The President needs to go after the chief of the NRA in spectacular fashion

Another day, another mass shooting in America. The only thing that differentiated this one from the last were the people and places involved. The end result was the same; multiple innocent people gunned down needlessly followed by the gunman’s suicide.

In the political sphere, much of the same. Conservatives call for more guns, liberals call for less. Meanwhile, the country as a whole, still favoring simple steps like universal background checks and funding for the mentally ill will get neither.

For now, Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre has remained silent on the Oregon College shooting. It usually takes a few days after a tragedy for him to come out and suggest it all could have been avoided by armed teachers or good guys with more guns.

As for the actual president, Barack Obama did as he always does, he frustratingly pleaded once again for congress to put their differences aside and act on gun violence. As always, his breath was wasted. One day it will occur to him that he’s barking up the right tree, but at the wrong branch.

In order to tackle the subject of gun control in America, even if you’re the President, you need to fully understand how the corporate media and the corporations themselves control our politics. Everyone knows the NRA controls the majority of politicians in Washington. And we all know how the NRA uses the influence of the Second Amendment to lobby for the gun industry (who see a surge in gun sales when a mass shooting occurs.)

Winning over legislators is clearly not in Obama’s cards so long as the NRA continues to peddle far more influence than they should have. Many believe therefore that all hope is lost. The gun lobby is too big, too powerful, and too influential. Hogwash…

Liberals need to fight the NRA the same way we’ve been dealing with the influence of religious conservatives for the past forty years, only with a twist. No, not at the ballot box, not even in Washington per se.

The best way to scale the other Bullshit Mountain that is the NRA is to fire facts at their fluff. Facts have been less than helpful when dealing with the NRA is an understatement to be sure, but using President Obama as the delivery system directed at the real target has yet to be tested.

If Donald Trump and the Republican Presidential race has taught me anything, it’s that Americans love a spectacle. The more attitude the better. Trump is in the lead because, for better or worse, because he knows how to control the media. The media is the only device I see that could possibly control the National Rifle Association.

Obama needs to harvest the power of the media if he wants to take on the NRA. The President has taken his shots at the NRA and LaPierre’s ridiculous talking points in the past, the problem was no one was really listening.

In order to be heard these days, even the president needs to partake in a spectacle. A show so great for ratings, the media would be forced to cover it. Of course I’m talking about a debate being the pinnacle of said spectacle.

Obama needs to challenge Wayne LaPierre to a one on one, no holds barred, live televised debate on gun control. An arena where all of the NRA’s dirty laundry and fraudulent statistics could be exposed once and for all.

What if LaPierre refused to partake, which he is sure to do? That’s part of the spectacle of course. Even if Obama needed to hound him, on air, for months to partake, the event would be hyped so much that LaPierre would risk losing face in front of his die hard gun nut supporters at home and in congress.

If congress refuses to debate the issue, Obama must take it upon himself to expose the people behind said refusal. The only way to do that these days is with the whole country watching.

This might all seem juvenile to some I suppose. Not something befitting the President of the United States, something more suited toward a Trump perhaps. Keep that in mind the next time juveniles are shot up in class and the real Trump calls for teachers to be armed.


  1. Wayne is way below the level of the US President. Best way to fight it long term is to restore funding for federal research/CDC into gun violence and mandate FBI to collect accurate stats on gin violence. Send VP Biden out to do the attack job on the NRA.

    • I agree that maybe would could start with Biden. He could handle LaPierre easily and not give LaPierre equal status with the President. And the best part is many think Joe is a simpleton so it would be doubly effective if he wipes up the floor with LaPierre.

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