Trump is using racism as a political weapon and inside the Party of Hate, it's working

Boy does the Republican Party have issues. Being highlighted again due to the upcoming Republican primary, and the candidates afield. Donald Trump is now number one among Republican hopefuls for 2016, which just seems crazy if you think about it. In reality, it’s much worse than it seems.

Granted, everybody and their brother knows that Donald Trump is just a clown with cheap suits and a bad toupee. No one who studies politics takes Trumps personality or ideas seriously, and most suspected that Trump threw his hat in the ring more for publicity than political ambition.

Despite the fact that most level-headed thinkers wouldn’t take Trump seriously, Republican voters take him very seriously. Not only that, they seem to love him at this point. Trump has been polling second in several polls among Republican voters and first in others, which has set off panic alarms in the RNC. Republican primary voters seem to be eating Trump up, and the reason why is both scary and somehow unsurprising.

Trumps recent remarks about Mexican immigrants being “rapists” and “killers”, while having galvanized many against him, have also drawn many conservatives and right-wingers towards him. The reason Trump is drawing so much attention among Republicans is not policy ideas or campaign tactics. It’s the fact that Trump is attacking Latinos, which is a tell-tale sign of where the Republican Party is at the moment.

While progressives are used to and well aware of the racism in Republican ranks, Donald Trump has dropped the code words and just outright admits what many Republicans think about Latino immigrants. Many do think they’re all criminals, with rapist, murderer and so on being used to describe them. Trump was just not a savvy enough politician to coat his language, and yet it doesn’t seem to matter at this point.

Trump’s gaffe has turned into an advantage in the Republican primary, which can be good or bad depending on whom you ask. The bigots of the Republican voters have thrown their support to Trump for now, which gives Trump an edge early in the primary. For the Republican leadership, this could be very bad.

Obviously the RNC does not want Trump to be the candidate for the party. Trump is not a skilled politician, and is not even all that skilled of a business man. Trump is prone to gaffes and has no cohesive record or vision for how to lead the country other than re-hashed right-wing talking points which only resonate with conservative voters. Trump would be a disaster as a national candidate. Clinton could beat him easily, let alone Bernie Sanders. Trump is not a viable candidate for a national Republican campaign.

While this spells badly for Republicans in 2016, the Democrats gain an effortless chance of winning the presidency. Either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could take him down easily, even if a harsh Democratic primary fight breaks out. Trump is so unskilled at politics that almost any Democrat could beat him. While it would be bad for Republicans, the Democrats must be secretly hoping Trump wins the nomination.

Trump’s current popularity is not permanent, of course, and there are many months to go before the primary voting kicks off. Trump’s popularity among Republicans shows the ugliest streak of conservative politics. It’s easy to use racism to attract Republican votes, which Trump did effortlessly. This says more about the current state of the Republican Party than anything else.


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