Michael Brown’s family.

With Facebook pages like “We Are Darren Wilson,” “I Support Officer Wilson” and “Support Darren Wilson,” Wilson’s backers have raised over $500,000 for the now former police officer. According to the anonymous woman who reportedly started these pro-Darren Wilson Facebook pages, $500,000 was just a “conservative” estimate. She also told the Daily Mail that when all is said and done, that number may easily jump into the seven figures.

A former GoFundMe account backed by Wilson supporters raised more than $235,000 before closing its donations in early September, likely due to complaints. A separate fundraising page on GoFundMe, was run by the police charity organization “Shield of Hope” and had raised nearly $200,000 before being shut sown.

Darren WilsonAs if the fundraising wasn’t enough, Darren Wilson reportedly received a hefty payout for his interview on ABC news. According to the website “Got News”, ABC and NBC were entangled in a bidding war over the interview, but ABC won out because of the enormous price they were was willing to pay.

Got News reported that Wilson received a “mid-to-high” six-figure fee for the interview. In other words, another $500,000 give or take. The dollar amount is still unconfirmed, but knowing the media in this country, it seems likely.

The interview by the way, which was carried out by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, was widely criticized for asking Wilson soft ball questions and for not pressuring his side of the story. The soft interview was no doubt part of the deal.

If you add it all up (don’t forget to include the full salary he received while on leave), it appears that Darren Wilson can retire tomorrow. I doubt any of this was in Wilson’s mind on that fateful night in August, it’s just a by-product of a racist/capitalist America, a sold-out media and a rigged justice system.

This is also just the beginning. Just wait for the book deals and movie rights to come rolling in. Darren Wilson may have escaped justice for now and gotten rich doing it, but I doubt there will come a day when he finds peace, whether from the public or in his mind.


    • Darren Wilson should be given TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. First for doing his job and for that having his life taken from him because of rioting animals that all need and deserve the same outcome as mike brown and TWO because his department never had his back like they should have. Yes mike brown and his mom’s and so called dad all need to be wasted and everybody like them. They are trash on the street and an embarrassment to those of color that do make something of themselves. God bless you Darren Wilson we will always have your back and your families.

  1. Title of this post is all wrong. It should read. Michael Brown makes officer Wilson a millionaire by losing his life due to trying to disarm and fight with him after strongarmming a liquor store.

    • “…due to trying to disarm and fight [a cop] after strongarmming [sic] a liquor store.” So says the murderer, Darren Wilson, who has already proven himself to be a liar and racist.

    • the title is right…. read and inform yourself on what happened the day darren wilson murdered mike brown (don’t just read wilsons side as he’s changed his story MULTIPLE times) or you could just stay the way you are now, ignorant.

  2. Quiet Mike’s web app doesn’t allow for edits after hitting enter Peter Willis. I’m single pecking from my nook and it lacks spell check. Mike understood what I said, and I didn’t accuse you Mike of committing murder only further inciting the lynch mob mentality. I see that others tend to agree. I believe the young lawyer who recently wrote a blog posted here recently suggesting that Hillary’s time has come and gone could have done this topic “justice.” Instead, you’re guilty of a personal foul, late hit.

  3. I think it is obscene that he appeared on that right wingnut’s television show. He showed no remorse whatsoever for the murder of Mr. Brown. It is obscene that ABC extended the offer. The MSM really sucks.

    Associated Press published a picture taken at a demonstration in Portland, Oregon. It turns out that this one group decided to demonstrate for calm and peace. They had signs, at least one reading “Free Hugs”. The other peaceful group was protesting the killing or Mr. Brown and they were joined by the first group. there was police presence. A police officer beckoned a young man who held the sign that read “Free Hugs”. The picture taken by the AP shows the officer hugging the young man whose face was toward the camera and was crying. This picture should get a Pulitzer prize. What a powerful message. Guess what, the officer was white and the young man was African American. Did any of the networks show this picture on ANY of their newscasts? NO! The only place that showed it was It seems to me that the network just show the negative side of American life. What do you think?

  4. Gerry, you are a narcissistic socio-path, who view others not as fellow human beings, but rather as tools or means to an end. If certain other people are deemed unable to further your narcissistic sociopath’s given agenda, they are normally cast aside.

  5. Gerry, you are a narcissistic socio-path, who view others not as fellow human beings, but rather as tools or means to an end. If certain other people are deemed unable to further your narcissistic sociopath’s given agenda, they are normally cast aside.

  6. More pointless noise that won’t contribute to the needed change. Concerned citizens don’t care about unconfirmed figures or Quiet Mike’s imagination. Instead, comments about the real problem with self policing police and lack of special investigator without police ties! All my middle aged white friends agree, there’s nothing wrong with making a couple of bucks.

    • It’s not “pointless noise” Frank C. And there is something very wrong with profiting from a crime. Not only is Darren Wilson given a free pass by this rigged, perverted justice system, he is now a millionaire for killing an unarmed, black teenager in cold blood. These facts chills my own. They might as well declare open season on black people in this country. It’s sick and we should all be ashamed

      • Jason, YOU do not know for a fact how much, if any, that police officer has had given to him. So quit trying to suffocate us with MORE innuendoes and outright lies… I can assure you, officer Wilson and his family will suffer a lot longer from this tragedy then the Brown family will…

        • The physical evidence does not lie, Gerry. The only apparent liar here is Darren Wilson. Cyril Wecht, renowned forensic pathologist, holder of both medical and law degrees, with decades of experience in forensic autopsies has said with no equivocation that Darren Wilson’s cover story is a pack of lies. The autopsy revealed that Michael Brown was shot in the arms at an upward trajectory, i.e. his arms were raised. He also states the bullets entered the victim’s head and chest in a downward trajectory which means Michael Brown was shot while he was already going down. Darren Wilson executed this child, the physical evidence proves it according to the experts. Watch the interview on CNN here:

          Further, conservative estimates set the amount raised by one Darren Wilson supporter at $500,000. In addition, one of the Go Fund me pages raised close to $300,000 before it was shut down. The other Go Fund me site run by the White Shield or Police Shield site, whatever it’s called, raised an additional $250,000. Add to that whatever Darren Wilson was paid for the ABC interview. Do the math, Darren Wilson made a killing on the killing of Michael Brown.

          Last, your comment “I can assure you, officer Wilson and his family will suffer a lot longer from this tragedy then the Brown family” is a truly disgusting and shallow thing to say. It reveals a gross bias inherent in your thinking. How can you even begin to compare the loss of a child, what the Brown family has lost, no, the murder of their child in public no less, to what a millionaire killer Darren Wilson or his cohort may go through. Unbelievable.

        • Gerry, you are a narcissistic socio-path, who view others not as fellow human beings, but rather as tools or means to an end. If certain other people are deemed unable to further your narcissistic sociopath’s given agenda, they are normally cast aside.

        • Gerry your a total fucking moron, how dare you make a statement such as officer Wilsons family will suffer a lot longer than theBrown family will..You fucking ignorant fool…

  7. Let’s be generous and say he gets to keep all of the roughly $1 million he acquires through the various channels. That is FAR from enough to retire at the age of 28. It is also not nearly enough to make up for the fact that Wilson will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

    While the media might have found Wilson guilty, the criminal justice system did not. I’m not saying this guy probably didn’t make some poor decisions, but claim he’s gaming the system is crazy.

      • No, I got the point. I think you missed mine. Your post made it seem like Wilson is somehow gaming the system or cashing in on the killing. The guy’s career is ruined and he’ll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Just as you are free to donate your money to a “justice for Brown” fund, people are free to donate their money to a “Wilson fund”. It’s not a reward for killing anyone, it was to support a man they thought was innocent in the trial everyone assumed would happen.

        • For crying out loud at least Darren Wilson HAS a life… unlike the unarmed boy he executed in the street. Are you for real or just trying to stir the pot? Seriously man, wake up. I see you have a child in your profile photo with you. Ask yourself how you would feel if someone executed your child in cold blood then cashed in on it after? Darren Wilson is profiting from this murder. That’s a fact and there’s no excuses to be made. He even has an agent now who does his wheeling and dealing. Darren Wilson is a sociopath (just like his mother) and is cashing in. End of story.

  8. I believe he might still be able to work out a lump sum payment for work comp (unable to perform police work due to emotional stress)…there’s enough loopholes to ensure payment, and I’m certain his (police men’s union?) atty has already put that plan in motion…

  9. Does Darren Wilson get the money or do the owners of the GoFundMe accounts get the money?

    Wilson may need the money for a defense after all. Even though the District Attorney refused to indict and then used the Grand Jury as a defense mechanism for Darren Wilson, there is still the civil suit. To be sure, Michael Brown’s family will bring a wrongful death lawsuit against Wilson.

  10. And the lynch mob mentality continues to metatastize, even into the pages of the progressive, liberal, informative,and honest pages of Quiet Mike. Couldn’t resist could you? Do you know how to tie the hangman’s noose Mike, or woukd you prefer pulking the lever?

    • Did you mean perhaps “metastasize?” If you’re going to get technical, or attempt to, then at least get the technical words right.

      • This guy got high on pot, robbed a store, assaulted the store clerk, assaulted a police officer, refused to obey simple orders and tried to leave. Mr. Brown weighed about 300 pounds the officer could not take him down physically. No cop is going to let someone walk away after being punched in the face. This “gentle giant” committed
        suicide by cop.

        • Everybody wants to distort how tall and the weight of the two men…young brown was only about 50 # over the cop…and both were very tall men.

          • No, that is the story that the ignorant and uninformed peddle to excuse this racist, lying pig murdering an unarmed black child in the street. That cop should be in jail, he’s the thug, the bully and the sociopath that hurts people. How do you not get that? Why do you want to defend this murderer? What kind of person does that?

            • Jason, I know WHAT I seen on that video right after Brown was shot. YOU believe what ever you think you know, but what I seen was not a black child. He was a smart assed teen walking out of a store carrying merchandise he had NO intention of paying that store clerk for AND pushing/shoving that old clerk around just to prove he, Michael Brown was in charge. You can yell and scream and try to belittle me into saying what you want me to say but that IS NOT what I seen and it is NOT what I will say. You think yelling and sceaming, what you want people to say and believe in their faces long enough will make it the truth for you but, in this case it just won’t happen. So now get outta my face and go back and ask to see that tape and there you will see the truth… Michael Brown thought he was a tough guy who could bully his way through everything BUT NOT THIS TIME…

              • So in your mind all “smart assed teen[s]” should be shot dead in the street. Got it. Or does that only apply to those demonic black teens who steal from stores? Because that’s totally 100% rational and not racist at all.

                It sounds like someone really needs a reality check. No one is yelling and screaming at you, okay? These are written words and opinions expressed on a blog’s comment section. Some people have insulted your intelligence and mental status as your views are quite bizarre. I’m merely questioning your grip on reality.

                “So now get outta my face!” Listen dear, you’re the one who has been posting comments directed at me right after I post in response to someone else. In other words, you are the one trying to engage me, not the other way around.

                Fact versus fiction. Learn the difference.

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