Anti-Vaxxer beliefs are putting everyone in harm's way

anti-vaxxersNo, don’t really punch Anti-Vaxxers in the face, no matter how much you feel they deserve it. And let’s be clear, this writer feels they deserve it. Their blatant ignorance and willing dissemination of misinformation has gone on for too long. They need to be stopped now, and brusquely. The ignorant do not respond to niceties.

Open a can of righteous whoop ass on them. Take down their talking points with facts, and be merciless when you do so.

The most well known Anti-Vaxxer credo is that vaccines create autism. They do not. Say again, vaccines absolutely do not cause autism. It’s bullshit. Andrew Wakefield, who forwarded this theory, was stripped of his medical license for making it up. It’s completely fraudulent.

Some Anti-Vaxxers try an end run around this. One claim they make is that vaccines cause demyelination, subsequently causing deterioration of the myelin sheath, thereby causing neurological disorders, and, you guessed it, autism. Also bullshit.

This theory was posited by Joseph Mercola, an Anti-Vaxxer advocate. Funny thing about Mercola though, he sells stuff that he says will fix you right up. Stuff that could replace vaccines, like coconut oil. The FDA had to order him to stop making illegal claims about the health benefits of buying his magic oil. Just so you know where the ulterior motives lie here. But if that’s not enough reason for you to discount Mercola, there’s lots more stuff right here.

It’s really simple; if vaccines caused autism, via any mechanism at all, even if only in rare circumstances, then we’d easily be able to see it in credible studies. There would be a difference in the percentage of autistic children between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. One more time. Vaccines do not cause autism, in any way.

There isn’t a single credible pediatrician or infectious disease specialist supporting the anti-vaccine movement. There is the disgraced Wakefield, who remains a hero to Anti-Vaxxers. There’s Mercola, some guy in South Dakota by the name of Lowell Hubbs, and a few other quacks and frauds. None have the credentials necessary to speak informatively on the issue in a truthful manner.

When you research vaccine side effects, negative effects, and deaths, they’re statistically negligible when compared to the the side effects, negative effects, and deaths caused by the diseases they prevent. Following this fallacious premise to other realms, one could argue against seat belts, speed limits, and helmets; and how we should abandon the vast majority of them because a tiny few didn’t work.

anti-vaxxersThis is how Anti-Vaxxers make medical science sound as if it is snake oil. They scream about “toxins.” But would they refuse treatment if they contracted cancer? Chemo is a toxin, after all. Or are they reserving their caution for vaccines only? Even supposedly reformed anti-vaccine proponent Jenny McCarthy loves her some Botox while hawking e-cigarettes. How’s that for being hypocritical about the toxins?

McCarthy was the best the Anti-Vaxxers had. Think about that. The leading voice of the movement was an actress famous for making fart jokes. She’s backed away now, of course, as epidemics are raging throughout the country. The poor girl didn’t think this one through.

But make no mistake, McCarthy helped forward the Anti-Vaxxers’ fraudulent claims about the autism connection. She says she was never anti-vaccine now, but her own words betray that sentiment 

Anti-Vaxxers also forward a great conspiracy of scientists in the grasps of Big Pharma. They’re putting stuff in the vaccines, you know, stuff that can really hurt you! But that doesn’t follow. What does Big Pharma have to gain by creating a vaccine that destroys one disease only to cause another that’s even worse? Not to mention vaccines aren’t a blanket cure for diseases. This is basic science. 

And it isn’t the money, either. Maintenance drugs are where pharmaceutical companies make the majority of their incomes, not vaccines. In fact, vaccination is such a small part of pharmaceutical revenue stream, that if it weren’t for the government mandates, many companies wouldn’t even bother.

Next up is the “If you’re vaccinated, why do you care if I’m not” fallacy. The non-inoculated put the very young, the old, or others not vaccinated for health or religious reasons at great risk. If you’re receiving chemo treatments, you may not be vaccinated. So if an Anti-Vaxxer infects them with measles on top of that? Yeah, that person should be punched in the face.

anti-vaxxersUnfortunately, that makes for a lot of faces that need punching. Anti-Vaxxers have been causing outbreaks all over the country for years now. In the last year alone, most of these outbreaks can be traced directly back to them:

“Most of the 288 measles cases reported this year have been in persons who were unvaccinated (200 ppl [69%]) or who had an unknown vaccination status (58 ppl [20%]).

Among the 195 U.S. residents who had measles and were unvaccinated, 165 (85%) declined vaccination because of religious, philosophical, or personal objections, 11 (6%) were missed opportunities for vaccination, and 10 (5%) were too young to receive vaccination.”

Making the news lately has been the measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland. This can be laid directly at the feet of the unvaccinated:

“Vaccination status is known for 34 of the California patients. State officials say that 28 were not vaccinated at all, one was partially vaccinated and five were fully vaccinated. Six of the unvaccinated were babies, too young to be vaccinated.”

This adequately explains current outbreaks. That’s 28 people out of 34. Anti-Vaxxers will try to obfuscate this damning statistic, but that’s all they’re doing, muddying the issue. That’s all they’ve been doing from the start. But you cannot ignore that Anti-Vaxxers will contract, and infect others with diseases.

Going even further with this, it doesn’t even take that many non-inoculated people to cause an outbreak. In 2011, there was a huge measles outbreak in Minnesota. It was traced back to one unvaccinated child, who travelled abroad, bringing the measles back. One 2 year old caused an outbreak. One. Child.

Look, you have the right to decide when you or your child receives vaccines. But less vaccination in an increasingly growing population living in shrinking proximity is a bad idea. Your right to not vaccinate your child ends at my right to not have my child contract a life threatening and entirely preventable disease. This issue is not just about you.

People are being hospitalized. Children are being hospitalized. Babies are. If that means nothing to you, and you will still ignorantly put others at risk due to some stuff you heard this one time, then that’s why I want to punch you in the face, even though I am not really going to.

anti-vaxxersTalking to Anti-Vaxxers is almost pointless. They dig in their heels, shake their heads, and loudly cry, “Nuh-UH!” They will cite absolute garbage to back up their claims. You won’t reach them, but you must face them down. Otherwise it will be easier for them to spout their ignorance again and again.

But more importantly, why it isn’t pointless to resist them, is that others will see you fight back. Don’t punch Anti-Vaxxers in the face literally, hit them with facts. Destroy their half baked conspiracy theories. Hold Jenny McCarthy accountable for enabling these monsters, she’s easy enough to find on Twitter and Facebook.

The fact that Anti-Vaxxers can spew their crap with next to no legal consequences illustrates how free we are as a nation. America is so free we allow incompetent individuals to put the rest of the world at risk. Hell, we reward these people! Jenny McCarthy goes from high profile show to high profile show.

But what should she really be famous for? A bodycount.

When I was a boy, the measles, rubella, whooping cough, these were diseases all but eradicated in America. Then Andrew Wakefield makes up some stuff about vaccines and autism and the next thing you know, people think they’re being smart by not vaccinating. It’s the ultimate First World Problems joke, but it isn’t funny. The punch line is on all of us. Knock knock. Who’s there? Disease.

Have a look at any interactive map showing the recurrence of preventable diseases over the last few years. That is what the Anti-Vaxxers have wrought. They have done more than enough damage, and if we don’t oppose them, they will only keep making things worse.

“If you want to assert a truth, first make sure it’s not just an opinion that you desperately want to be true.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. I love the meme. White male “rational” scientist with blond, busty “irrational woman”… and an invitation to violence. You must be so proud.

    • It’s an excellent article and well-documented article, with an unfortunate title. Reading all the comments, one can see that emotions run high on this issue, as did the author’s. Personally, I view the anti-vaccine movement on a par with climate deniers, or with believing that mental illness is caused by demonic possession.

  2. It is very hard to take a corporation to court. Vaccines pressurize bacteria and viruses to drift into more virulent genotypes. Not only do vaccines not prevent outbreaks but the cause immune suppression.

    • Ironic, you say that they suppress the immune system. They don’t. You can find numerous studies on pubmed that look at vaccines and immune response. Don’t confuse your google search with my medical degree.

    • Wrong. Letting bacterial and viral infections run rampant lets them reproduce massively and possibly generate more virulent forms due to genetic variations that can be passed on. Without reproduction, there’s no genetic drift. And vaccines stimulate the immune system by supplying a recognizable target. But it’s clear you have no idea how the immune system works in the case of vaccines, nor any knowledge of genetics.

  3. Chad do you remember the largest epidemic of measles in North America in over a decade? It occurred in 2011 in Quebec. It was started by an adult that traveled overseas and carried it back with him. He was vaccinated as well. It spread to those that had 2 doses as well. Meaning there were secondary failures of vaccine protection which is rarely seen. Furthermore it occurred in a population that was heavily vaccinated and protected against Measles. only 3 to 5% unvaccinated, which means herd immunity threshholds were met.

    I know you guys like to call out those who are unvaccinated a lot but consider the fact that it was the vaccinated in this instance that caused the worst epidemic in over a decade in North America.

    • You’re actually helping make the point of this message. When a person who doesn’t get vaccinated, they catch a disease. This disease can now mutate inside their body changing. Vaccines help build an immunity towards the first strand of the disease. So when it mutates and changes the way it works, our immune system is no longer prepared to fight them. so yeah… maybe only 28/110 cases were not vaccinated, The disease itself originated in a person who wasn’t vaccinated, and it grew stronger before infecting people who should have never gotten in to begin with.

  4. If vaccines are safe then please explain to me why the government has a fund that is specifically dedicated to children who are damaged from a vaccination? I believe it is held and disbursed by the CDC. I can’t figure that one out.

    • When you say “damaged” The vaccine injury board is there for rare reactions, Not there for every antivaxer to go running to, It covers extremely rare side effects such as encephalitis, prophylaxis etc, The Antivax “injuries” such as Autism etc etc is NOT on the list, Why? Because vaccines don’t cause Autism or vaccine injuries, It is there for extreme allergic reactions or a rare complication.

    • You are thinking of the “vaccine court”, or the office of special masters of the US court of federal claims. A portion of all vaccine sells are given to this court, who can award claims in the event of a vaccine injury. This court is meant to protect big pharma and those in the medical field from personal liability lawsuits.

  5. Here’s a “FACT” for you, but you probably can’t handle it, because it’s not your facts…the fact is the CDC has RECENTLY announced Disneyland measles outbreak has OVERSEAS connection…let me translate that for you into a hard fact: Unvaccinated USA kids didn’t transmit measles at Disneyland. And here’s another fact for you Mr. Know it all….people who get measles vaccinations, yes all of them, STILL GET MEASLES, just like people who get the flu shot still get the that too many facts for you? So sorry to rain on your self-righteous party of pontification and pious outrage at anti-vaxxers. You make me sick, seriously. What planet are you from? And here’s another fact, Mr. wonderful….a bunch of kids JUST DIED FROM GETTING the measle vaccination, but hey, who gives a rat, right, cuz you don’t like them facts, only the facts you fart out of your fukd up head….how dare you or anyone else tell anyone that they have to vaccinate themselves or their children. Go FK yourself you fool, you have no clue what UR talking about. Keep being that mindless sheep that you are. Perhaps you forgot the US GOV did vaccine experiments on people over the years as well, as well as is doing them now, maybe you’re one of them….they must have given you the “I’m going to believe everything the good doc and all the gov. officials say is good for me…weeeeeeeeeeeeee it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….” Here’s some advice: Chelate yourself.

    • “CDC has RECENTLY announced Disneyland measles outbreak has OVERSEAS connection…unvaccinated USA kids didn’t transmit measles at Disneyland.”

      Correct, kinda. The initial outbreak does have an overseas source. However, making sure we have vaccinated population in America prevents these cases from spreading once here. Imagine what would’ve happened if only 6 people got sick from the measles, rather than 34. Much better situation.

      “people who get measles vaccinations, yes all of them, STILL GET MEASLES, just like people who get the flu shot still get the flu”

      Correct again, kinda. You are stating this fact that it somehow refutes the article. It does not. This is literally how vaccinations work. It’s as though you said “1 = 1, and therefore 1 is really bad all the time.” Ridiculous.

      “bunch of kids JUST DIED FROM GETTING the measle vaccination”

      Source of the data and its scientific analysis? I looked up VAERS Database and found nothing to back up “bunch of kids” dying.

      “Perhaps you forgot the US GOV did vaccine experiments on people over the years as well”

      This is only relevant if it can be shown to have an impact on efficacy of immunization.

    • You are not only misinformed, but seem to have a tenuous grasp on reality. If this unhinged rant was meant to prove the author’s point that Anti-Vaxxers are not reasonable people, then, bravo, Mindy. Job well done.

    • I’m not sure I get your point….
      Yes, the “foreign” person at Disneyland was infected with measles.
      If everyone at Disneyland had been vaccinated against measles, it’s possible that it could have stopped there.
      Maybe not, but vaccines have worked well enough in this country that measles has been all but eradicated in the U.S.
      Instead, there were enough unvaccinated people that were exposed that the outbreak has now spread to 14 states.
      The point is: This was completely preventable.
      Vaccines have been one of the best success stories of modern science.
      The risks of the diseases greatly outweigh the risks of possible side effects.
      It’s a numbers game, and you’re betting against The House.

    • HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA you mean after you believed the CDC was spraying measel virus chemtrails over disneyland on purpose just to make anti vaxers look bad????

    • Wow, thank you for stepping up to embody the example in the piece above. First, the CDC stated a case of measles in 2011 came from a tourist entering this country and starting the epidemic among the Amish in PA – it has bounced around the unvaccinated and those unable to create anti-bodies ever since. It finally bounced to the unvaccinated in Calif.

      No child has died from the MMR vaccine.

      Of course vaccinated people still get the measles, it’s 95% effective. Some folks simply can’t produce the anti-bodies regardless of vaccine or previously having the disease which is why it’s to important that all that can vaccinate – do.

      Just so you know, new ACA coverage includes mental health disorders and can be reasonable purchased through the marketplace.

    • Here’s some advice for you, it comes in two parts: First of all, learn what a ‘fact’ is. A fact is something that is true, not something you want to be true. I do trust Doctors and you know why? Because they have devoted about ten years of their lives to getting to where they are and not just read some bullshit article by some failed celeb.

      And now for the other piece of advice: Learn to spell.

  6. I used to be an anti-vaxxer but I saw the error of my ways and now my kids have the full schedule of vaccines and some extra ones for good measure. Doctors and scientists are the healthiest people I know and I take their advice over the anti-vaxxer whackos who spread lies, mis-information and fear. Now I can feed my kids as much candy, chocolate and ice-cream as they want. Foods high in salt and sugar are back on the menu and they have Happy Meals at least twice a week. They love it! And I don’t have to bother with preparing and cooking that ‘natural’ food the anti-vaxxers like so much. Sure, my kids might develop diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol in later life but they are all treatable and people now live for longer because of the advancements in science. Children in countries that don’t have access to proper sanitation, clean water or good nutrition are dying of these preventable diseases. That’s why we have to vaccinate. That’s why I do. And best of all, now if my kid gets sick I can blame it on some selfish, irresponsible anti-vaxxer’s kid.

    • Pretty silly and uneducated comment…so your all about cure over prevention? Lets get cancer and then fund research in the meanwhile lets hope for the best?? Heres a few points

      Just because a child is vaccinated doesnt mean its immunizied – vaccinated children still carry bacteria and can infect newborns, immunse compromised etc…

      Just because ur child is vaccinated against childhood diseases doesnt give u the right to feed them shit get them fat so they struggle soacially mentally..develop body issues get on to a truck load 9f medication antidepressants etc…all because ur a lazy mole who cbf cooking healthy and preferences the good old take away cause its easy cheap and convenient…who on earth gave u children?

      If ur child gets sick u have no one to blame but urself… my husband is a pediatrician of 30 years and when he read ur comment he nearly fainted. You should b ashamed of urself

      • I’m silly and uneducated for choosing the right decision to vaccinate my children and feed them how I do? How rude! I have the backing of the government, the corporations and the majority of people who act as is I do. It is widely accepted that those who choose not to vaccinate are in the wrong. Like the people in the story of the Emporer’s Clothes.

      • So true….vaccinations are only one part of a child’s healthy life. Nutrition, clean water and air, exercise, sleep, familial support, etc., are all part of getting a kid through life with decent health (barring accidents) and critical thinking. And, extremely important….EDUCATION. Americans are just too damn lazy and complacent concerning the health of their children. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, etc., could be a thing of the past.

  7. This is why we need to round up all anti-vaxers and throw them in concentration camps for criminal negligence, child abuse, reckless endangerment, and crimes against humanity! The welfare and science clauses (Article I, Section 8) trump the right to personal belief, religious or not. If they won’t listen to facts and evidence debunking their false beliefs, we have the right and the duty to force them to.

  8. What’s lost in this whole anti or pro vaccination argument is what it means to be healthy. I have two children who have never been vaccinated. Never been stuck with a needle or had prescription or over the counter medicines. Their health is my responsibility alone. Not the medical profession, pharma or the government and certainly not another child who my or may not be infectious. I understand the science of immunology. I’m not anti science or anti medicine. The idea that an healthy body could in any way mount an immune response against a virusand create anti bodies of its own without becoming sick or infectious seems to be forgotten. The future that I am creating for my children is that they understand what it means to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. Ask yourself, what does it mean to be healthy? Are the scientists or medical professionals that you know the healthiest people you know? Should that be relevant when tasked with listening or following their advise about your own or your family’s health?

    • If you’re choosing to put others at risk based upon the idiotic premise of “we’ve never been vaccinated and we don’t get sick” that’s fine. Just stay under your rock and don’t come out in public.

      • I never said they didn’t get sick because they weren’t vaccinated. So what does it mean to you to be healthy? Are you saying you can only be healthy with medicines and drugs? Why is it just the non-vaccinated who should stay under the rock for fear that they ‘might’ put others at risk. Do vaccinated people not get sick as well then?

      • Being vaccinated doesnt mean being immunizied i cant believe u think ur child will not get sick from a vaccinated kid ru seriouse ? Dont you even know the concept of vaccinations and immunisations?

    • You can not prevent measles by eating all the right food or taking all the right supplements. Period.
      Your ignorance and ego are putting the lives of innocent children who are immunocompromised (by no fault of their own) at risk of severe illness and death. It’s utterly reprehensible. I hope to god that my own at-risk children never cross paths with your “healthy” unvaccinated ones.

      • I find it pretty funny that everyone is carrying on about unvaccinated children spreading diseases. …guess what fruitloop if you read the vaccine insert it states…just because you vaccinate it does not prevent you from spreading anything to others…so those immune compromised (that is probably a result from vaccinations) or young newborns should be kept away from unwell people to start with..don’t have ur 2 day old baby rocking the shopping mall with you as its likely to contract something..keep it at home till its 8 weeks and then go get ur vaccines if u think their so magical. I choose to immunise my child through homeopathy that’s been around for 200 years longer than vaccines and guess what they prime the body just as good without nasty side effects or even deadly stop pointing fingers and talking shit its ur child that just got vaccinated with aborted fetuses and labrotory grown shit that’s carrying the bacteria and shedding it on healthy children. I highly recc everyone watches the documentary “bought” where GlaxoSmithKline ex staff shed the truth about vaccine facts being sugar coated…where parents or vaccine damaged kids speak out…where money does the talking. God some of you are primative and so small minded seriously stop blaming and start researching and ask yourself why is this a world wide topic?

      • You are totally right ‘Proud to be vaccinated’. Before the creation of the vaccine for measles, every man, woman and child in the world contracted measles if they became exposed to it. It is 100% infectious. I’m sure I read that on the CDC website too. Sorry couldn’t find the link to cite it. How healthy they were or the food they ate could not protect them against measles. Period.

  9. I think this is a load of crap….as a mother u dont go by a few articles you read or some media gossip..u research ur ass off and question every letter of each word you read. I personally dont care about autism big deal 1 in 3 have it these days id survive with it. What worries me is injecti g dangerous foreign substances as a form of priming the body…which activated the bodies defence mechanism…so what happens when that tiny body starts attacking itself? When it starts attacking the healthy cells? What happens when it causes the brain to swell? What a out all these new diseases that the doctors cant explain but just add a fancy long confusing name to it? What about all those immune compromised children out there that are constantly in and out of hospitals? Why are our hospitals packed jammed with sick children yet our medicine is so advanced? Should we touch on sids? Healthy baby goes to sleep and never wakes up again…yeah ok lets call it sids? Why are vaccines being constantly reformed, changed, updated etc…who can keep up with that? How many years is there of scientific research on the last vaccine schedule, 10? Yeah ok my child is no guinea pig for the medical institution…would love to see the Windsors come out and vaccinate their children!

    • Susana, I’d like to help assuage some of your fears and misconceptions. Vaccines contain either a tiny bit of an extremely weakened or dead bit of germ, or no germ at all. The way vaccines work is by introducing the body to a tiny controlled amount of the germ that causes said disease, it gives the body a safe way of learning how to fight the disease and develop antibodies against it so that the individual won’t be racked with the full force of the dangerous disease. It is so much safer for the body to fight a tiny, controlled, weakened or dead germ then to be ravaged with the full force of the dangerous disease. It’s like being handed a day old puppy to avoid having to face a pack of rabid pit bulls. The body does not start attacking itself, it attacks the weakened or dead germ introduced in a controlled fashion via the vaccine. It actually strengthens the immunity of a healthy individual. Brain swelling is so extremely rare, less then 1 out of 1,ooo,ooo, that no one is sure if vaccines are even responsible.

      I don’t know what new diseases you are referring to, so I can’t address that concern. Now about hospitals being jam packed with sick children, I can tell you that they are not jam packed with children suffering from measles, rubella, small pox, yellow fever, diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. The only way to keep it that way is to vaccinate our population. Small pox, which has been eradicated via vaccines, would be responsible for 5 million deaths alone. How many women do you know who have had their children under 5 years of age die? Prior to vaccines this was fairly common. Just walk through a cemetery that is over 100 years old and see all the baby graves. People used to have a lot of kids because it was likely that they would lose a few before their 5th birthday. The above listed vaccines have not changed. The flu vaccine is very different because, unlike the other viruses, the flu mutates rapidly. That is why they have to change that vaccine every year. The others have not changed at all.

      SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) has nothing to do with vaccines as SIDS was just a prevalent prior to the introduction of vaccines to society. They are working hard to figure out what causes SIDS and so far it looks like there is a problem with the portion of the baby’s brain that is supposed to rouse you if you fall into too deep a sleep and stop breathing. They can actually test babies for this now and put them on moniters until they outgrow the problem.

      I do believe that the Windsors vaccinate their young, especially due to the extensive worldwide travel they engage in. So if that is the one thing that will convince you to vaccinate your kids, there you go, vaccinate away!

    • You’re an idiot. Vaccines are constantly updated because viruses like the flu mutate from year to year with different strains being prominent each year. So every year a new vaccine has to be released because this year’s flu is different from the last. As for these foreign substances? also crap. The vaccine vial contains only the vaccine itself, an antibiotic to prevent bacterial growth in storage, and an adjuvant to stimulate a stronger response.

      • Idiot? No need for name calling and u obviously havent read a vaccine insert or researched the origin of their ingredients i assume combining so many vaccines into a cocktail is beneficial as well? Hope you never endure a vaccine damaged child.

      • Because that’s not a moronically unfounded statement. There are anti-vaxxers from all walks of love and levels of education, including ones with high-level degrees in science and medicine. I don’t really care one way or another about the vaccine debate, but it does amuse me how often people with absolutely no training in science or medicine criticize doctors and scientific researchers who dispute the safety of vaccines.

  10. Might also like to add that antivaxxers make the lives of autistic people – like me – immeasurably worse. By characterizing us as “damaged”, we are dehumanized and made other. It is breathtakingly insulting and even dangerous – if we aren’t seen as whole people, it’s easier to do things TO us without asking us. Many of us have died at the hands of our caregivers, and an alarming amount of those caregivers have made statements showing how Not Human they think we are.

    • Thanks for this, CC. I think your story is worth a series of articles all on its own.

      But yes, that angle should definitely be included. My apologies for missing it.

    • I myself have Asperger’s Syndrome, and I’m 100% sure vaccines had nothing to do with it. Besides, even if they DID cause Autism (which they haven’t and won’t) I’d rather be on the short bus than in the back of a hearse.

  11. Ok people when i was growing got vaccs for measles mumps and rabella whooping cough..pollio..exc..these vaccs helped keep kids healthy..these illnesses didnt just dissappear..on there own..poeple got vaccs therefor didnt get them..they are still out there in our genaration everyone got one got the sicknesses are back..measles..whooping cough in the schools..why people are not getting vaccs anymore…people are getting sick once again..bringing back all kinds of illnesses..think about it folks…you love your kids dont want them to get anything that might make them sick so why would you risk there lives…a kid they set next to in school gets the measles becuase his parents didnt want him to get the vaccs suddenly your little one brings home this illness to your newborn and his sibblings who you didnt have vaccs done either..your whole family is at risk your children could die….theyve been playing with other school mates who didnt have vaccs either as there patents did keep up on there shots..soon now there family is at risk because your decission not to get now your family is full of illnesses…the baby will probley die from it you will be lucky if the rest of the kids will servive it but over at the classmates house they wasnt as lucky and lost four of there kids to illnesses…but not before passing it off to other family members and nurses and doctors children all of whom are to young to recieve the now you ate responsable for not only giving your kids a death sentence but his classmates there family members and the doctors family and the nurses family..hell you ate now concidered a seiral killer for all the lives of all these poeple…you should be treated like my opinionyou should be forced to ware the grim reepers you get your just reconisation..for all the lives your dumb decission has you want to watch your children waste away with desease..die…when you could have prevented it all..but you didnt want to get them vaccs did you..people like you are the reason deseases of the past is back

    • Hell when I was a kid, you HAD to have your vaccinations BEFORE you went to school.
      Maybe we should bring that back…
      There are kids out there that cannot be vaccinated. My great niece for example.
      Her issue is a raw egg allergy.

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