The Republican presidential candidate's shady political past is slowly but surely catching up to him

Marco Rubio, one of several Republican presidential candidates, is once again mired by scandal. This time rumors are swirling around about an alleged affair with a DC lobbyist and don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Rubio is no stranger to scandal and in fact it is the investigation into his fraudulent use of a Republican Party credit card that brought his alleged affair to light. If true, it could spell the end of his campaign for president.

Rubio is touted by many in the main stream media as the most electable of the Republican candidates and many democrats fear him as a result. He is young, attractive, and may appeal to Latino voters. There are several stories out there claiming that Rubio is gaining nationwide momentum. However, throughout the years several stories have also surfaced questioning his ethics.

In November, Mother Jones reported Marco Rubio was relying on a convicted felon to help him win in Florida. According to the article Rubio has hired Clyde Fabretti, a tea party activist, to lead Rubio’s presidential effort in Orange County, Florida. Fabretti is a “convicted white-collar criminal with a history of questionable business dealings and associations with fraudsters.”

Most recently, Fabretti’s name surfaced in an ongoing lawsuit by investors in a tea-party-related media startup who claim he played a role in a company that allegedly defrauded them. And records show that the 67-year-old activist may have committed voter fraud by registering to vote and casting ballots in Florida elections when his criminal record rendered him ineligible to do so. – Mother Jones

In addition to hiring convicted felons to lead key parts of his campaign, Rubio has been dogged by a scandal for several years questioning his personal finances. In the third republican debate Rubio was asked about the fact that he “accidentally intermingled campaign money with personal money.” From 2005 to 2008, Rubio was issued an American Express card by the Republican Party of Florida. At that time Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and the card was meant for expenses incurred in the course of business.

Rubio’s use of the American Express card included a $10,000 family reunion, $1,000 to repair his personal minivan, as well as several other personal expenses. Marco Rubio has admitted to charging just over $16,000 in a 25 month period. However, in his book, American Son, he wrote “he charged $160,000 over a four year period.”

The only reason that this misuse has come to see the light of day is that the American Express statements for the years 2007 and 2008, were leaked to the Tampa Bay Times. Any spending prior to that time-frame is still unclear and Rubio continues to blame dirty politics rather than accept blame for his actions.

Using the two years of statements released as a reference rumors are now starting to surface that they show Rubio was also having an extramarital affair with a DC lobbyist. The statements, remember they cover just two years, show that Rubio paid for 17 Delta Airline flights for Amber Stoner. Amber Stoner is a health-care lobbyist and a Rubio aide. In addition to the flights, Rubio and Stoner would often show up in the same place and at the same time.

Several websites are claiming that this affair is about to blow wide open. If it does, what will it mean for the “mainstream candidate” who is gaining momentum in a crowded GOP field of crazies, some of whom are dancing around their own scandals? It seems Marco Rubio’s talent for blaming others for his own bad behavior has reached its apex. Stay tuned to the GOP’s really bad reality show for more.


  1. Wow! People……Do we really want to make insults and racism a part of a progressive mind set? If we do that we are no better than the clown car candidates and their supporters. As to the article, it is not a rumor when factual evidence is presented and seeing as how it only represents a period of two years, I think we would be ignorant to ignore the implications. Even though most of us already know that Rubio is totally unacceptable as a candidate and even more so as a potential occupier of the White House. Take it for what it is and move on like some of his supporters are bound to do.

  2. Good expose. Now I challenge Wendy to do the same reporting on Hillary. Too bad nobody did this kind of work on the current office holder.

    • Whaaaaaat?! Did you live through both of Prez Clinton’s Admin’s? Or these last two of Obama’s? Investigated up the ass. Sit down.

    • They have done 300% more investigaton to the Clinton, thatn to Rubio, and one other thing about Rubio not that may be important

    • While I have no idea as to the veracity of the rumors that are, admittedly, a whirlwind swirling around Marco Rubio, it is worth my time to respond to FEZIG’s comments per the reporting on Secretary Clinton and President Obama.

      By saying that “It is too bad nobody did this kind of work on” President Obama, he is implying that (1) there is something in his background that might have “done him in” and (2) it wasn’t found because nobody investigated that background.

      To imply there is something in someone’s background that might have “done him in” and then not be able to name it is a particularly disgusting smear tactic. And to imagine that the Republicans didn’t do their due diligence per oppo research on Barack Obama is to admit one’s cluelessness. The depth of their frustration at not being able to find any real character flaws in “the current office holder” is seen in their laughable efforts to portray him as a Kenya-born Muslim who got through Columbia University via affirmative action rather than his own smarts. When you have to depend on right-wing “birthers” and “truthers” to make your case, you’re in trouble.

      As to the implication that insufficient investigative work has been done on Secretary Clinton, the best I can say is “Where have you been?” One example is the fact—fact!—that the Republicans in Congress spent $50 million in taxpayer money investigating Whitewater alone. And, as we know, they found nothing. And have found nothing in any of the other phony “scandals” with which they have tried to muddy her. Nothing. Nada.

      If you are, by the way, aware of scandalous activity on the part of Ms. Clinton or “the current office holder,” let me suggest you contact Trey Gowdy. We last saw him slumped in his chair after 11 hours of being politically destroyed—can you believe John Boehner stated that he thought Gowdy should soon be ready for a Supreme Court nomination?—by Ms. Clinton. He needs something to put a smile on his face and maybe you could help.

  3. Those previous comments are disgusting. Ignorance & intolerance have no place in today’s world. But… to Marco Rubio, who cares???? Hillary Clinton will be the Dems nominee & she can beat any of the GOP crazies. They’re gonna hate the next eight years! Clinton 2016!

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