Donald Trump inserts himself into a national issue with his trademarked ignorance

Mo “There’s a War on Whites” Brooks

Donald Trump is taking cues from the worst dregs of the Republican Party for his talking points. The Donald is quickly rising in GOP polls because of his fear mongering racist rhetoric against immigrants, even going so far as to blame them for infectious diseases like measles.

So where did Trump come up with this whopper? Mo Brooks.

It’s been a little while since Mo “There’s a War on Whites” Brooks has said something stupid and hateful. The Alabama Republican previously jumped into discussions on vaccinations and measles to blame outbreaks on undocumented (his words were actually “illegal”) immigrants. Good old Mo thinks these people are to blame for America’s epidemics. And he’s the guy Trump is taking his cues from.

It can’t be pointed out enough that Mo Brooks is a stupid and hateful man, with a history of saying stupid and hateful things, in order to play to a stupid and hateful base. Every time we try to move past the stupid and hateful element of the Republican Party, one of their many stupid and hateful personalities opens their stupid and hateful mouth.

What we’re saying is that Mo Brooks is not a credible source on this issue. We doubt that Mo Brooks is a credible source on very much. But we’ll humor everyone here, and point out why he’s wrong. We’ll also point out how to take Mo Brooks at his word, you would also have to be stupid and hateful. Oh, hello, Donald Trump, we were just talking about you!

The problems with your theory are manifold, Mr Brooks. Central and South American countries have consistently high vaccination mandates for their populations, for one. Mexico is even better than the USA at it. Yes, that includes measles. Chances are very low that undocumented Mexican (because come on, you want to specifically blame Mexicans) immigrants are to blame.

Not to mention one of the measles outbreak centers was Disneyland. That place ain’t cheap, and if those poor diseased illegals you imagine are sneaking over the border, it’s ludicrous to believe they are subsequently dropping large bills in Mickey’s world.

The Disneyland outbreak had an overseas connection, but if more people in California hadn’t refused vaccination, measles wouldn’t have been able to take hold as it did. The California outbreak was traced back to 34 people, 28 of whom were not inoculated.

Where there are more vaccines, there are less diseases. Where there are less vaccines, there are more diseases. End of reasons for the measles outbreaks.

The reason there are so many outbreaks is due to the high amount of unvaccinated Americans. Don’t bother arguing any Anti-Vaxxer talking points on this, we defeated them previously here. This is why California was finally forced to pass a law making vaccines mandatory.

Until you came along Mo, we’d forgotten it was possible for anyone to out-stupid Anti-Vaxxers. And until Trump came along, we didn’t think it was possible to out-stupid Brooks.

imageSo good job, Donald Trump. You too, Mo Brooks. You’ve helped identify just what kind of people are the problem in this country. It’s not the undocumented immigrants you love to hate so much, it’s the stupid and hateful among us who look to ignore reality and blame issues on parties that had little to do with them. Just because you don’t like them.

Blaming undocumented immigrants is stupid and hateful. It is not only blatantly incorrect, it is an excuse to enable the racist and the ignorant to spew more bile. Adding a problem to another problem makes no sense, and should not be abided by anyone. But not only do we let Republicans get away with this, we give this tactic of theirs a cutesy name; a dog whistle.

Oh, just in case you think I’m being all mean to Mo Brooks, who doesn’t deserve to get his fee fees hurt, Africa is making fun of him too. Yeah. A Nigerian comedian took Brooks’ lead and is suggesting they screen visiting Americans for vaccinations now.

The only thing worse than the stupid and hateful are the people who believe them and double down on their ignorant statements. Looking at you Ben Carson. Right after you’d been a voice of reason for vaccines while your colleagues jammed their feet into their mouths, too. Disappointing.

Well, Ben, at least you had a day or so of being seen as rational. That’s pretty good for Republicans these days.

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. Even if immigrants were to blame, we would still have to bear some of the blame because American children would be protected if vaccinated. It’s called herd immunity, and when enough people are vaccinated, that not only protects them but those who are not (there are some kids who cannot be vaccinated for good reason).

  2. It’s too bad there isn’t a vaccination for hate. In America today there is too damn much hate mostly from Republican morons like Hannity. Listening to Hannity spew his non-stop whining, hate and vilification of President Obama is pretty damn disgusting. Every damn day all he spews is hate, hate, hate, hate. There must be something we can do. The last week or so he has been “hating” the President for not taking out Russia and declaring war on all Islamic nations. This is exactly how WWI was started. Some ahole Serbian assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife. Then the insults made the rounds just like we are witnessing today. Eventually, war broke out. Hannity and his ilk need to be silenced. Take them off our airwaves.

  3. All of this hate and ignorance from anyone who is not an American Indian! These fools should trace their genealogy, we are ALL immigrants and the only responsible party for bringing communicable diseases to this continent.

    • Most of these people call themselves Christians but they are far from it. Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as yourself. People from south of the border are some of the most honest people in the world. Of course there are exceptions as in any society, We seem to have a preponderance of self righteous pseudo-christians. We are a nation of immigrants.

  4. The anti-vax response, unfortunately, is a small example of the classic teenage life view of “don’t tell me what to do!” and “don’t mention facts, my mind is made up”. This amazingly large group citizens have unilaterally closed out a meaniful discussion of public health. They will not recognize how they have benefited from sewage, clean water, an freeing their environment of tuberculosis, polio and many other diseases of the early 20 th Century. A Medal of Freedom awaits the person who can get the attention of this “me first” group.

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