Walker is crazier than Trump if he thinks a wall on the Canadian Border is a legitimate issue

What is it about immigration that turns conservatives into raving lunatics? We all remember Donald Trump’s nativist and racist remarks on undocumented immigrants from the beginning of the summer, right? Of course, that was just the beginning.

We then heard Trump’s plan to deport them all and build a giant wall on the Mexican border (and get Mexico to pay for it.) Then we heard of his intended challenge to the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship. What could possibly top all that? I mean, aside from the conservative radio pundit who wants to enslave them all?

Enter Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Trailing far behind in the polls and begging for some media attention, the Republican presidential contender appeared on Meet the Press Sunday. When asked about the idea of a wall on the Canadian border he replied:

“Some people have asked us about that (idea) in New Hampshire. They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law-enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town-hall meetings about a week and a half ago… So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

Now, I’m not sure what Walker was thinking, if he was thinking, but perhaps he’s never actually looked at a map. The Canadian/American Border is the longest international border in the world. From Alaska/Yukon to Maine/New Brunswick, it is 8,891 kilometers (5,525 mi) long. A fully built wall would be longer than the Great Wall of China.

Comedian Lewis Black once joked that in order to get the economy going, America should invest in a large public works project where a massive wall would be built along the Canadian Border in order to keep the cold air out of the United States. Perhaps this is the Republican way of competing with China? The biggest balls wall wins?

Now it’s obvious that Walker is more concerned about terrorists crossing the northern border than undocumented immigrants. Since the Canadian Dollar’s bottom fell out with the price of oil, Canadians aren’t even shopping in the U.S. anymore let alone hopping the fence.

Still, terrorism is a concern. Despite the fact that there has never been a successful cross border terrorism plot. The most famous of which was ‘Millennium Bomber‘ Ahmed Ressam, who was stopped by an alert border guard in Washington State, not a massive wall in the middle of the forest.

Democratic Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, who was born and raised near the Canadian border said “Election season always brings out crazy ideas, but this is one of the craziest.”

It would seem the fear spewing out of Republicans and Fox News is catching up with them, forcing them to consider unrealistic ideas and making them appear a little insane. Sean Hannity was speaking to Jorge Ramos about the Donald Trump incident last week when the subject of border walls came up. Ramos asked Hannity “You’re going to do it at the border with Mexico, but how about the 5,000 miles between the U.S. and Canada?” The conservative TV host replied: “I would do it up there, too. I would do it up there, too.”

Maybe Scott Walker just watches too much bad television? To be fair, Walker’s campaign is now saying he does not endorse the building of Canadian wall. Still, I’m curious to see if any more candidates go further into deranged detail on building up Fortress America. At the very least, Republicans are finally talking about infrastructure…

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  1. The Great sea wall of Michigan will protect our precious zebra mussels from greedy Canadian poachers. Scott Walker can’t count to 21 while wearing shoes and pants so he can’t be dissuaded by logistic arguments.

  2. Why bring up a possibility of a Canadian wall? If there was a border that should be open as it is between states and provinces, why not Canada? Our cultures are so similar, and the number of illegals going to Canada and trying to sneak across from the north can’t be that huge, and we’ve certainly done nothing to plug the leak in the southwest.
    This isn’t even a commentary on illegal immigration, which is a huge problem, nobody can deny. It’s how to solve it that we run into the trouble. The U.S. has a system that is convoluted and almost incomprehensible for those seeking citizenship here, and it takes forever to process. That issue is seldom raised. Plus, the GOP is quick to paint every immigrant as a drug pusher, violent and stupid person and riling up hate as much as possible. But hate gets nowhere and the GOP here is only trying to get their bigots to vote. Yes, in many U.S. cities crime and gang activity has gone through the roof with the huge influx of illegals, especially in the city where I work. Drive by shootings and murders by Latino gangs are rampant and citizens have every right to be frightened.
    But it’s politicians and big business who made it possible. Promise of work, wages these people never dreamed of and a life away from a country torn apart by drug lords and cartels, keeps them coming and factories like meat packing, poultry, large farms and other low skill jobs benefit from not paying proper pay or benefits in a blackmail situation where the illegals don’t talk to the Department of Labor and the employer doesn’t tell officials that person and his family are here.
    I can’t blame anybody for trying to do better for themselves, and in this case illegals are better people than a lot of Americans who commit fraud with fake disabilities, can’t or won’t stay employed and basically get paid for unemployment for decades, and refuse to do anything to help themselves, but have no problem criticizing people who are at least willing to work.
    It’s a problem so complex I doubt it’ll be solved any time soon. But we don’t need the insanity and hate fomented by the GOP and its voters. That is one method of solving a problem that never works.

  3. And now, of course, Walker is dismissing the whole notion that he said what he said—as a former asst. football coach at the collegiate level, I can tell you that the tape doesn’t lie—and is then saying that, if he did say it, he didn’t really mean it seriously. This primeval lizard has no problem looking the entire world in the eye and lying his ass off. He’s scary.

    The Republicans aren’t even serious about the southern wall. They know what the logistics and the numbers are. Nearly 2,000 miles of tendentious terrain—desert, plain, mountain, valley, canyon, river, lake, private land, state land, federal land, Native American land and on and on and on. Jeb Bush was finally right about one thing when he said that the cost of the wall—remember, they don’t want a fence, they want a wall—would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. It would take, according to best estimates, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years to build. For that matter, just “rounding up” and “sending back” the 11.2 million undocumented persons presently in-country would, according to the right-wing American Action Forum, cost between $400 and $600 billion and take years to accomplish. And then, of course, there is the way it would affect America’s self-understanding and its standing amidst other world powers—of course, right now the other world powers are not looking very good themselves per immigration issues.

    And, once we got the southern wall and northern wall built, what would we do about the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Coasts?

    This is what happens when “venting” fear and anger is actually turned into policy proposals. It’s one thing to let a constituency “vent.” It’s another thing to develop policy out of their rants. I occasionally “vent.” My hounds listen, nod their heads (not in agreement but to let me know they “hear” me), offer an occasional therapeutic “grunt,” and then give me the time to work through the visceral stuff and start thinking again. They have not yet taken seriously my saying, “If you can’t drink water out of the bowl without sloshing it all over the hardwood floors I just refinished, why don’t we just blow up the house and move into a kennel?” They just give me a couple of hours to get over it. Unfortunately, the Republicans not only listen to the rants of their base but immediately say, “I think you’ve got a good idea there, Bubba.” And it becomes policy.

    We’re not building any walls. The idea is as crazy as those who came up with it.

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