Thanks to progressives doing nothing, Tea Party Republican Matt Bevin will be able to take away everything

Being the political news junkie that I am, it’s safe to say that there are times when a story will enlighten me, annoy me, upset me, and even anger me. Then there are those exceptional articles that, speaking as a progressive, fill me with absolute fury and rage.

This past Tuesday, the people of the State of Kentucky elected only its second Republican Governor in forty years, Tea Party businessman Matt Bevin. When it comes to state politics, Kentucky is usually blue. In fact Kentucky’s house of representatives is the only state legislative chamber in the entire south still held by Democrats.

Losing an election is not the end of the world, nor is it enough to fill me with rage, until you realize just how it happened. Matt Bevin, the Republican candidate who barely managed to win his primary, won because 70% of the electorate stayed home.

Bevin was behind in the polls until the end, but liberals and progressives forgot to show up on Election Day. Bevin won with 52% of the vote, but because only 30% of eligible voters cast a ballot, Bevin gets to move into the Governor’s Mansion with the support of less than 16% of registered voters. Absolutely pathetic. Progressives in Kentucky, hell Democrats in general, failed beyond imagination.

Bevin used Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples this past summer, as a wedge issue between himself and his opponent, Democrat Jack Conway. As a result, Bevin’s small hardcore Christian base showed up to vote while everyone else stayed home.

The Democrats might still control the Kentucky State Congress, but make no mistake, the newly elected Tea Party Governor is not powerless. In truth, progressives and Kentuckians in general are going to pay a heavy price for staying home on Tuesday.

If elected Bevin stated that he would “bring relief from Obamacare to the taxpayers of Kentucky.” Bevin pledged to use his executive authority to destroy Kentucky’s very popular state health insurance exchange, known as Kynect (which is essentially Obamacare).

In addition, Bevin has pledged to cancel Kentucky’s participation in Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, which will mean that at least 300,000 Kentucky residents will lose their health insurance.

I imagine these will be Bevin’s main priority, but he is a Tea Party extremist, which means it is sure to get worse. He believes as governor he can simply disregard the Environmental Protection Agency, he wants to creating a voucher system to use public money to pay for private schools, He strongly opposes labor protections and wants to enact a so-called “right to work” law.

Let’s not forget Kim Davis, in order to help her out, Bevin wants to get government “out of the marriage business altogether.” Keep in mind this is a man who according to right wing watch once said same-sex marriage will lead to parent-child marriage. Yes, my eyes are rolling too.

I sincerely hope a lesson was learned here, by progressives and moderates alike from around the country. When turnout is low, we lose, the crazies win. Now and for the foreseeable future, we will have a constant reminder of that fact. Shame on Kentucky, shame on its voters or lack thereof. In the future, when someone wins with 16% of registered voters, I hope they call it a Kentucky Victory.

I’d say you all got what you deserve, but no one deserves Matt Bevin.


  1. Though I was only a boy and then a teenager during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, I well remember that white progressives were more than willing to get in the streets and help with the dirty work of making change happen. I really believe that many progressives are sincere in their beliefs and sentiments about change happening, but I’m not sure that, in our time, they’re as willing to get their hands dirty. Even if it’s only pulling a lever in a voting booth that dirties their hands.

  2. Robin and Steve have pretty much said what I was going to say and it goes to the fact that when progressives vote, they win. I’ll be watching this governor’s actions and will make them known to social media as much as I can. The only way to expose these regressive types is through letters to local papers, emails to those in the governance that need calling out and through social media (my niche)…..Thay have not seen the last of me…

  3. No one deserves this ass-hat for governor. He is political evil masquerading as a born again Christian (like so many politicians are).

    As progressives, we need to find out why they decided not to vote, even though many knew they were going to lose the only medical care that many can afford. Maybe that will help going forward. Maybe it will help us understand why people duo what they do.

    With all that being said, if those who could have voted choose not to, then those types deserve to lose it. People need to own their own choices and perhaps they should just switch to the republican party if they want to be repeatedly punched in the face & ask for more.

    Sadly this is a replay of every non presidential election. And republicans know it.

    And some of us call republicans dumb..Maybe we start looking in the mirror sometimes.

  4. Good article, I get all riled up over the news and issues, too, I was feeling all that. But I disagree with your last sentiment, that no one deserves Bevin. I am still aghast Kasich was re-elected, considering his misogynist anti-abortion platform. I was SURE he’d be ousted. He was re-elected when over 60% of the voters failed to show. A second Kasich admin (and now, maybe POTUS) is obviously the will of the people. Yes, I am angry, but I still think the people DO get what they deserve. I just have little respect for people who call themselves liberal or progressive, and then fail to vote. You’re not a progressive if you fail to vote; conservatives win elections when progressives don’t vote. If you didn’t vote, that boils down to your contributing to a conservative being elected, and since that is what you contributed to, you get it. They deserve it, too.

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