Why fundamentalist Christians should not be following biblical laws written in the Bronze Age

I recently had a rather heated and personal argument on the internet over the gay marriage spat. The argument was with an unnamed family member, and it began over a Facebook post in which he claimed he was boycotting Burger King because of their “proud whopper.” I tried to explain to him that the bible is wrong about gay people and that’s when things got heated.

Keep in mind this family member is a fundamentalist Christian, and the argument we had of course boiled down to the bible. He claimed he had a right to boycott Burger King the way liberals apparently boycotted Chick-fil-A. Honestly, there is no comparison between the two, but he didn’t stop there.

Like all fundamentalist Christians, he goes back to the bible. Sure he ran a great list of those damned by his idea of God, and “the effeminate” apparently stood in place for homosexual. As vague as this verse he read sounded, the real source of the gay objection stems from the book of Leviticus.

I pointed out that the same book also labels pork and shellfish abominations on the same level as gay people. Planting different crops in the same field and wearing clothes of two separate fabrics are abominations. If your child disobeys you, you have the right to execute your child, as disobeying your parent is an abomination to God. If your daughter is not a virgin on her wedding night, then the father must kill her on his doorstep.

I mentioned these laws because they are all located in the same book that mentions the abomination of gay people, again, the book of Leviticus. Of course, the Christian defense is standard; that was the Old Testament, the redemption of Jesus allows us to be free from it all.

Well, if the New Testament and Jesus allow you to not follow the laws of the Old Testament, then why does the one singular law about homosexuality still apply? In fact, why do we even keep the Old Testament? If its laws are no longer applicable because of Jesus, then why keep it at all?

Adam and Eve are in the Old Testament. Cain and Abel are in the Old Testament, as is Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Isaac, The Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as Moses and the Exodus. The cornerstone of Christian mythology rests in the Old Testament. You can’t have the New Testament without the Old. So, therefore, where do Christians have a right to pick and choose which still applies from the Old Testament, and which doesn’t? They’re not getting it from Jesus, that’s for sure.

Jesus never said that Old Testament law no longer applies. In fact, Jesus said that every “Jot and tittle” of the law must be followed in order to follow him. More specifically, Jesus also said;

The Bible is Wrong 2“Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.”

“For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.”

“Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven…”

The law, meaning Old Testament, is mandated by Jesus without any stated exception. All of the law must be fulfilled, and not following the laws or claiming the right not to, puts you farther away from his grace. Jesus never said that any of the given laws are subject to picking and choosing. You won’t find a passage by him in the New Testament that claims that eating pork is okay, but being gay is not.

The people who claim that certain laws in the Old Testament don’t apply are later Christians, not Jesus himself. Christianity started as a small Jewish sect, and grew into a wider religion in the Mediterranean. The reason later Christians rationalized that redemption in Christ meant forgoing Old Testament laws was because of converts.

When Christianity grew to incorporate many people from across the region, it became hard to sell the many ridiculous laws of the Old Testament. So, conveniently, these Christians began forming theological interpretations claiming that certain Old Testament laws no longer apply under the doctrine of grace.

The fact remains that Jesus never said that Old Testament laws no longer applied, his later followers did. Of course, why is this important? The bible is simply wrong about these things.

The question then begs; who honestly would want to live their life by all of these laws? The bible is rife with cruelty, make no mistake. Just ask, why would you want to live by any of that? If Jesus says you have no choice but to forsake bacon and lobster, wouldn’t you think maybe he’s being a bit unreasonable? Normal people would think that way, perhaps. Why not think this about the Old Testament and gay people? That was then, this is now. Ignore the nonsense of the bronze age and live in this age.

I was challenged by my family member who said, “so now you know better than God?” As arrogant as many will see this, the fact is yes. We do know better, at least better than the God of the bible. The bible is not the word of God. It is an amalgamation of myths, parables and psalms that was packaged and patented by the heirs of Emperor Constantine and after the Council of Nicea in the year 325, which established Christian orthodoxy in its official form. The bible was written and formed by men, not by a god. This is evident in many aspects. Many I have mentioned already.

If the God of the bible exists and creates gay people only to condemn them to eternal damnation, then yes this god is severely wrong. If I have to face him in death and tell him that myself then I will. If I must be damned to hell because of this, then so be it. My conscience tells me that the bible is wrong on being gay, as it is about many other obvious facts of life. Don’t even get me started about Adam and Eve, or Noah!

I love bacon, and shellfish (save oysters), I don’t check to make sure I am not wearing shirts of different cloths, and I certainly would not kill my children if they disobeyed me. What rational, loving person would? I would even say many fundamentalists would not follow these edicts, if it came down to it.

I don’t care if my kin boycott a fast food place over the celebration of equality. If fundamentalist Christians want to boycott Burger King over their celebration of equal rights, that is their choice. But, I will not be told that the bible’s sections of barbarity know better than the humanity we feel in our hearts towards the LGBT community. I’ll say it again; the bible is wrong.


  1. Good article; some further thoughts.
    The section you quote in Matthew is part of a single talk given by Jesus, which starts with the beatitudes in chapter five and ends in chapter seven. He mentions several more capital crimes, such as experiencing a sexual response to anyone but your spouse (!!), and calling your brother a fool. Then he winds up by saying be perfect. How perfect? “as your Father in heaven is perfect.” There’s a doozy.
    In point of fact, Jesus is not talking to potential converts about a new religion, here, he is teaching people who think they understand Jewish law what it really means. What Jewish law really means, Jesus says, is that no one has ever pleased God no matter how they tried to follow his rules, and your only hope is that he will just decide to be merciful and let you off. The Apostle Paul preached that God had decided to do just that, while the original Apostles who ruled the church in Jerusalem went behind him teaching the version of Judaism Lite we ended up calling Christianity.
    The Nicean Fathers, btw, instituted a decades-long pogrom/book-burning to eradicate all traces of the original teachings and books of Christianity, and of those original ideas and documents, very, very few traces remain. Mohammed, who studied for years in 6th-century Jerusalem, described the “New Testament” as “the corrupted texts”. He was right about that.
    The bible is (you are correct) wrong, wrong, wrong about so many things. Preachers and their hand-me-down doctrines are usually ‘way wronger still yet: the Jesus we glimpse through the bullshit would have said, “Never mind sodomy: you have been doomed ever since you lied about who ate the cheesecake back in preschool.” “Doomed” as in, your loving heavenly father is going to make your naked soul writhe in agony forever over the damn cheesecake, got it?
    So maybe it’s not so awful if Tom and Bill decide to play house and be happy while they have the chance.

  2. Rite on Julian, All of This Bible-Thumpin BS wuz created by man/the dark-Age Emperors. It wuz created 2 instill fear, keep Social Order, & keep ppl in Line. & that’s a gd thing! Cuz with out Social Order u have Chaos! But doin the rite thing is in our genes now. Were not born Bad, no 1 is. (they’ve done studies on this fr early childhood & proved it 2b so!) Its this wrld that turns a Gd Man/Women bad if u choose 2 let it. So now that we’ve evolved, we need 2 throw that book of Dark-Aged, Fairy-Tails OUT! ! ! We nd more Science, Math, Logic & Reason, 2 b able 2 move this whole wrld 4ward, & leave the Dark-Ages bhind us 4 GOOD! ! ! PT-!–O2A. . .

  3. You were wrong on so many points. The Christianity you speak of is not the one I know. The Christianity I know teaches us to love one another, treat others as we want them to treat us, not to judge the sins of others because we are all sinners, Jesus will be the judge, and He died so that we all can be saved.

    • Well then, the “Christianity” you know is not based on the bible. Because what you describe ISN’T IN the bible. It’s from the pulpit, a “carrot” to go with the “stick” of the Old Testament and the book of Revelation.

  4. Great article! I was always taught in Sunday school we no longer follow Mosaic Law because Jesus fulfilled it. But no that thou mention it I can’t find anywhere where He said explicitly stop following it!

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