Why Donald Trump is not necessarily a long shot for Repubicans

As the preparatory period for the 2016 presidential election continues to warm slowly on its media hot plate, Donald Trump has emerged as quite the critic of some of his fellow Republicans as well as some opposing Democrats. Known for his often times blunt manner in addressing very complex issues, Trump is poised to make serious waves in competition with other conservatives.

Rick Perry recently commented, with respect to Trump, that he has been spreading a “cancer on conservatism.” Lindsey Graham was also willing to offer a statement, saying that “People who say the things he said will never lead a great nation in my opinion.”

A perennial hard-liner on immigration, Trump has chosen to continue this narrative as part of his platform. Going into 2016 this will be a hot button topic and it remains to be seen how the debate and public relations narratives will play out in the future. In the end, it seems evident that immigration hysteria will never win the day.

This point will be a serious thorn in the side for Republicans in 2016 and those conservatives who happen to have taken extreme stances verging on locking down the southern border and placing machine gun pillboxes at twenty foot increments across its entire length may encounter some difficulty with certain American demographics. Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham, unfortunately, happen to be in the same boat with Trump on this issue.

On national defense, then, one need not worry about The Donald. Certainly those in the pacifist community will continually have criticisms of this stance, however military caution is often a valuable thing to cultivate. Simply put Donald Trump sums it up in seven words “I am the most militaristic person ever.”

It is no secret that Trump has faced much criticism from some on the left for his accumulated estate. On Wednesday the Federal Election Commission released Trump’s presidential financial disclosure report. Among this information are illuminating facts. His assets, although disagreement abounds with respect to methods of calculation, amount to approximately $1.4 billion . Added to this wealth stockpile, among numerous other things, are continuing royalties from his multiple books as well as a $150,000 payment as compensation for a speech delivered on behalf of Samsung.

In my opinion, Donald Trump has a far better chance in this election than in the last, at least in terms of the conservative field. In other words, he’s got fewer political wounds than many of the other candidates and, therefore, he appears to be able to perform in a more able-bodied manner.

With this being said it is prudent to point out that he still has a ways to go in making his arguments more palatable to the left. In addition, if one likens the Republican field to a tank filled with piranhas, Donald Trump may, indeed, be a singular great white shark ready to either devour all, or be viciously stripped of his bodily assets.


  1. The shark tank isn’t bad, here’s my analogy. I see Tronald Dump as the poodle so impressed by his success against kittens on the block he’s convinced himself he’s ready to take on the rottweiler from another neighborhood. Vladimir Putin is no kitten, nostalgic for the gulag old days and ready with a polonium cure to his opponents. Perhaps we should encourage Trump to provoke Stalin jr.

  2. Ru kiddin me with this Comb-Over-Guy? & the others like Huckle-Berry,Graham-Kracker & that newly 4eyed tryin 2 look smart Nit-Wit fr Xas & all the other Knuckle-Heads on the Rite. Who blong in a Bx Floatin dn a River! But we’ll leave that 4 another X. Now bk 2 Chump. “Or r u the Chumps 4 not b able 2c thru this Rouge?” Who do u think is gonna line his pockets & the pockets of his children 4 the nxt 100 yrs First? & is’ent it any wonder, who is gonna b gettin the Contract 2 Bld all these things now? ? ? Well it ain’t gonna b the Sand-Man, or is-it? PT-!–O2A. . . PS we do nd infrastructure wk all ov this country, Big-X. But lets make sure the Playin Field is kept Level! Over but not Out. . .

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