Why we need to stop supporting candidates who listen to God instead of the American people

In sixth grade, when my teacher announced that George W. Bush had won his 2004 re-election bid, a lot of us groaned, and I even remember one girl say “we’re all gonna die!”. I didn’t really understand why she said that until later on in life when I found out that George Bush’s foreign policy was driven by that voice inside his head he called “God”.

Without a doubt, it was Bush’s “God” rhetoric that helped him wage two disastrous wars in the Middle East. They were speeches that invoked a “crusade” against evil which made the American voter think the United States was at war against the Islamic world, a battle of Christianity (good) vs Islam (evil).

And if the hint in George Bush’s speeches weren’t enough to set off alarm bells all those years ago, his outright claim that God told him to end the tyranny in Iraq and that God chose him to deliver the world from evil, should be enough to wake us up to the dangers of presidents who listen to the voice of God. It was because Bush anointed himself as God’s warrior that we now have a cluster-fuck in the Middle East.

It is therefore disappointing to see, more than a decade later, Republican presidential candidates continuing to campaign with the God rhetoric. The mainstream media has not scrutinized the GOP candidate’s theocratic tendencies hard enough (or at all).

This past weekend, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal were speakers at the Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa. The main host of the event, Kevin Swanson, defends the anti-homosexual agenda of the notorious human rights violating government of Uganda, believes that there should be a death penalty for gays, believes that children should drown instead of reading “homosexual” Harry Potter, and shouted throughout the event that Jesus Christ was king of the democratic United States.

Long story short, there is no difference between Swanson and your average ISIS sympathizer, only a change of name.

The three presidential candidates who were present did not fall behind in promoting this brand of religious fanaticism. While Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee have become irrelevant to the presidential race, Senator Ted Cruz is one of the GOP candidates who the mainstream media continues to report as on the rise.

While the media is fast to report on Ted Cruz’s growing popularity, they easily overlook statements such as the one he said at the Religious Liberties Conference. “Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this country”.

It’s bad enough that candidates like Cruz have no shame in attending conferences where half of the people’s model rule of law is that of Uganda. What is scarier is his belief that the commander-in-chief of the United States should start off his day praying.

The President of the United States is in charge of the most powerful military in the world and in less than a second has the power to launch a nuclear war. And his guidance for exercising this power should be to get on his knees and listen to God? What if God tells him to attack Iran, Russia, or China?

The lunacy of Ted Cruz should not be laughed aside and made into a fringe comment without any consequence on the presidential race. Candidates who continue to use this religious driven discourse perpetuate an idea in conservative voters that it is okay for the most powerful man in the world to listen to the voice of God, instead of taking into the account the countless complexities of living in our world. Conservative voters don’t listen to more reasonable candidates like Rand Paul who takes into consideration all these complexities of starting another war, they listen to the guy who follows what God says.

I understand GOP candidates use God as a tool to win over conservative voters, but at what point will the media start questioning the GOP field for their dependence on the supernatural? If a candidate would come into the race saying they’re guided by the voice of Zeus, Osiris, or Thor, the mainstream media would go nuts, and seriously question the candidate’s sanity. Let’s not make the god of the Judeo-Christian faith any different.

Less than a week apart from the Religious Liberties Conference, Ted Cruz was not asked in the fourth debate about his connection with a radical like Kevin Swanson, or his God guided commander-in-chief comment.

Likewise, GOP candidates have not been asked to justify their outspoken belief in a God guided presidency, only exception being the last question at the first Fox News debate that seemed to encourage a God guided president.

After God pushed George W. Bush into steering the United States into disaster, you would think that the mainstream media would be more careful and vigilante of candidates who hold similar views.

Instead of arguing about Feuerstein’s idiotic rant against the evil Starbucks coffee cups, the mainstream media should be scrutinizing religious hard line presidential candidates.


  1. Of course if the author ever had a conversation with Swanson he would know that his comparison to an ISIS sympathizer is silly. To think that Bush was using God’s guidance to fight the wars is also ignorant.

  2. If you want to get seriously worried, listen to the Christian right for a while, on their radio stations, maybe Daystar if you can stomach it and get a good dose of mass insanity at its worst.
    This isn’t a debate so much about whether or not “God” or “Jesus” exist, but it is a serious matter of Christians these days taking their belief systems into the realm of mental illness. Never mind that Christians today, and living in the Bible Belt, where I hope to escape from when I retire, are so defensive about their beliefs that they are militant in attitude, and will gleefully overthrow the Constitution given half a chance, claiming that “God’s” laws supersede those of mere man, and that they are simply beyond reproach.
    When you listen to some of these sickies, and it is hard but interesting from a sociological/behavioral angle, they claim the presence of “God” in everything they do. “God” speaks to them, they “hear” “Him”, and nobody in their cult doubts their claims. I am a Deist, and would like to think there is a higher essence of some type man cannot fathom but will through possibly many lifetimes or some other system eventually grow spiritually and maybe experience wonderful things outside the physical realm. I don’t claim to know that, nor would I ever.
    But, that is not a belief. Spirituality is not religion. It is the essence of our consciousness, our sense of being. It doesn’t involve schizophrenic voices or overactive imaginations. Even Ecclesiastes says man cannot possibly know the true essence of “God”, so is it not, if this statement is true, and believers all insist the Bible is 100% infallible, total irony and bullshit to pretend they do speak for “Him”, declare they know what “He” approves of, disapproves of, etc.? If a Christian truly understood that statement, they would also understand they are totally wrong about everything they thought they knew about their Holy Trinity.
    But we won’t go there, will we? Instead, desperate death cult weaklings cling to the insanity of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or any prominent loudmouth who claims to be qualified to speak for “God” in any capacity. If these people are told science is wrong, history is wrong, then they believe it. FOX News especially bolsters this type of non-thinking, and we have a horrifying blend of religious brainwashing and the hate filled politics of GOP leaders who privately want to destroy the very people they pander to for votes and campaign donations. Most are phony Christians as well, and repeat the rituals only for naive consumption.
    One could shake their head and say “shame shame’ to clergy and politicians who take advantage of people who are clearly unable to think for themselves and totally comfortable with the inanities of the Bible and its rip off mythology and ridiculous stories. On the other hand, they do have the freedom in this country at any time to do true independent research, investigate the horrible history of their religion and its terrifying stranglehold on their minds based on pure lies and fiction, and begin to understand they have been victimized along with their families for generations. They refuse, however, despite the plethora of information that exposes their cult for the evil it is, and we can’t feel sorry for them when they are not being forced to be such gullible hate mongers.
    The problem is that they are so sure of themselves, or at least terrified to doubt their belief system that they feel somehow entitled to impose it on everybody else and scream “persecution” when people rightfully tell them to mind their own business. This can and will lead to a theocracy if we allow it. Electing madmen like Cruz or Carson is a step toward that end, and will pave the way for WWIII, as Christians love Holy Wars and will employ any excuse to start one. This is why they support Netanyahu, a belligerent war freak if there ever was one. What a nasty situation.

    • That is a well thought out reply. I have had these thoughts before also, but never have been able to express them so well. Thank you.

    • If Netanyahu, was a belligerent war freak, then he would hang long gone to war with his surrounding neighbors. Israel is surrounded 60 to 1 my Muslims, most of whom want Israel wiped of of the map.
      If Israel’s neighbors put down their arms there would be peace. If Israel put down their arms, they would cease to exist.

  3. FYI George Bush; God does not, & never will condone or advocate war for “crusade” of peace or “false compliance”. It is simply astounding how misinterpretation of the parables of the bible get trotted out for justification of oppression & righteousness.

  4. This was an excellent editorial on every level. And sadly, a scary truth. A religious zealot would kill us all in the name of (enter religion here), but an atheist knows this is the only time we have a chance to live.

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