What kind of crazy secret society police stuff is going on on California Attorney General Kamala Harris' watch?

kamala harrisThe California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, has become a national star on the political stage. From President Obama’s comment about Harris being the “best looking AG in the country,” her record on prosecuting corrupt banks and illegal foreclosures, to her announcement of her candidacy for Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat. So it was a shock to see a headline about one of her staffers getting arrested with two other individuals for impersonating law enforcement officers. Why would California’s top law enforcement officer have a staffer who is pretending to be the police?

On April 29, 2015  prosecutors arrested and alleged that David Henry, 46, committed perjury and impersonated a police officer. Tonette Hayes, 59, whom has been identified as Henry’s wife, was also arrested and accused of impersonating an officer. The story went national when an aide for Kamala Harris, named Brandon Kiel, was also arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer. 

To start at the beginning, Southern California has dozens of African-American Masonic Lodges. Some are “Prince Hall” lodges, which trace their roots to a freed slave from the 18th century. The lodge that David Henry (the ring leader) attended was a Scottish rites hall in south Los Angeles whose grandmaster is Van Hibler. According to Hibler, Kiel, 31, is married to Tonette Hayes’ daughter and Henry has referred to him as his son-in-law. Kiel was deputy director of community affairs in the L.A. office of Attorney General Kamala Harris earning approximattely $65,000 a year, peanuts for southern California.

One day, David Henry, the only defendant charged with a felony, approached Hibler about starting his own lodge. Hibler claims that he advised Henry to go about doing it “right”. By that Hibler meant that in order to start a Masonic lodge, there are steps that need to be taken and records to be kept in order to be recognized as an authentic Masonic lodge. Apparently, there is a proliferation of fake Masonic lodges and get this, a lot of members blame fake lodges for low attendance.

When for some reason Henry could not make it work, he approached Hibler again about starting  a police force — the Masonic Fraternal Police Department — which would protect all the grandmasters in Southern California.  Hibler claims he did not want protection, and says none of the other grandmasters did either.

“My background calls for handling my own business with men and women. I’ve had to suspend brothers from time to time,” Hibler says. “I did not need him to try to come in and help with what my problem might be. But I can’t stop him. That’s what he wanted to do. After he did that, I told him to keep it on the right, and do the right thing.”

The scheme worked like this; David Henry sent letters to several Chiefs of Police at various stations around the Los Angeles County area. Kiel would follow up with a phone call and try to set up a meeting. Finally, a Los Angeles County Sheriff named Roosevelt Johnson agreed to meet with Henry, Hayes and Kiel. Sheriff Johnson said that the three came to his office and wanted to discuss setting up a headquarters in Santa Clarita, a suburb in north Los Angeles.

Johnson became suspicious when he asked if any of the three had attended any police academy and they said they had not. They were wearing real badges. Tonette Hayes was carrying a firearm and dressed as a peace officer as was David Henry. Brandon Kiel was wearig a suit and told Sheriff Johnson that he worked for the State of California Department of Justice in the Los Angeles office. Weird.

“The group claimed that they were descendants of the ‘Knights Templar’ and that their police agency had been in existence for 3000 years,” the department said in a statement. “Additionally, they claimed that MFPD had sovereign jurisdiction in 33 states and across the border in Mexico.” Johnson immediately called for an investigation.

After obtaining search warrants, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s found badges, weapons, police uniforms, and “police-type vehicles.” Unsurprisingly, Brandon Kiel is suspended during the ongoing investigation. However, the story of how this came about is so bizarre and reaches way deeper than three individuals just playing dress up.

There is something very sinister about the situation and whether or not Kamala Harris had any knowledge of this or, even worse, benefitted from it, is yet to be seen. Even the Masonic Lodges are baffled about what has happened. There is also an ongoing investigation since more than three people had to be involved.

This was the beginning of something much larger if these three were not acting alone. It appears that there is a splinter organization as extreme as the Sovereign Citizens Movement who may just be trying to infiltrate police and sheriff departments. At this point, the motive is unknown but it is common knowledge that many politicians have ties to the Masonic lodges, and there just happens to be a low level aide with access to the items confiscated, even including vehicles.

The question is who else knew about this? The Sovereign Citizen Movement is well armed and invites flare ups with law enforcement or government entities. Look at the Cliven Bundy Ranch standoff. So they’re well known to law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Next question; why would Kiel go to law enforcement if he wanted to break the law?  What exactly is this about? Hold on, things get even weirder before we can answer that.

kamala harrisChristopher Hodapp, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason and the author of Freemasons for Dummies, says stars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z led to the Freemasons’ sudden rise in popularity; “They use a lot of Masonic symbols in their music videos and on their albums.” Even though their Masonic “connections” are an online joke that spawned sites like Is Beyonce the Illuminati.

Hodapp believes that celebrities are driving up genuine interest in Freemasonry, especially among millennials and African-Americans. However, he says these groups are unsanctioned and capitalizing on the attention: “They’re bogus money-making schemes.”

And it gets worse. According to Anthony Lemieux, investigator with the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), anti-terrorism expert, true sovereigns would not seek out a relationship with law enforcement. They reject law enforcement and police authority as if they are illegitimate.  The raid revealed access to tons of fictional documentss and official government forms altered to fit their organization.

So; was Brandon Kiel being used or was he committed to a secret police organization. And what exactly that police force’s intended use is what needs to be answered.

So what does this mean for Kamala Harris?  It doesn’t look good at all. If she was to benefit from this mercenary type security, her campaign for the U.S. Senate is over. Even if she didn’t know anything about this, she should have. She is the top law enforcement agent of the state.

Hi everyone! I am a prior litigation paralegal and graduate of the UCLA paralegal program. My undergraduate studies were at University of Nevada, Las Vegas majoring in Sociology and minoring in Business. Adding law heightened my analytical skills of legal issues, social issues and I worked on several high profile class action cases against BMW; Microsoft; General Motors; 24 Hour Fitness; Airborne vitamin supplement and several other class action cases that were litigated U.S. Federal Courts. I love writing about political and consumer protection issues and proud to be a contributor for Quietmike.org.


  1. Any chance the author would like to include some real evidence? A staffer working for the AG is a wanna be police officer. So what? What evidence is there for there being any connection between this staffer and Sovereign Citizen Movement? This whole story is a real stretch to make the connections. Bottom line, the only facts are a staffer and two other people were arrested for impersonating police officers. If one of these three had not been a member of the AG’s staff there would be no story here. I guess that’s why this is posted here and not in one of the respected newspapers.

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