The GOP made this past year a roller coaster of crazy

Sometimes you don’t realize what a crazy year you’ve had until you look back. This was a very wacky year for politics, and what Republicans did in 2014 was extra crazy sauce. Let’s take a look at just a few things. Keep in mind this list could be much longer.

1. Bridge-gate

stupid things republicans did

Chris Christie was on the ropes on this one until the media wandered away. Then his own people promptly found him innocent of any wrong doing. Just like this site said they would.

2. Fan-gate

stupid things republicans did

Rick Scott refused to debate Charlie Crist because the challenger had brought a fan. No, not in the audience, onstage, a mechanical fan. You know, because Florida. This has to be the silliest “gate” of the year, though, right? Ah, no.

3. Tan-gate

stupid things republicans did

President Obama wore a tan suit. That was all. It was a full on scandal for the right wing.

4. Perry Indictment

stupid things republicans did

Rick Perry is actually in a ton of trouble. Naturally he claims it’s a political ploy, but the Texas governor is facing real charges here, and it all seems to be born of his pettiness.

5. Running For President is not an IQ Test

stupid things republicans did

Perry again. He doesn’t think you need to be smart to run for office. Which explains why he ran before.

6. The Michael Grimm Show


He threatened a reporter on television, was indicted and taken into Federal Custody, and claimed all the charges against him were “trumped up” before pleading guilty to tax evasion. Speaker Boehner finally had to convince him to resign so that the GOP wouldn’t have to start their new majority Congress by booting him.

7. ISIS is Crossing the US/Mexico Border


Wild reports starting coming in about ISIS terrorists crossing the southern border. It was all beyond ridiculous, but it was good enough to justify this next point.

8. Hating Refugee Children


Desperate children trying to escape the strife caused by America’s own “War on Drugs” in their homeland were met with hatred instead of hope. Some have been deported, some have been placed in homes, and some are still lingering in detention. They’re just children, after all, it’s not like they’re corporations or anything.

Oh, speaking of which…

9. Corporations Have Religious Identity

stupid things republicans did

The five conservative judges of the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby was allowed to circumvent the Affordable Care Act on the grounds of religious beliefs. This has led to, as Justice Ginsburg put it, a “minefield,” as Republicans across the country began trying to legalize discrimination based on religion.

10. Benghazi


Republicans politicized the deaths of four Americans for nigh on two years, desperately attempting to smear the Obama Administration. They helped the attackers spread fear and division as long as they could. Their own committee finally admitted no wrong doing by Obama et al as quietly as they could, with a document dump just before the Thanksgiving weekend.

Lindsey Graham is still championing it regardless. The Republican committee’s report was not Republican enough for him. But it’s totally not partisan.

11. The IRS “Scandal”


Another scandal that never was, Darrell Issa and crew also admitted defeat as quietly as possible, with their own document dump just before the Christmas holiday break.

12. Ebola!


Just as Benghazi/IRS/ISIS was dying down, along came Ebola. Republicans were in hysterics over the non-plague until the Midterms, when afterwards it magically went away.

13. Climate Change is a Hoax

stupid things republicans did

A sobering climate report was released in June revealing that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is greater now than in four million years, when the oceans were much higher. Naturally, Republicans put a man who wrote a book saying climate change is a hoax in charge of the environmental committee.

14. Cliven Bundy

stupid things republicans did

Man refuses to pay fees owed to the government. Draws militia to his side, and they point rifles at federal agents. Sean Hannity is ready to cook breakfast for Bundy when this new conservative hero decides to give his opinions on “the negro.”

15. Reaction to Las Vegas Police Officers Killed

stupid things republicans did

Conservatives argued this had nothing to do with the militant protestors at the Bundy Ranch, even though the cop killers were actually militant protestors at the Bundy Ranch.

16. Reaction to NYPD Officers Killed

stupid things republicans did

Conservatives argued this had everything to do with the protestors for Justice in New York even though the cop killer had nothing to do with the protests in New York.

17. Tom Coburn Blocks Aid for Veterans All By Himself

stupid things republicans did

In his last official act as Senator, Tom Coburn blocked aid for suicidal veterans, a rare bill with bi-partisan support.

18. Torture is Totally Cool

stupid things republicans did

Fox News thinks we are “awesome” even in the face of these atrocities. Dick Cheney would do it again in a minute, even though the CIA report revealed innocent people had been detained and tortured.

19. Unless it’s Cuban Torture

stupid things republicans did
[via democratic underground]

Oh, but America can’t lift the ineffective embargo against Cuba because of their history of infringing on human rights. Like, with torture! Besides they’re communists and nobody likes them, unless they are this next guy.

20. Vladimir Putin is So Awesome!

stupid things republicans did

Republicans fell all over themselves praising Putin. They called him a “real leader.” Said he was “decisive,” and that he made Obama look “weak.” Meanwhile, Russia’s economy has crumbled under Putin, partly due to those sanctions the supposedly weak President slapped on them.

21. Steve Scalise

stupid things republicans did

He was the honored speaker at a white supremacist conference that he somehow didn’t know was a white supremacist conference, so he’s not really racist, see? He’s just stupid. Besides, he didn’t have someone scheduling for him back then, so how is he supposed to be responsible for accepting their invitation on his own?


The Democrats aren’t free of stupidity themselves. Mary Landrieu and Joe Biden prove that. But what Republicans did in 2014 was in a class all its own. And you know who’s to blame? We are.

Americans voted these turkeys into office. In the case of this year’s Midterms, they abstained from voting at all, letting the extremist minority run the table. Certainly, the odds were in their favor this time, and it also doesn’t look like that majority will last, but the GOP benefitted greatly from one thing: apathy.

It’s not as if we have other options. Americans vote or they don’t. For the most part, it’s for one party or the other. Bi-partisan organizations can’t gain traction. The Coffee Party Movement is one example. While based on a platform of bi-partisan rationality and civility, The Coffee Party also panders to loons, forwarding pseudo-science claptrap and anti-vaccine propaganda, removing them from potential effectiveness and any real relevancy in the nation’s narrative. So much for rationality.

That leaves things up to us. When we vote, we don’t always have the best choices. But when we don’t, we get strapped into a roller coaster of crazy. This list is but a few examples of what happens when voters stay home.

It’s hard to hold your nose and vote. The Democrats offered a lot of bad options, and they made bad choices to boot. But as the leashes are taken off the big banks to run wild on the economy again, we’re getting the first taste of what the next two years have in store.

Next year’s list will probably be a lot longer.

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


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