Conservative extremist groups aren't just listening to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, they are starting to act

It’s no secret that right-wing militia groups have been on the rise since 2008. With the help of social media, right-wing radio, the great recession, and the fear of a black President, the patriot movement has been thriving in recent years.

The Patriot Movement consists of various armed Christian militia groups such as the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters. But it also includes tax protesters, state citizens, apocalypticists, and white supremacists, many of whom believe in numerous government conspiracy theories.

Until now these militia groups have grown quietly in the shadows of Obama’s Presidency, gaining notoriety once in a while with presences at the Cliven Bundy standoff and Ferguson protests or when they go off the handle and kill a bunch of people.

But now, as the 2016 election draws closer, these bible thumping hate groups are starting to get a lot of attention. For one, the atmosphere in the United States following the Paris Attacks and the San Bernardino shootings is poisoned with anxiety, hate, fear, and paranoia.

Second, the two men leading the field of Republican Presidential hopefuls are – on top of helping to sow the seeds of that fear and paranoia – giving a strong voice to these hateful, white, religious, anti-government conspiracy theorists. I’m talking of course about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who themselves can be defined in the same way.

Trump, and Cruz in particular, are so far to the right of the Republican establishment you would think they are campaigning specifically to these yahoos dressed in camo fatigues and semi-automatic assault weapons. Is this truly where the base of the Republican Party now lies? I have my doubts…

Still, Trump and Cruz are polling over fifty percent together, which means more than half of Republicans like what they have to say about deporting all those criminal/rapist immigrants and banning all Muslims from entering the country.

Some conservatives are listening to Trump and Cruz strictly out of the fear they spread, but there are others who have always identified with there ideology and are now taking action as if they finally have permission to do so. I’m not just talking about lunatics like the Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear, I’m talking about the Patriot Movement, their armed Christian militia groups and white supremacist groups.

For example, just last month, Ted Cruz claimed that some Black Lives Matter protesters were “embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers.” Not long after, a BLM protester was assaulted at a Trump event after he yelled out “black lives matter.”

Trump defended the assault saying, “Maybe he should have been roughed up, it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.” Yes, Trump believes that an African America exercising his First Amendment rights is disgusting. Regardless, days after Trump’s defense of this assault, five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot at a rally in Minneapolis by three white supremacists.

After Trump promised a “complete shutdown” of all Muslims entering the United States, the Three Percenters movement decided to confront Muslim Americans, by protesting at their mosques.

Their name comes from the disputed percentage of colonials who armed themselves and fought the British during the American Revolution. Followers describe themselves as armed “patriots,” but some of their leaders have been accused of threatening and vandalizing politicians, cops and Muslims.

David Wright, a Dallas Three Percenter and protester said “We will interfere with every move they (Muslims) make towards taking over our country.” He is the same individual who posted the names and home addresses of Muslim residents and other “Muslim sympathizers” who spoke out against a resolution they called discriminatory.

These instances are just the beginning, if you want to dig deeper you’ll find it is much worse than you think. Hate crimes and right-wing terror plots go largely unreported by the media in this country. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see things getting worse before they get better.

Right-wing extremists have found their voice in the United States, and how unfortunate for the rest of us that the media hangs on their every word. The Trump (and Cruz) show might seem entertaining, but it isn’t fun and games. Everything that comes out of their mouth has the potential to influence people negatively and harm the ones who simply want to live their lives.


  1. Is there no moderate view in American politics anymore? I’m not an extremist right winger or leftist but Im sorry, you’re using the same broad generalizations on these groups that you’re accusing the conservative right wing of doing to the left. In essence you’re sensationalizing without real factual knowledge. Your article mentions when these groups kill a ” bunch of people”. In what instance is this happening with frequency and when specifically? This is the disparity of our current political climate. Rational views and moderate calm conversations seem to go out the window. You’re either with us or against us. There is absolutely no way a Hitler type of regime could reoccur and occupy control of the U.S. from within our borders given our system of information and technology and government today. No American would stand for it. On the other side Obama is not the Antichrist. Albeit intelligent, he’s just a very inexperienced leader and average politician who panders to his base. Rich people like Trump look after their own interest and that is to ensure that the rich pay as little amount of taxes as possible. Let’s use common sense stay the course and not play fear and anger games ..

  2. I am probably the only person who clicks onto this site regularly but was relatively unfamiliar with the Three Percenters movement. I had heard of them but it was primarily in the context of their really dubious notion that 3% of colonialists took up arms against the British—I have long been interested in the Revolution in South Carolina and write for a couple of historical groups per the same and someone just happened to ask about that number.

    The mention of the Three Percenters in the column above got my attention and I did a cursory search through the internet. Another scary militia-type crowd. One of the founders is Michael Brian Vanderboegh. A brief file on him can be found on the Southern Poverty Law Center site. The link is:

    If, like me, you don’t know a lot about this crowd, this is a good place to start.

  3. This is the same sort of thing that led to Hitler’s rise to power: A society highly stressed by economic and social injustice, giving rise to gangs of armed thugs seeking simple, violent solutions.

    • How do you figure ,Hitler was a tyrannical ruler one world order like Obama wants . total control like a king . we shall not stand for this .revolt is the only answer since noone will throw him out of office .

      • I’ll bet you weren’t alive during Hitler’s Holocaust. I was. I have read every book out there and watched every video about Hitler. HISXMARK is absolutely correct in his assessment of the right wing extremists of today who are spreading hate and vitriol. It is starting and will come to a city near you. Trump, the Clown Bus occupants, Hannity, Limpballs and the rest of the fascists who occupy our airwaves are acting exactly like Hitler and his Brownshirts. Google “The Danger of American Fascism” by Henry A. Wallace, 1944. We are there. The corporatists in Germany were behind Hitler’s rise to power just like the corporatists of today. They edged him into power then found that they could not control him. The War and the Holocaust were the result. If Trump and his ilk steal power with the help of Scalia and Thomas, we will have a replay of the Holocaust. All gays, people with disabilities, and people of color will be his targets for elimination. You may even find yourself one of the targets if you dare to speak out against the fuhrer.

      • Tyrannical rulers don’t come from the left they come from the right. Not even Lenin or Stalin qualify, hell I wouldn’t even call them socialists. Speaking of tyrannical, how can you support the constitution or democracy if you’re calling for the overthrow of a democratically elected President?

      • Today our “brown shirts” are the republican right wing christians. They hate anyone who is not like them. They talk of stoning the gays and view African Americans as 3/5 human. They scream, “Abortion is murder,” but have no problem with killing on behalf of corporate profits. They ignore the fact our biggest importer of manufactured products, Communist China, has a policy of abortion which is legal and encouraged.

        Think it can’t happen again? The Germans at the start of WW2 were one of the most advanced nations on earth and yet because of being immersed in war for years and years (like we have for the last 15 years) became hardened to killing. When Hitler blamed Germanys’ ills on the Jews it was easy for the population to look the other way while the battle hardened German soldiers murdered millions of human beings. They called them “vermin, rats, bacteria” and etc. christians today blame the ills of America on the gays, minorities, the poor and non christians. See the parallel?

        Think it can’t happen again? You are wrong. Ask the 2016 POTUS candidates. Ask donald j trump

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