Bernie Sanders continues to gain ground with the revolutionary approach of honesty

In a presidential election year, it becomes blatantly apparent how politicians and the media go back and forth, shaping just the right sound bites, drumming up ridiculous smoke screen scandals, and prizing the headline grabbing photo-op over a tackling of the real issues. The name-calling and character attacking by the candidates are an attempt to win us over to one side, to plant into our minds a superficial reason to join them.

They want to finish our sentences with worthless words of deflection, when what we really want to say is that we are having a very hard time believing that any one of the candidates that have been put before us have any actual clue as to what the American people need or want.

In my adult life, I believe that I have only seen three people ask for the public’s support and backing because they actually believed they could lead this country to greatness. Two of them got it, and for the third, time will tell. Those three people were Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and the only present hope, Bernie Sanders.

Progressives may not have liked Reagan’s policies and President Obama has his critics, but going into their respective campaigns for president, the American people knew where each candidate stood. Their platforms were solid and unambiguous.

The only candidate that has laid everything out on the table with no smoke screens or double talk is the senator from Vermont. He’s the only candidate in the entire presidential race that seems capable of actually telling the truth.

The older I get, the stronger my BS meter becomes. I can smell when someone is lying straight through my television set. What I’ve been smelling from the majority of the front-running candidates so far is agenda-driven ideology that employs scare tactics and half-truths, name calling and bully posturing, and promises to tackle partisan issues like the eighth grade class presidential candidate promising to tackle the pressing issue of too much homework.

What I see in Bernie Sanders is not a candidate pretending he is for the people while pocketing money from those who expect favors in return, but a man with principle and integrity trying to fix a broken system by representing all Americans.

Sanders isn’t answering questions like auto-correct on my iPhone, replacing truth with blatantly false words that serve a different agenda. He has not wavered from his goal of representing all Americans – black, white, gay, straight, young, old, rich or poor.

I need 2016 to be the year that my faith is restored in our system of electing our leaders. I support Bernie Sanders because I truly believe he wants to support me. He wants to lift up every individual, not just the richest among us. For years I have heard pundits and politicians talk about the opportunity that can only be found in the United States, but when anyone dares to look deeper into that claim, they find that the playing field is not as level as we’re led to believe in our youth.

For every one that claws his way from the bottom up, there are literally thousands of others who can’t catch a break. We’re led to believe that this is because they don’t actually want to work hard enough, or because they prefer a life of crime because it’s easier. In fact, the systemic injustices that stem from generational poverty, educational inequalities, and the lack of a solid health care system contribute to the growing chasm of financial and social inequity.

My hope for this new year is that I can wade through the political campaign muck from both parties and enter a voting both in November confident that I know who and what I’m voting for. I need something to be confident in. I need someone to be confident about. Who do I think that candidate is? For me, it’s Bernie. Don’t try to finish my political sentences. I can be swayed, but I won’t be auto-corrected.


  1. The really last best President was Kennedy, and our government killed him cause he spoke the truth, , where would our Country had been today if he wasn’t murdered? Now we have a chance to change this corrupt system and I for one have suffered enough of this 40 year corrupt plot of a one world order, it has to be stopped on it’s tracks now. The rich Corporations only were successful with the help of the US families, the thank you has been a stab in the back by denying the rest of us the American dream and this is so wrong. Republican party was corrupt enough, but the Democrats proved even more crooked and privliged to even go as far as to rig our elections against the citizens that put them in the position of trust to serve our nation for the betterment of all. It is time to help Bernie vote and replace the corrupt, criminal officials, that people care that we will be a nation everyone can be proud of!

  2. I agree with your remarks about Bernie Sanders and his record proves it is true! Senator Bernie Sanders is the most intelligent candidate running for president. He has over 30 years experience in fighting for ordinary working Americans. Bernie is also the most honest and authentic candidate. His health care plan is predicted to save each American $1200 a year plus in insurance and pharmaceutical drugs savings. Bernie received the highest congressional award in his fight for veterans from the VFW. Check out Bernie’s record on you tube. Democratic (by the people Socialist (for the people) has nothing to do with socialism or communism so don’t be spooked. This country was built by socialist programs such as public schools, military, social security etc. Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

  3. Scott, you need a new BS reader; I think yours is broken. Reagan was not “up front” about supporting and illegally funding right wing death squads in Central America. Obama led many of us to believe that he was not going to be another corporate puppet. He lied too. I think you’re right about Sanders though. He’s got my vote.

  4. “I need 2016 to be the year that my faith is restored in our system of electing our leaders.”

    I hear you. We need to elect Bernie Sanders, and whole bunch of other people who will do what they say.
    We need to vote out the grifters, basically. There are many.

  5. Thank you Mr. Langdon for such an insightful article. I too, have found my BS detector becoming stronger with age. Sen Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that hasn’t caused mine to redline. It’s a sad state when the one candidate who actually tells the truth is the one that is labeled radical. Have we, as a country, lost our way so badly that the truth tellers are the ones we look at with suspicion? Bernie Sanders is definitely a breath of fresh air.

  6. I have respect for your honesty and insight and thank you for sharing it in this article.There is no greater power in humanity than one who is possessed of an honest desire to faithfully serve his sisters and brothers without requiring anything for himself. Bernie Sanders has a proven and well documented history of doing simply, simply this.Such a person is deserving of our votes and our commitment to the cause he espouses,especially when the vision he brings is for the benefit of all..

  7. I so agree with this accounting of Bernie Sanders…he is a man of integrity. Like his policy positions, or not, the one thing he has above all is his ‘integrity’. As I listened and watched the Republican debate last night, I was struck by the cheap, undignified rhetoric; the twisted manipulation of words; the conscious effort to use deception to win over an audience that seems to hunger for a degrading and demeaning of others, over what should have been real substance and honesty. Most at last night’s podium don’t represent the best that is America, and hopefully never will. I want someone in the White House as a leader who is a role model for our younger generation; one who speaks from a place of substance and integrity for all of us.

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