Opposition parties were asleep at the wheel as Canada voted to become the second nation to bomb ISIS in Syria

Five months and $122 million later, Canada’s conservative government is set to extend and expand its war on the Islamic State without a clear end goal. Just another date that can be extended again and again. Now, Canada’s war on ISIS is heading toward uncharted and immoral territory.

The House of Commons voted 142-129 in favor of extending and expanding the ISIS mission which will see Canada become the only country other than the United States to bomb ISIS in Syria. The Conservative majority voted in favor while the opposition parties all voted against it.

Prime Minister Harper, always quick to dish out the fear, described the new mission parameters as the “minimum” necessary for dealing with “a threat that is very real for this country.” To follow the Bush doctrine of saying that if we don’t kill them there, they’ll kill us here is nonsense.

Harper of course neglected to mention that the only successful “terrorist” attack on Canadian soil occurred because Harper decided to bomb ISIS in the first place. When you tickle the hive, you tend to get stung.

I say this not just to rant, but to point out the Conservative Party’s rational for expanding the bombing campaign to Syria; self-defense. Harper is using the same logic that Bush used to invade Iraq, to bomb ISIS everywhere. And he has no choice. It is illegal to attack a sovereign nation unless it’s in self-defense or has permission from the ruling government (Assad has not given permission).

War on ISISLet’s understand the entire situation here. Canada will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars to drop bombs (with potential civilian casualties) on the Islamic State who is fighting Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad whose crimes against humanity are something ISIS can only dream. And we are doing it to protect ourselves… There’s a reason no other western country has taken things this far, it’s called LOGIC!

The Canadian attacks inside Syria will make a chaotic situation even more deadly for innocent civilians in a place that has seen over 200,000 casualties already. What good is going to come from it? Well, what good has come from America’s “war on terror” which has left a conservative 1.3 million people dead in just three countries; Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The only thing that’s clear is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is content on playing follow the leader, follow the American leader to be precise. And so are Canadians, support for the ISIS mission is over 60% thanks to all the fear mongering. At least Quebec isn’t buying it.

Canadians will only be safe when we start tending to our own affairs and stop meddling in the civil war that has been gripping the world’s second largest religion. It isn’t our fight and never was.

Now, what really bothered me about the extension and expansion was the vote itself. Yes, the Tories have a majority and no one could have stopped them, but as Canadian General Rick Hillier pointed out, 32 Members of Parliament didn’t even bother to show up to vote.

You would think a vote on bombing a foreign nation would be important enough for MPs to do their job, or at least show up for work. Here’s the real kicker, of those 32 Members of Parliament, 19 were Conservative, 4 were Liberal, 5 were NDP and 4 were independent. All the independents lean left.

If the left of center parties and independents had all voted on this most important of issues, it would have forced the whole Conservative Party to show up in support or it could have given Harper a serious black eye.

Let that be a lesson kids, always vote. Don’t do what your leaders do… and go to war without real purpose.


  1. ISIS can be likened to a disease; and if it multiplies exponentially, killing its host, it commits suicide by running out of what it feeds on. And it dilutes in potency as it travels farther and farther away from its source. True of Ebola, true of ISIS.

    • If you start treatment of the disease it is generally a better regimen than waiting until it has become critical. After all, it matters not to the host if the disease perishes when the host has gone defunct.

  2. Ah, yes! We should all stand by while Isis expands its territory, because, after all, the folks in the middle east are already under the heel of a despot. Later on, we can deal with the problem of Isis, when it threatens our own economic interests. After all, we have historical precedent.
    The world watched complacently when Germany re-militarized the Rhineland, protested feebly, when it rolled into the Sudetenland, yawned when it annexed Austria. It was indeed wise not to waste money resisting Hitler and the Nazis until we really had to.
    Still, some might wonder: If they are publicly beheading, burning and stoning, what are they doing decently hidden behind closed doors?

    • Ah yes, we should all stand by while the Harper Government scapegoats Muslims as it pursues its policy of endless war in order to consolidate and expand power and justify stripping Canadians of our civil rights at home.

      HISXMARK’s analogy is an “inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one’s opponent) with Nazis – often referred to as ‘playing the Hitler card’.”

      Mine compares what actually happened in the forging of Nazi Germany with what is actually happening in Canada now.

      • Well, sometimes it is appropriate to “play the Hitler card”. When oh so self righteous bubble heads ignore blatant aggression coupled with atrocity, it is not a gratuitous analogy. There are some people you just can’t “make nice” with. Such regimes don’t go away just because they are too unpleasant to contemplate.
        In short not every comparison to Hitler and the Nazis is “inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic”.

        • I didn’t say every comparison to Hitler and the Nazis is “inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic,” I merely pointed out that *your* analogy was.

          The Nazi Government scapegoated Jews as part of its justification to strip German citizens of their civil rights to consolidate its power in its pursuit of endless war and aggression.

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