Mass shootings by white men happen all the time, yet white Americans are not stigmatized for it.

Samuel L. Jackson, who needs no introduction, made some interesting points during a recent interview he gave in lieu of the new film The Hateful Eight. The interview gave some insightful points on the nature of Muslim discrimination, one which should be taken more seriously in the US.

Jackson made a comment regarding the recent San Bernardino shooting, in which he claimed he wished that the shooter was “a crazy white guy,” rather than a Muslim. Conservatives of course salivated at this comment, yet Jackson made an interesting point. The fact is, Muslims are a distrusted minority in the US, and the San Bernardino shooting made things much worse.

The fact is, white people in America are not inherently distrusted, even though white Americans commit far more mass shootings than any other group. The point Jackson made refers to the fact that if a white guy was behind the shooting, no one would get into mass hysteria over a “white” threat. Muslims are not afforded this luxury.

Facts show that Americans are more likely to be massacred by their white neighbor, yet Muslims are the ones distrusted the most in this case. The fact remains that white Americans would not suffer the same stigma that Muslims would suffer for such a deadly event. Past shootings are proof of this.

Mass shootings by whites happen all the time, yet white Americans are not stigmatized in complete ways over it. More often than not, the shooters are called “crazy” and “lone wolves” who clearly don’t represent all of white Americans. Yet, Muslims are not granted this same level of courtesy. If a Muslim commits a shooting, or attack of any kind, it represents all of Islam by definition.

White Americans are not labeled threats, even though most threats in the US stem from white Americans. An inherent bias exists here. No one has to worry about white Americans suffering stigma from a mass shooting done by a white American. Muslims worry greatly about these things, because they are already stigmatized by suspicion and fear.

This video by TYT helps break it down a little bit better.


  1. At what point did the world need to blame something for someones act or behavior. When you focus more on the why and not the act you turn the actors into victims. Color or religion has little to do with individual evil or wrong doing that comes down to choice and as we all know every sector of the human race makes bad choices based on their values or lack there of.

  2. The answer here is simple. Most white males that have committed these acts have been found to “self identify as a Democrat, Liberal or Progressive and/or most suffer from some form of mental illness (which is actually redundant)…The leftists in the media and government would never stigmatize their own, it would blow back in their faces. You don’t hear about responsible conservative whites or any other race for that matter (Tea Party folks etc.) committing mass murder (no matter how hard the left wished it were so).
    Case solved.

  3. Really, terms like white radical extremist or right wing extremist come to mind real quickly. This “lone wolf” term is BS and I never see that used. Also, there is not a lot of mass shootings as stated done by white men. Statistics say a mass shooting is more than 3 people and they lump gang related shootings into the mass shooting numbers so no, it’s not white men committing most of those shooting as there are many more gang related mass shootings. Now, if you look at the mass shooting committed by white males you will find the majority are committed by those with liberal ties and not conservative ties. Sorry, those are the facts. Now, what SJ and others here seem to forget when the Muslims as a whole don’t get cut slack when Muslim commits a crime like this is other Muslims don’t come out and condemn them. If a white guy goes out and commits a mass shooting, there are other white mans, especially law abiding gun owners who condemn them. When Muslims come out in force against radical Muslims that commit crimes, then the people will and should cut them slack as a whole. Problem is you don’t see it. You do see Mosques stock piling weapons though. When was the last time you saw a Baptist or Catholic church stockpiling weapons?

    • If a white American did a hijacking or bombing, it would also be called a “lone wolff” act. White America has an inherent bias in favor of itself, which stigmatizes the “other” in order to excuse its own shortcomings.

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