They both like to demean immigrants and Muslims, but Cruz is by far the more dangerous

Few people would have predicted that at the onset of the Republican Primary, the two front runners would be a hate filled, egotistical billionaire and a hate filled Canadian born Christian extremist. But here we are in 2016 and the Republican top contenders are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

While Cruz spent most of 2015 buttering up to Donald and sneaking into second place as a result, the gloves seem to have come off as they both try and insult each other into obscurity.

Ted and the Trump have a lot in common; they both have a dislike for immigrants, they both hate Muslims, they both have no love for the poor and they both would bomb the crap out of the Middle East. But like all good relationships, the love stops with the hate.

Just like Bernie and Hillary on the Democratic side, there are many fundamental differences between them. As far as Senator Ted Cruz goes, you can take everything negative about Donald Trump and simply add to it.

Ted Cruz is bought

Unlike Trump who can afford to fund his own campaign, Cruz relies heavily on campaign contributions. Cruz raised $26 million from 2011 to September of 2015, and his biggest contributors outside of conservative groups is the fossil fuel industry, donating nearly a million dollars in that time span.

As think progress reported last summer, Cruz’s wealth would also soar with an increased to oil and gas production. “Nearly a quarter of Sen. Ted Cruz’s current personal wealth is made up of direct investments in fossil fuels, an unusually high amount for an elected official.”

Cruz also receives funds from law firms, banks and Wall Street. In fact, Woodforest Financial Group and Goldman Sachs are two of his top five donors. So when Cruz totes himself as anti-establishment or attacks crony capitalism, don’t believe him.

A Man of God

Ted Cruz is a self-proclaimed man of God and in many ways a Christian extremist, Trump is most certainly not. We all remember what happened the last time a president claimed he was taking orders from a deity. We ended up in a decades long war in Iraq and went back to teaching abstinence only sex across the country.

Like Bush before him, Cruz is an ardent Zionist calling for absolute support for Israel. He has accused those who disagree of being “consumed with hate” and has said “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

Ted Cruz is making “religious liberty” a central theme of his presidential campaign. He stated recently that on his first day in office he would instruct every federal agency “that the persecution of religious liberty ends today.” I’m not exactly sure what that means (the liberty to discriminate against gays and Muslims?), but you can bet the line separating church from state would get a lot smaller.

Cruz doesn’t like people

It’s no secret that Cruz has stepped on a lot of people to get where he is today. Senators of both parties despise him as a result and he doesn’t seem to care, he alienates everyone for his own benefit. Trump on the other hand loves to negotiate and make deals. Apparently, according to himself anyway, he’s even good at it.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. If a President Cruz’s first instinct is to shut down the government when he receives a bill he doesn’t like or close an embassy rather than negotiating over a disagreement, the United States will not just find itself more dysfunctional, but dysfunctional at an international level.

Cruz is the smart one

It’s hard to believe that anyone who denies climate change, evolution and basic science could be considered the smart one, but in this instance he is. Neither Cruz nor Trump is constrained by truth or facts, but Cruz is still the more dangerous of the two.

Legendary liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz once said Cruz was “Off the Charts Brilliant.” He went on to say he was “One of the sharpest students I had . . . I’ve had 10,000 students over my 50 years at Harvard . . . he has to qualify among the brightest of the students.”

Now that’s scary. He may not have chosen the intelligent side of the issues, but as any Bond villain can attest, intellect can also be used for evil. He can and will use his smarts to manipulate and deceive America’s voting public. He has already proven to be a very capable debater compared to Donald Trump, he just needs to lay off New York.

Ideologically extreme

Try as you might to find a more ideologically extreme candidate in the republican field and you will fail. If Cruz wins the presidency, he will prove once and for all that the government is useless by destroying it from the inside.

For starters, Cruz wishes to eliminate the IRS, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Education along with 25 smaller programs. He supports a flat tax so the wealthy pay the same percentage as the poor, he would dismantle/privatize Social Security and Medicare as we know them today and has supported forcing the U.S. to default on its debt. On social issues, his Libertarian/Christian extremism speaks for itself.

After all is said and done, no American who isn’t rich, white, Christian and male wants a Republican to win the presidency. But if it’s going to happen, we are better off with Trump than Cruz. As shocking as that may seem on the surface, this is where America finds itself; between a Trump and a hard place.


  1. he is very smart (we were in the same class at law school – Dersh is right) but he is also a narcissistic Machieavellian of epic proportions. and almost certainly a sociopath. that he is absolutely LOATHED by everyone who’s been in school with or worked with him – even those who agree with his nutty politics –
    says a lot.

  2. he is the opposite of libertarian on social issues. he would use the government to regulate morality and impose his particular version of religious extremism on everyone. he would bring big brother AND Jesus into everyone’s bedroom and classroom

    • Agree. And after his comments on “carpet bombing” the middle east, the world would be at war and most likely one big grave. He is evil incarnated. Trump’s one redeeming quality MAY be that as a business man, MAYBE he will pick the smartest and brightest to advise him, put them in positions where they make the decisions, or guide him on the right decisions. He would be a figure head. I say this hopefully, not assuredly. I’m still hoping we get Hillary or Bernie. My biggest worry is if Hillary wins the nomination, the Bernie supporters will stay home the day of the election. This will surely put Trump or Cruz in the White House. The Bernie supporters have vamped up their attacks on Hillary, and will try virtually every trick in the book to defeat her.

  3. I’ve been aware of Cruz’s love of fossil fuels and his religious delusion for a couple of years now, and I agree not only that he is more dangerous than Trump, but he is also second only to Mike Huckabee in is his religious delusion. The separation of church and state would virtually disappear under either of these religitards.

  4. No arguments with any of this. In addition, I could see Cruz destroying the entire world because “he heard God tell him to” where Trump knows if the world blows up, he loses the ability to make more money and marry women half his age..

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