The Republican Debate was an exercise of white male fear-mongering.

The fifth Republican debate was suppose to focus on national security and public safety. We got signature GOP stupidity instead. Ted Cruz wants to “carpet bomb” entire regions. Donald Trump wants to kill innocent girlfriends and close off the internet. Ben Carson bragged about his presidential-like-doctor skills to explain away his apathy towards killing innocent civilians.

Between the tough guy talk and Fiorina’s desperate one liners, there was nothing new to this cycle of stupidity we call GOP “debates”. The fact that Republicans needed two hours to talk about national security is pure nonsense. Especially when you compare it with the second Democratic debate, which happened on the same week as the Paris attacks and still explored a variety of issues.

It goes without saying, half the time spent battling back and forth between the GOP candidates could have been spent talking on other issues of public safety that should matter to all Americans. Perhaps you’ve heard about Daniel Holtzclaw. Perhaps you haven’t, since the main stream media’s coverage of his story has been abysmal.

Mr. Holtzclaw is a former Oklahoma City police officer who is facing a life sentence for the rape of 13 black woman. Holtzclaw had targeted woman who had drug addictions, were from poor communities, and had previous run ins with the police.The personal testimonies of the thirteen victims show a chilling account of people who had no trust in the criminal justice system to report their sexual assailant. Their testimonies are as traumatic as that of any person who has survived a terror attack.

Meanwhile, the Chicago police department is under scrutiny, not only for the Laquan McDonald incident, but also for the use of a “black site”. People who have been detained at this site are disproportionately black. Detainees are treated no different than how terrorists are treated in Guantanamo bay. One former detainee, Angel Perez, talks graphically about the sexual abuse he was put through. Rahm Emanuel dismissed these allegations and continues to use the black site. Yes, that’s right. The third largest city in America has no trouble torturing it’s own citizens.

And then there’s the more than 1,000 Americans who have been killed by the police in this past year. Followed by the fact that only 37% of African Americans trust the police. It is difficult to see how such a state of mistrust and violence cannot be considered a matter of public safety.

But you would never expect the Republican party to debate any of these issues. It doesn’t serve their interests. Why? When it comes to protecting lives, the only fears that matter to the GOP are the fears of white male conservatives.

Let’s not forget why people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have made it to the top. They strive on racist, bigoted rhetoric towards Hispanics and Muslims, and blaming African Americans for their troubles, which has appealed to whites who feel their country is being lost to “third world criminals”. Their rhetoric has made white supremacy relevant to political discourse once again.

And thus, it is not convenient for the GOP to talk about the issues that are a present threat to African Americans and other minorities. The only political gains for Republicans will come from focusing on the fears of white voters. So the GOP will only address the fear of  whites that ISIS will come to America, rape American women, and kill innocent civilians. But Republicans will not address the unrestrained use of power and sexual assault against the 13 African American women who were victims of Holtzclaw, or the 1,000 American deaths at the hands of the police.

So it goes, the Republican party is not the party of America. It is the party of paranoid whites and their fears. It is only a matter of time before the Grand Ole Party is harmed by its indifference and hostility towards the concerns of all Americans, and having Ben Carson and two Cuban-American candidates included in this GOP circus will not change that.


  1. Slowly but surely the Republican tent shrinks. At present, it requires only enough space for an element of primarily male elderly and middle-aged voters who have yet to figure out that they, too, have been victimized by the policies of those who give voice not to their real needs but to their anger and fear. Which means that, over the past 35 years or so, they have paid a high price to have a group of privileged white guys rant and rave and bloviate and, in the end, do nothing about their grievances. Delusional thinking is almost always expensive in one way or another. And it never occasions positive outcomes.

    Were it not for gerrymandering, we would be discussing whether the funeral for the GOP would be open- or closed-casket. The do-nothing antics of the House Clown Show keeps them alive and, unfortunately, we can’t overcome their redistricting efforts to get them out of the House.

    I am far more afraid of a Republican being elected president than I am of most any other thing save something happening to my son or one of my dogs. A GOP president with GOP majorities in both House and Senate would change the course of this country for decades to come. It’s a scary thing to consider.

  2. Well said. Between Ben Carson or Rafael (Ted) Cruz, they are probably better at driving those of their own race away than they are for adhering them to the GOP.
    Most of them are outside the party anyway and this will do very little to attract even the fringe element of these groups.

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