If Huckabee refuses to recognize judicial review by the Supreme Court, what other laws will he ignore?

Mike Huckabee is once again running for President in 2016, and he could be potentially dangerous if he wins. This article will not focus on his chances of winning, but the precedent he would set if he did win.

Huckabee was on Fox Noise (again), to talk about his positions, and he was asked by Chris Wallace what his stance on the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage would be. To sum it up, Huckabee said if the court ruled gay marriage bans were unconstitutional, then if he were president, he would ignore the court’s ruling.

Now Mike Huckabee didn’t say it quite the way I just summed up, but he said that the Supreme Court is “not the supreme body” of the country and that the court could not “write and make laws.” It is an old conservative tactic of saying that the Supreme Court can never rule in a progressive favor, as it will be “activist judges” who are “legislating from the bench.”

Yet, the implications of Huckabee’s points are strong, and scary. What Huckabee said not only shows his supreme ignorance of the Supreme Court, but also shows his willingness to break centuries of precedent and change the nature of how the branches of government behave.

While Huckabee is either ignorant of judicial review or just plain hates it, he makes some dangerous claims. By stating that, as president, he would ignore a Supreme Court ruling, he could set in motion a constitutional crisis the likes of which has never been seen in this country. If the President can decide a what rulings to follow and not to follow, then it creates a new legal precedent that would ultimately end in a showdown between the branches.

If Huckabee can ignore one Supreme Court ruling, why not two or three? What about a sanction from Congress? What if (by some strange miracle) Congress overrides a Presidential Veto. What’s to stop the executive from ignoring the override? At this standard, anything is up for grabs.

Huckabee would dissolve Constitutional precedent, so he can make a religious stand on gay marriage. This is pathetic and crazy. Huckabee is so convinced by his Holy Book that God hates being gay, that he is willing to ignore all legalities in order to enforce his will. There’s a word for this, what’s it called? Hmmmm… Oh yeah! Dictator.

If Huckabee means what he said, then him being president could be quite a travesty. I don’t think he has a chance of winning, but if he did win, it could spell disaster for the American Republic.


  1. Just the fact that Huckabee thinks the Supreme Court is not the ultimate legal pinnacle of American jurisprudence is a testimony to his incipient madness, fueled by a Christian zealotry that is possibly if not definitely the biggest threat to true freedom that exists today, with the competition from warrantless access of phone records, overwhelming cyber attacks into our private information and who knows what other kinds of domestic spyware is monitoring everything we do on a computer, and will continue to do so whether we catch it or not.
    But getting back to Huckabee: we are dealing with a seriously deranged person who advocates that all Americans be forced to listen to historical revisionist David Barton, at gunpoint if necessary. Believe me, a gun would be required to make me listen to a propagandist lying piece of shit like Barton. The problem is that Huckabee and millions of mentally deranged brainwashed Christians truly believe that their Bible and its laws supercede that of government. They ignore the teachings of “Jesus”, their mythical hero right after God, who is, as we all know, a staunch conservative who shall smite anybody who dares disagree with the U.S. Christian population. “Jesus” taught for his followers to obey the laws of the land, meaning governments. Now, there is a time for all people to overthrow evil government entities, such as Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrants. However, as much as we deplore our elected officials nowadays, except for the right wing, who adore Republicans and are totally incapable of holding them responsible for anything, the U.S. is not the kind of government that merits an internal revolution, but that won’t stop people like Huckabee.
    He and others like him are staunch Dominionists who believe their religious beliefs are superior to government. He would, given the opportunity, impose a theocratical dictatorship and systematically destroy the Constitution so only he and his minions would have any “rights” at all. The LGBT community, intellectuals and liberals, meaning anybody slightly more moderate than Bill O’Reilly, would be under attack and subject to arrest and persecution if they didn’t “convert” to Christianity.
    Sound familiar? It’s the same mindset as the most strict Islamic nations. Huckabee would love to start a third World War immediately upon entering office against the Arab nations. He sees himself as some sort of crusader and has already displayed devastating lapses of judgment and intelligence. From releasing a rapist who claimed to find “Jesus”, only to kill two people in Missouri immediately after his release from an Arkansas prison to defending the Duggars and their hypocritical scandal with their pedophile son, he is not of sound mind. And as “George Jetson” says, what is worse is that people will vote for this lunatic.

  2. Hucksterbee doesn’t frighten me nearly as much as the hundreds, perhaps thousands, that will vote for him…

  3. Mike Huckabee and his other running co-horts have similar intentions. Many represnt the fanatical right wing Christian base that also wants to undo the U.S. Constitution, believing that the country needs Christianity as its declared national religion. Unless one is able and willing to serve as President for ‘all’ the people, then you have a major breakdown of this nation’s values as set forth by our Forefathers, in their original writing and intent of our Constitution.

    • But they misconstrue and lie about the Founding Fathers all the time. It’s a bald faced lie when a Christian says we are a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. That is totally wrong. Yes, some of our founding fathers were Christian, or at least Deists, but they understood, especially James Madison, who refused to sign the Constitution if the freedom of religion, both to practice or ignore with equal legal rights wasn’t included. They had seen theocracies, knew they were disasters, and wanted no part of them.
      Huckabee and his followers define religious freedom as the right to impose it on everybody, unsolicited or not. They don’t call it imposition. They use phrases like sharing the Good News, or mission work. If missionaries who go to other nations with the sole purpose of telling those people that Christianity is right and their own religion or spirituality is wrong, and basically bribe them with food, schools or whatever to make the brainwashing easier isn’t imposing, then what the hell is? You send a missionary to China and then talk about persecution because they meet resistance.
      How would your average Christian react if Buddhists or Islamic “missionaries” set up in our country and did the same thing? They’d have a fit. They can barely tolerate a difference of opinion as it is.

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