You don't need to look very far to find the racist element of the NRA

rob kinnison
“Raging” Rob Kinnison, folks. Give him a big hand!

Honestly, I had no idea who “Raging” Rob Kinnison was. I’m not a fan of his type of media. I’d just stumbled into a twitter exchange between him and a couple friends of mine, where he was calling them c*nts and damning them to hell. Raging Rob is not only a big time NRA cheerleader, he also considers himself a “Good Christian.”

So I joined the conversation and was immediately invited to perform oral sex on him. Figured that would set the tone, but Raging Rob didn’t take long to up the ante. When challenged on why he was so obsessed with guns, his answer was simple, “More n*ggers, more guns.”

Rob has quite the history of racist rhetoric it turns out. He regularly retweets the twitter account N*gger Basher. He’s also intimately familiar with an account that’s been written about here before, End Cultural Marxism, a White Power account.

rob kinnisonThis is his hook, and his appeal; racist hatred. On his YouTube channel he regularly launches into hateful tirades of a nature that could most politely be categorized as ignorant. His regular targets are President Obama and Moms Demand Action. Specifically he tells them to “put a dick in your mouth and shut up.”

Some of Raging Rob’s videos aren’t even that offensive. There’s one where he defends himself to Truckers Against Pedophiles that is absolutely hilarious. In a pathetic vulgar type of way, sure, but still funny.

When I looked him up on Facebook, he was already blocked, meaning he’d been enough of a pain in the ass along the line somewhere that this was the only way I could shut him up. I can’t recall the specific incident because writing about preventing gun violence brings guys like him out of the woodwork. In the last year since I’ve started doing this, I must have had to block hundreds of these accounts.

rob kinnisonBut back to the conversation on Twitter. I made it clear I would be writing about and screen shooting our conversation, which he subsequently favorited and retweeted. He then continued to exhort racist sentiment, with a dash of homophobia and misogyny to boot. So he likes the attention, apparently. And there are plenty of people who give it to him.

This guy represents a huge faction of those who subscribe to the tenets of the NRA. Rob Kinnison has 30,000+ followers on Twitter alone, and another couple thousand on his current YouTube. He pounds his chest about being a proud member of the NRA on a regular basis, and whether the gun lobby likes it or not, his voice speaks for them.

rob kinnisonDoes Rob Kinnison represent every NRA member? As long as the NRA continues to denounce him, then no. What’s that? They’re not? Oh, that’s embarrassing. Why that’s almost as bad as a guy up for third in command of the Republican Party revealed as having spoken to a White Supremacist rally. That’s the kind of thing nobody could condone. Wait, what’s that? They are? Wow.

This is not to say that the NRA or the GOP is inherently racist, but it does say that a significant amount of them are. Raging Rob Kinnison and his following prove that. And he’s but one small corner of that large faction. These hateful bigots make the whole of the NRA and, by association, the GOP, look terrible. Bigotry should never be accepted, and never go unchallenged.

Where we lose traction is when we try to uncover why these issues are seething below the surface. Specifically, how the bigoted behavior of many white Americans are making the nation’s issues worse. We saw it in Ferguson. We saw it again in New York. We’ve been seeing it all along. But there are still people denying overt racism happens even with people like Rob Kinnison garnering huge followings. And they generally either work for or watch Fox News.

rob kinnisonYou cannot justify racism. Racism is never ethically correct. You cannot deny that the discriminatory actions of certain white people are happening without being a part of the problem yourself. Discrimination still exists. This is not Post Racial America. If you support, defend, or follow some attention seeking, gun-happy, homophobic, misogynistic man-child, who blames America’s problems on “n*ggers” then congratulations, you are part of the problem.

It’s easy math, folks; racism is bad. Supporting racism makes you a bad person. And not bad as in “cool,” bad as in “ignorant asshole.” Got that? I mean what else do you need these guys to do, dress up in a devil suit with a swastika carved on their forehead while eating live kittens? Sometimes it feels like that would still not be enough.

Raging Rob Kinnison is a reprehensible racist. He needs to put that in his name. If he wants the attention for it, then he should have the courage to be honest about it. And if you’re stupid enough to be a fan of this guy, then you can’t hide that you’re scum of the Earth, just like him.

Make a video about that, Raging Rob.

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. Chad – You hit the nail on the head. Like you say, these people are ignorant and uneducated. I think this is why most republicans are against education. Keep’em stupid and they will follow people like rob to the grave. Could this be why the Rethugs want a moron, like most of the clown bus, elected president? They keep saying that President Obama is
    an elitist because of his education. I think most of those morons in the clown bus are uneducated knuckle draggers. Wanker dropped out of college. Bush got lousy grades. They love uneducated dolts.

  2. ….. I reckon by this logic Timothy McVeigh represents all Christians. We aren’t apples, one bad one doesn’t taint the rest of us.

    • The author answered that concern specifically. Your comment only shows that you did not read the article.

    • No, of course not. If on the other hand, the bad apple is in your barrel, do you personally challenge such puerile attitudes?

    • When you don’t do anything to stop all these McVeighs, then YES they and you represent the whole group. You may not be a racist bigot, but when you wrap yourself in the confederate flag exactly like all the racists do when they are race-baiting, then you look like a racist.

      When you do nothing to stop the loudmouths of your group, then you are allowing them to represent you. If you don’t like being grouped with them, then DO anything to stop them, belittle them like they belittle the opposition, and do anything in your power to clean up your image through them.

      The loudest apples always get the most attention and they always speak for the group if the group doesn’t speak up for itself.

      One bad apple will always make the whole bushel look bad. If you do nothing to kick that bad apple out of the bushel, then you are just as bad as that apple through guilt of association.

  3. Rob the racist is know doubt basking in the glow of having received the first CRM golden Enema ward. As an enema of society may he use it to clean up his act.

  4. Actually, someone dressed up in a devil suit with a swastika carved on their forehead while eating live kittens would be an improvement over many of these knuckle draggers.

  5. I’m sure you’ve seen the posted pic of the billboard in Alabama about diversity equating running down the last white person- It REALLY makes me laugh that they’re so ignorant that they don’t understand there are around 9 white people to every black in America, and yet THEY’RE the ones fearful of extermination!
    To attack racism frontally may be a good TACTIC, but a different STRATEGY is required when looking at the bigger picture.
    The most sound strategy should be to surround and isolate racists, much as a cancer would be isolated and eradicated.

    • Rob, here’s a little tip from a city girl from Los Angeles who raised three sons. And yes, we are caucasian. Advertise that you are racist and have guns, hate women and gays? Guess what? An army will show up on your doorstep with a lot more weapons and ammo than you could imagine. I would love to see you survive one week in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York City. Take it easy!

    • Well, if it isn’t the bastard child (Rob Kinn) of the crack whore himself. I guess when your whore mother is too busy fucking every Tom Dick and Harry to get her next fix and ignores you while sticking you in front of the Tele-nanny watching Fox News and playing video games, something bad is going to happen. And as we can see, it HAS!

      Let’s just count this retard off as just another domestic terrorist, bob (or chop) his head off, and let society be a better place without this piece of scum garbage, trailer park trash. He’s just showing that he is a product of piss poor parenting.

      He has this unhealthy need for attention because he was too butt ugly for his mother to want to breast feed him.

  6. Somehow I do not think that condemnation, the assignment of guilt and punishment is going to crack the nut of residual racism. In the social sciences one rarely gets past 80% of people conforming with anything. We’re going to have to figure out strategies that marginalize the retrogrades. There are going to be people who fall at the extremes of any bell curve of distributions. The question that guides response is whether these individuals and their abhorrent conduct are consequential above and beyond mere annoyance? If they are not and are simply attention grabbers, then they are best ignored and simply ridiculed. 30,000 global followers out of 320,000,000 Americans is statistical rounding error. But if your vision of politics is being seen jousting at practically irrelevant bad things, then there are worse ways to spend your time.

    • I’m fine with discouraging racist behavior. The idea of using mind-control somehow to get in people’s heads about racism is a subtle road toward a new kind of fascism, though. Providing opportunity and education is where it’s at. Going all paranoid SJW isn’t.

  7. I appreciate the arricle. Well written, but unfortunately I’m not surprised by anything he has to say. I share most of your essays with my political group, but not this one. We are all too aware of the racism, bigoty, misogyny and hatred perpetuated by the Republican party and their worshipers and I don’t to give one to give one iota of credence to this piece of snail slime by posting it.

  8. “This is not to say that the NRA or the GOP is inherently racist, but it does say that a significant amount of them are. Raging Rob Kinnison and his following prove that.” It proves nothing of the sort. You seem to be basing this absurd conclusion on the fact that he has 30K twitter followers. You have NO IDEA the political affiliation of those followers. C’mon, you’re smarter than that.

    • I think the point is how many more Rob Kinnison’s are out there? This is only ONE small guy with 30,000 followers. Consider what guys like Nugent have going on. Kinnison may be a wanna be, but it is worth noting that grass roots efforts do grow.

  9. Nice job, Chad. We all need to actively identify and condemn the evil–in this instance, racism–that continues to threaten this nation and the world.

    • Thank you for the article, we do need to expose these folks to the world and let everyone know that this still exists in the 21st century.

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