Just when you thought he couldn't say anything worse, Donald Trump suggests he could get away with attempted murder

Donald Trump continues to shatter all expectations when it comes to the outrageous. At an event of his, Trump said that he could “shoot somebody, and not lose any voters.” A statement like that would have been inconceivable if said by any other politician during an election year. Yet, it seems there is a sad truth to this bombastic comment. As terrifying as it is to admit, Trump is correct in his statement.

There was a day when someone like Mitt Romney could make a “47 percent” comment, and have it cost him an election. This is no longer the norm. Trump has completely forgone any sense of political safety, because he doesn’t need to be politically correct. While Trump saying he could get away with shooting someone is a drastic statement, he is correct that (if he did shoot someone) he probably wouldn’t lose any voters.

The sad reality, is that Trump has no reason to his campaign. His main core of voters would vote for him no matter what. This is clearly evident. While Trump used a brash way of making his point, it doesn’t mean he isn’t correct. Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

Trump has no real ideology. He is merely riding the wave of despair that has propelled Republican voters for years now. Because of this, Trump plays a good showman, and is able to manipulate these voters into supporting him unconditionally. Trump has already said so many things that would have long damaged any other candidate, and is still on top in the Republican field.

Of course, Trump refused to clarify his comments. Not that he needed to, anyway. Republicans love his authoritarian mystique, and it seems even the Republican establishment is now cowering to Trump. It has become clear that the Republican Primary is Trump’s to lose.

The dynamic of Trump’s voters is amazing. Sure, Trump will have a hard time in a general election, but that’s not really the point. The fact is, a huge number of Republicans cling to a maniacal showman who can and will say the most dangerous things in order to frenzy up voters. If Trump shot someone, his voters would shrug and ask; “Why did they stand in front of the bullet?”


  1. I have to laugh at people and how they take what he said so seriously. Stop and think about who we already support in this country. We have killers that go against cops and when they get shot or hurt, we, as in society, support the killer and hate on the cops. We want the cops to lose their jobs, be incarcerated, and pay millions of dollars to the families. Trump, I’m sure, was just stating the fact that, as citizens, we tend to focus too much on the famous and rich and during times of fear, we look for someone who we feel is best to protect us no matter what they say or do. Have you ever wondered why Trump has only spent like 1 million campaigning, while others have spent 20 to 40 million, yet he has gotten more media coverage and support than the others. It is all about the coverage. Trump does not believe that he can go out and just shoot someone without losing support and he knows he would be in jail. Hillary has cost many lives of soldiers and people support her, so why hate on Trump. Just say’n. My opinion is people need to chill out aver media coverage.

    • Did u fall down and hit your head..ignorance is shining through..Mr. 1% Trump is the poster boy involved in blowing up the 2008 economy, destroying millions of Americans lives, numerous bankruptcies screwing workers over and off-shoring jobs and tax $$$..Exactly the candidate corporations & Republicans are cheering for..

  2. You are right about Trump. It doesn’t seem to matter how brash he is or how many idiotic things he says, it just seems to bolster his campaign. It is a scathing indictment of how desperate many Americans are in today’s political atmosphere. They want a change but it’s obvious to those of us that really know what the true problems are, like climate change, massive unregulated money and PAC influence, the need for single payer health care, raising the minimum wage, taking care of the veterans who put their lives on the line for us and much more,that his spew addresses none of these things.
    The other disturbing thing about these fanatics that support Trump is that most of them don’t care that he just spouts off about how he can make America great again (I still happen to think it’s still quite great now, even with all the challenges we face) or that he offers no real solutions (building a wall that Mexico will pay for?, or deporting 11 million illegals?) but just a lot of hot air. With all the fanfare he gets, it seems to me we have become a nation of political idiots.

    • Well said, hitting many of issues Americans care about. To consider a Republican for even dog catcher in the face of enormous evidence that AMERICANS have been sold out on every level is absurd.

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