The more the Democratic establishment pushes Bernie away, the more passionate his supporters get

It seems that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has finally had enough. The Bernie Sanders campaign is under attack by the Democratic Party establishment, based on a data-breach done by members of the Sanders campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not this breach was truly harmful to Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic Party establishment is using it as an opportunity to further discredit and belittle the Sanders campaign.

While the merits of this data-breach are not unworthy to discuss, one should be sober enough to realize that the Democratic Party establishment has never liked Bernie Sanders. Figureheads like current DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz have never taken Bernie seriously, and have done little to support and give equal footing to his candidacy. Scheduling national debates on Saturday for example clearly favor Clinton.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, you can see the Democratic establishment has always preferred Hillary (the establishment Democrat) as their favorite to be the nominee. The recent “controversy” is over Sanders’ campaign stealing information about Democratic voters. This of course led to a blockade by the DNC against Sanders, barring him from accessing their own national voting records. It has since been lifted.

Whether or not you take this seriously, what should be noted is this flare-up has only reinforced Sanders supporters that the national party is working exclusively on Clinton’s behalf.

One of the main reasons Sanders became an independent is because he did not see eye to eye with the Democratic Party establishment. The Sanders campaign has always been scoffed at by the party establishment. Clinton has more connections and fundraising efforts by the national party and the Clinton name carries huge weight in the Democratic Party.

The establishment of the Democratic Party does not want Bernie to be the nominee, and has blatantly tried to use this data-breach to undercut Bernie’s campaign. While Bernie and Hillary can play nice at the Debates (with Bernie’s apologies) this rift is not going to heal anytime soon.

Progressives have always held the suspicion that the Democratic Party was working more for Hillary, and it seems this new split has only emboldened the Progressive wing. Within the past day alone, the Sanders campaign raised over a million dollars from its small donor base. The more the Democratic establishment pushes Bernie away, the more passionate his supporters get.

The ultimate problem of the Democratic Party is that it lacks any basic understanding of how the Sanders campaign is working. It does not rely on the approval of the party establishment, but on the voters.

What will come of this divide is hard to say, but it seems likely that the distrust of progressives toward the party establishment will only grow in the aftermath of this data-breach issue. The breach is not itself the real issue, rather it’s the constant effort by the Democratic establishment to advance Hillary over Bernie in the primary.

We should expect a greater divide, as neither progressives nor establishment truly work on the same page. Hillary is the establishment candidate, Bernie is not. This fact alone makes it tough for Bernie to gain an equal footing in Democratic Party circles.


  1. It is imperative that all of democratic assets come together and defeat the Bigoted Racist Republican party
    So gather around the best of the best in the Democratic Party and knock of all the ego trips that screw up the positive flow for our Party to win the White House again for the generation to inherit our principals of Peace Love and our Great Country the USA…

  2. While I don’t doubt that this article is generating plenty of clicks, it fails to meet Quiet Mike’s usually high standards. It is NOT “Progressive, Liberal, Informative and Honest.”

      • This post is neither honest nor is it informative. You assert plenty of things and support none of them.

        Quiet Mike is a venue for thoughtful writing about politics. I’ve never seen it used before for overheated polemics that reinforce conspiracy-mongering among one tribe and alienate everyone else.

        If Mike wants his blog to move in this direction, that’s his perogative. It’ll be a sad loss, though, for those of us who like good writing and insight.

        • You haven’t offered any evidence for your assertions. It’s no conspiracy that the national Dem party doesn’t want Sanders as the nominee. You are accusing me of doing exactly what you’re doing now.

          • Huh? Please check your paranoia before answering next time, okay?

            You asserted various claims with no factual basis whatsoever. Now, in perfect internet logic, you declare that it’s my fault for not *disproving* the things you assert.

            No –it’s YOUR job to write insightful, factually-supported essays.

            Your style of discourse is not what I have come to appreciate about this blog, and your knee-jerk double-down response is, if anything, even worse. If I wanted unsubstantiated, conspiratorial claims wrapped in half-truths and hyperbole, I could find that on any number of birther/Tea Party blogs.

            You say you’re a progressive. Before launching your next salvo against me, consider for a moment whether you’ve become what you hate.

            • So you disagree with my assertions, which are backed by links in the article, therefore I am not writing insightful. Great logic. It’s no paranoia that the DNC has worked more for Hillary than Bernie. He gets undercut all the time in mainstream press, and the Democratic Party establishment has no love for him. This is not a conspiracy. Save your condescension. You can deny it if you like, but Hillary is the clear favorite of the establishment, and it doesn’t require a conspiracy theory to see that…

        • Not sure why you are so upset about the article. The evidence that the DNC and DWS are propping up Hillary and alienating Sanders is all over. Debate schedule, data bands that violate written agreements. DWS wearing a Clinton pin. DWS hiring a data firm where her relative works. Clinton giving money to the DNC in exchange for help in the South. DWS hasn’t mentioned Bernie’s name in interviews until recently, when she flat out lied to us.

          Sorry I don’t have links for everything. Keep in mind the Sanders camp says they have proof that Clinton’s staff accessed Bernie’s private files more than 20 times. This isn’t over, and the divide will get wider. This latest attempt at alienation was childish. I have my masters in net security. Either their security is insanely bad, or the firewall comes down for a specific purpose. Their failure to fix this simple issue is problematic.

  3. Why do you still portray the Sandrrs campaign as being the instigators? It was the DNC whos vendor dropped the firewall for the second time! You dont think there were clinton people looking at Bernies info? This was sabotage by the establishment because Bernie is now a threat!

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