The anti-gay clerk from Kentucky is definitely not the face of Christian morality

Unfortunately we all know who Kim Davis is by now. Following the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, she is the infamous anti-gay county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples on multiple occasions.

In a twisted religious liberty case, she claims she has the right to deny marriage licences to same sex couples “under god’s authority.” The U.S. Supreme Court denied her emergency request for a stay and her case will be heard today by the Sixth Circuit Court. A case experts say is doomed to fail.

Regardless of the Court outcome, her refusal to hand out marriage licences to gay and lesbian couples obviously comes from her Christian moral teachings. Well, as far as bible thumpers go, her actual morals are more suited to Hell.

In case you haven’t heard, it turns out Kim Davis is an adulterer and a thrice divorced mother. Normally I wouldn’t care, stupid is as stupid does and all that. It’s her life. But when you refuse to issue marriage licences on moral grounds when you yourself have been married four times, that vexes me greatly.

How’s this for morals? Kim Davis married husband #1. She then cheated on him with eventual husband #3 and had twins. She divorced husband #1 and married husband #2 who adopted her bastard twins that she had with eventual husband #3. She then divorced husband #2 and finally married husband #3. True love forever right? No. She soon divorced husband #3 and married husband #4.

Incredibly, three other Kentucky county clerks have opposed the facilitation of same-sex marriages. One of them, Casey Davis (no relation) even says Kim Davis’ divorces in no way diminish her credibility.

“I don’t have any problem with that whatever, how she was before. If the Lord can forgive her, surely I can, that’s something that’s forgivable just like any other sin, but if you continue in it and live in it, there’s a grave danger in that.”

Apparently some Christians believe that living in sin is an unforgivable offence whereas someone who just repeatedly sins is automatically forgiven. I suppose it’s impossible to understand the mind of religious hypocrites when the books that spawn them are equally contradictory.

Like Casey, I honestly don’t care about Kim Davis’ past. Right or wrong, her life choices are her business, not mine. As long as no one gets physically hurt, I’ve never been one to judge. If only Kim Davis wasn’t so hatefully misguided by her religion, she might feel the same way and same sex couples in Rowan County would already by married.


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  2. She divorced husband 2 to marry husband 3, then carried on an affair with husband 2, then married husband 2 ( again ), to make husband 2, husband number 4. Yes , she is quite an average christian. Oh , and husband 2 is the very religious one .

  3. I think that level of religious zealotry is nothing but mental illness! And all those who agree with her, Huckabee, Cruz, Rand, Jindal are ill as well! The inmates are trying to run the asylum!!

  4. I read that Kim Davis’s lawyer said that she became a born-again Christian four years ago, and is now a new person. She has not gotten divorced since she became a born-again Christian. Her stance on same-sex marriage, I believe, is protected by the First Amendment, which speaks of “free exercise” of one’s religion. And yet this is supposed to be a free country, and gays and lesbians now have the freedom to marry. I think Kim Davis should step down from her county clerk position. It’s time for a national dialog on just what religion actually means. Already, there are restrictions on this “free exercise” of religion in this country. For example, not paying war taxes to the government on religious grounds, has not been allowed, in court cases with the IRS. We need to have a national dialog, regarding what religion actually is, and what religious activities (if any) need to be curtailed, in the interest of other peoples’ freedoms in this country.

    • I agree completely. Christians are phonies, hate mongers, cowards and judgmental jerks. It’s a cult designed for weaklings who can’t handle their own responsibilities or take blame for anything. Crediting everything they do with “God” or “Jesus” absolves them of all guilt.
      Frankly, this woman isn’t exactly Miss America. Where did she find four husbands to begin with?

  5. I find the Levitical mind quite interesting. Because reasonable people won’t submit to attempted religious tyranny of one God to rule over all we are tyrannically suppressing religious freedom. The freedom to judgementally persecute in the name of God. Maybe Kim Davis and her Levitical allies should propose a 666th amendment.

  6. Religious zealots of ANY kind are dangerous to life, liberty and property. This bitch is a perfect example. The christians in America have become our “brown shirts.” Just ask the Mid East, “how is that religious bullshit working out for you.?”

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