Even when you put aside religion, Republicans are still all about denial

The Grand Ole Party has been called a lot of things in recent years. The party for the wealthy, the party of hate, the party of white men, etc. Some people even combine them; the party of hateful, rich white men for example.

These labels all ring true to some extent, but they are generalizations. Not every Republican is racist, rich, white or all the above. I believe the best moniker we can bestow upon the Republican Party is the “Party of Denial.”

No one denies reality quite like the GOP, or conservatives in general for that matter. Sometimes it seems as though they’ll argue that the world is square just to disagree with scientists, democrats and liberals. As ridiculous as that may sound, it isn’t that far from the truth.

So I’ve listed five reasons why Republicans could and should be considered the Party of Denial. In the interest of fairness I’ve decided to keep religious issues to a bare minimum. After all, the best way to deny reality would be to preach religion. Therefore you will not find things like evolution or gay rights on this list. Now, let’s get started.

Abortion is Legal

Yes, conservatives and/or Republicans would love to deny women the right to an abortion, and they would likely deny it based solely on religious beliefs, but that’s another story. This is about how Republicans can’t accept the fact that abortion has been legal in 50 states for forty years.

Now you can argue that Republicans don’t really want to see the law overturned because it keeps their religious base showing up at the polls. However, the reality is Republicans refuse to accept the status quo and are instead doing everything in their power to change reality.

Despite the fact that abortion cases are down in nearly all US states and teen pregnancies continue to decline, legislatures across the country collectively introduced 332 provisions aimed at restricting abortion services in the first three months of 2015 alone.

All of this culminated this June in a federal appeals court which upheld key provisions of Texas’ strict anti-abortion law. The result could see only seven clinics providing abortion services to women in the nation’s second biggest state.

So even though the abortion issue was decided decades ago, Republicans who continue to deny its legality will also continue to deny women the right to it.

Trickle-down Economics Doesn’t Work

If Republicans were to ever admit that trickle-down economics was a tried and tested failure, they would indeed have little reason to exist. Still, despite decades of Reaganomics with its tax cuts on the wealthy, huge budget deficits, and the biggest wealth inequality gap since the 1920’s, it is still the economic formula Republican’s preach.

As we continue to wait for that trickle-down effect, experiments in certain states like Kansas have proven time and time again that trickle down does not create jobs, raise wages or increase benefits. It simply makes the wealthy wealthier.

Despite a rich history of evidence to the contrary, Republicans continue to deny the cracks in their economic theory and have instead gone full steam ahead as evident in Senator Rand Paul’s new tax plan. More voodoo economics that will cut $2 trillion in taxes (and leave a massive deficit).

Climate Change is Real and Man Made

Getting Republicans to admit that climate change is real can be difficult enough, trying to get them to acknowledge it’s mainly caused by humans is near impossible. No one denies climate science better than a conservative.

It’s this particular issue where you find the most excuses for such denials. It could be because their donors are tied to the fossil fuel industry, it could be “God’s Plan,” it could be because it snowed in New York last February.

Whatever the reason, even the Pope can’t make them see the light. According to one conservative pundit on Fox so-called News, Pope Francis’ climate change stance has made the pontiff the most dangerous man on the planet. Sorry Mr. Gutfeld, it isn’t that type of Crusade.

America has a Gun Problem

This one will no doubt upset some of the more liberal among us, but it’s a fact that has been denied for an awful long time. According to Republicans and the NRA, when a mass shooting takes place, it is the fault of one man who went out of his mind and snapped. The gun had nothing to with it. If anything, they’ll argue it was the lack of guns on the other side.

In a society where gun ownership is a right and not a privilege, where gun laws and background checks are non-existent and people are allowed to openly carry firearms into restaurants, there are over 30,000 gun deaths each year. But guns have nothing to do with it and when there is a mass shooting, it isn’t the time to talk about it.

Conservatives not only deny the lethal role guns play in American society, pundits like John Lott make up their own stats and figures to better suit their narrative. If Republicans could stop denying the reality of guns for just a few days, America might actually be able to do its job and protect its citizens.

Racism Still Exists

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, if you turned on Fox News at any given time, they would have you believe that America’s problems with race is a thing of the past. It is a view shared by the Republican appointed justices on the Supreme Court along with other members of the Republican Party.

The denial is everywhere. Whether it’s someone who simply refers to the confederate flag as having to do with southern heritage or Republican politicians who sidestep the race issue even after a hate crime massacre.

Racism is still a huge part of American culture. You can see it in the media, you can see it in our police officers, in our justice system and prisons, in the lack of economic opportunity. It’s everywhere.

It seems to me that the individuals who often deny the existence of racism are often the ones who help perpetuate it the most. As Bill Maher said the other night: “Isn’t denying racism, itself, a form of racism?”

Personally, whether it’s about guns, economics or climate change, I believe denying reality is both counterproductive and dangerous. Particularly when it’s our leaders who partake in it.


  1. Great article, but really, there is only one reason republicans are in denial. Greed. They are sponsored by persons, corporations, and groups that stand to profit on legislation they propose through their republican puppets. Therefore, they lie, cheat, and steal to make this happen.

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