Some gun store owners still think the second amendment only applies if you're white

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether people are willfully ignorant or just plain stupid. In this case the answer probably lies somewhere in between. Andy Hallinan, a Florida gun shop owner has banned Muslim customers from his store following the shooting rampage in Chattanooga.

In a video posted to YouTube, Mr. Hallinan said “I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community, and so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone… I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

Coming from a simple minded shop owner, this kind of ignorant rhetoric would normally be ignored by progressives like myself. However, it has to be mentioned that while Mr. Hallinan was giving his Muslim Free Zone speech, he was doing so with a Confederate Flag backdrop.

Apparently in Andy Hallinan’s mind all Muslims wish to harm the people of his community, to harm to his fellow patriots as he said. Meanwhile, the irony of the Confederate Flag hanging behind him is completely lost him. Has he already forgotten the Confederate Flag waving Christian who shot up nine black patriots in a church?

You can just as easily say I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community, and so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Christian-free zone… or how about a Redneck-free-zone?

This bigot can’t understand that fundamentalism comes in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps someone should remind him that domestic Christian terrorism is still a greater threat within the United States. Either way, you can’t possibly know who is going to do your community harm just by looking at them.

If you’re a gun store owner, you might want to do your duty by doing extensive background checks on everyone who walks through the door regardless of their faith. In fact, if you really want to keep your fellow patriots safe, you might want to stop selling people guns all together. Just find a new line of work.

The truth is, Mr. Hallinan is one of those rednecks who believes the second amendment is only meant for white people. Guns after all are meant to protect us white people from the Muslim terrorists and Black thugs we’re taught to fear all the time.

Both of which would be shot on sight if they were caught trying to open carry by the way. A black guy and a Middle Eastern Muslim guy walk into a bar openly carrying an assault rifle… You know that’s not going to end well.

Andy Hallinan later went on CNN to clarify his Muslim free zone position. He basically stated that not all Muslims are dangerous and that he only plans on denying service to those who are. How he can tell the difference is anyone’s guess.

Someone should at least mention to Hallinan that saying the words “my fellow patriots” while standing in front of a treasonous Confederate Flag is just a little contradictory. After watching his five minute rant on Muslims and Obama, the only logical conclusion one can come to is this guy watches far too much Fox News.


  1. It’s a verification of stupidity and hate. Flying and displaying the Confederate flag may to some redneck racist hate mongers a historical statement, but that history entails the absolute worst white people are capable of doing, yet there are those who declare the white population as the most genetically advanced and racially pure, not to mention the most intelligent. Then you get this asshole and millions like him whom, by their idiocy completely destroy their own arguments.
    It was whites who created the slavery in this country, and yes, I know, whites have also been slaves in the past. It therefore would seem to a reasonable person that subjecting others to something horrible like slavery or genocide in the Nazi’s case is insane and totally contradictory to decent human behavior.
    However, the Christian right, morons and uneducated retards like Redneck Nation and the GOP along with its minions who adore everything an asshole like Limbaugh or some jerk on FOX News spews, have a twisted view on our rights.
    Mainly, they have them. Anybody who disagrees doesn’t. It doesn’t matter which right. I’ve heard too many ignorant asses on local talk radio declare after a moderate or liberal calls in that the caller should not be allowed on the air, and is not a patriot, even if it’s something fairly obvious, like advocating the freedom of speech. They also support the imposition of Christianity on everybody, and those who understand what freedom of religion really is get nowhere trying to tell these brainwashed fools that the freedom of religion applies to all, and doesn’t mean you have the right to try to force your cult on others in the public forum or on other peoples’ private property.
    This is where Christian zealots are trying to scream that their rights are being violated. Nothing is further from the truth. They can worship as they please, publish whatever they want, buy all the TV and radio time they desire and use the mail to fleece millions of ignorant fools out of their money. What they want is to make you and I go to church by any means available. They’ll never say so, but they think it’s their duty to “share the Good News”, not considering their version of “sharing” is imposition.
    The jerk in Florida thinks only white rednecks like him should have a gun. This is Ugly America, the part that is an embarrassment to all good people everywhere. It’s vile, full of hate and deserves to implode under its own preposterous banality. Never let these redneck or Christian imbeciles push you around. You are not accountable to them or their God, a God who hates and supports only rich and stupid white people. Let them eat shit.

  2. I live in Inverness, FL where this bigot has his business. What is really scary is that there are a whole lot of here that agree with him! The local paper did a poll and there was only one comment that was against his idea! I really fear for what this Nation is becoming…and that’s not a fear of Muslims, but of these Christian nut-cases.

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