Three simple reasons to unite behind Clinton if she proves to be the runaway Democratic nominee

Hillary Clinton is going to be the democratic nominee for President. It is obvious that the powers running the Democratic Party have cleared the playing field for her. Now it is up to us, liberals, progressives, and independents, to put aside our doubts and organize support for Clinton and we need to do it now. We simply cannot afford to lose this election because the stakes are too high.

I have written in this column before that I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is our best candidate for President. Clinton’s political baggage is going to weigh her down and give the Republican Presidential hopefuls a slow, flat-footed target.

True to form, just hours after announcing her candidacy, the Republican elite began to blow their political dog whistles calling on their base to attack. Their base obediently responded by tearing into what flesh remained on the political carcass of Clinton’s past “mistakes.”

Benghazi was brought back to life, the Republican controlled house brought up the possibility of criminal charges for her use of personal email while she was Secretary of State, and don’t forget her 68-year-old husband; who wants that horny bastard back in the White House?

Let the feeding frenzy begin. However, Clinton has proven time and again that she is a smart, politically-savvy opponent. By announcing her candidacy 18 months before the election she is betting on two things: The Republicans truly are like a group of dogs with a bone who won’t let go and that people have short attention spans.

The lifespan of Republican outrage is long, but the general public usually doesn’t care about last year’s (fake) scandal. If they did, a lot of Republicans wouldn’t be in office right now given their transgressions. Despite all of the political maneuvering the voters cannot take their eye off the ball. There are several critical reasons we need to pay attention to the true issues and realize that a Republican President would be disastrous for the nation.

  1. Under a Republican Presidency, our Fragile Economic Recovery Would be Reversed

It is hard to forget that under George W. Bush’s “leadership” we entered one of the worst economic downturns of modern times. Despite being handed a roaring economy, with low un-employment and no deficit, Bush took the nation into a death-spiral.  Yet under Obama, we have slowly returned low un-employment that is predicted to go even lower and the stock market has doubled in value. Gas prices are at the lowest levels in years. Clinton would follow the Clinton/Obama policies that are proven winners. We would see a continued economic growth and low un-employment.

  1. Women’s Rights Would Immediately be Attacked

Republican-led States have launched an all-out assault on women’s reproductive rights. They have introduced hundreds of bills aimed at limiting both access to birth control and abortion. If a Republican is elected president the assault on Women’s Rights would be elevated to the national level. The “do-nothing” Republican controlled House and Senate would come to life, churning out bill after bill to chip away these rights. Any bill would almost certainly be rubber-stamped by the President.

  1. Environmental Issues

There is no question we have reached a tipping point where climate change is concerned. California is facing severe drought conditions and along with five other western states is running out of water. One of the first acts of the newly controlled Republican Senate was to re-introduce the Keystone Pipeline bill that would create a host of environmental concerns.

Many of the candidates in the Republican field have made it clear that they don’t believe climate change is real.  They express open hostility at the thought of risking donations by the very corporations that have contributed to climate change for decades.

We can’t afford to forget the disastrous policies of the last Republican President. We also can’t afford to allow Republicans to control the Senate, House and Presidency. We need to unite behind our Democratic nominee and help ensure her election. Hillary Clinton may not have been our best candidate but now she is THE candidate. It is up to the voters to stay focused on the big picture and ignore the Republican dog whistling.


  1. These were not reasons to get behind Hillary and ignore the Presidential contest as if she is a queen of some sort. These were reasons to unite behind anyone who wins the nomination. If it’s Hillary, fine, but she is not a queen and we should not crown her.

  2. Wendy I so agree with your arguments but I still worry about Clinton’s ties to the money. She needs to start changing her priorities and do it in such a way that the hundreds of thousands of Democratic voters like me don’t get turned away from the polls or waste votes on underdog candidates. If she can prove to me, and most others, that she is not a greedy bitch (sorry but that is her image) she will have a chance because I have no doubt about her leadership abilities. Other countries, many of which look at women as second class citizens, will also have a problem with working with her but I feel she will ‘school’ them rather quickly. She is smart and that is a hallmark of Democratic presidential candidates but she has a big history to deal with. I will support her if she becomes our only hope but I truly hope it doesn’t come to that.

  3. Any Republican administration is going to be more protective of Wall St. and Billionairs than any Democratic administration. We need reforms in campaign finance, tax reform, student debt reform and protection of Social Security. I was told that only 20 per cent of young people voted in 2016. We should all be very frighten of the failure to get a Democratic shift.

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