It's clear by now the American People want some kind of political revolution, but from which side will it come?

Having watched the two debates last week, one for the Democrats on Thursday and the other one on Saturday on the Republican side, I’ve no doubt that the remaining candidates on both sides are throwing down the gloves and are ready to have at it with their own party rivals.

On the Democratic side, Hillary has gotten a tad spiteful as the primaries have gotten under way with Mr. Sanders now breathing down her neck nationally. Nevertheless she is keeping up the fight as Bernie continues to throw jabs himself, accusing Clinton of being part of the system that he is fighting to change.

But even with tensions mounting and the game getting tighter with time running out, Clinton and Sanders have at least remained civil. The media likes to use words like “attacks” and “accuses” to stir the pot in favor of one or the other, but all in all it has been relatively tame.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have been beating each other down like lions on the Serengeti, bullying and pushing each other until the one who puffs his chest out and roars the loudest gets his way. If you follow the Republicans at all, the saddest thing about them right now is that the candidates with the best ideas and relatively sanest platforms (Jeb Bush) are getting thrust out of the way by the blowhards who make very little sense.

Every time another debate happens, we all wait in suspense to see who emerges from the clown car first. Who is going to make the cut and speak at the big kid’s table? I must emphasize the word “kid’s.” This is shaping up to be perhaps the saddest Presidential election in memory. We’ve all heard it said, or have said it ourselves; these can’t be the best possible candidates out there! But this election cycle is different.

When you look at the candidates that are out in front of the polls, you are apt to find something you haven’t seen in years; people are sick and tired of the same old gridlock and a do nothing establishment that they are ready to grasp on to the most radical and often times flat out profane rhetoric and ideas (Trump/Cruz).

The Republicans are not alone in this phenomenon of political polarization. As coherent, experienced and well thought out as Bernie Sanders’s policies are, they are still quite radical. Sanders is looking for a political revolution, one in which Democratic Socialism plays a major role. This alone is polarizing, partly because the average American citizen has no idea what Democratic Socialism is.

In their minds, they knee-jerk their way right to Socialism at best and Communism at worst, believing that what we currently have going on in our government is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Americans on both sides of the isle are looking for political revolution. It’s not only on one side.

When you take a look at Donald Trump and what he says he’s going to do as President, it’s very easy to see how he is a kind of gonzo Bernie, calling for sweeping changes by crying out against a broken establishment, but it all crumbles to the ground when you realize he has no idea what he’s talking about. Same goes for Ted Cruz.

Preying on people who work hard, sometimes working multiple jobs just to stay afloat, by telling them you’re going to make sweeping changes to end the threat from Isis, close the borders and stop illegal immigration, virtually take away all of our fears and make us all rich, is more of a smoke screen to cover up the real issues than anything the more experienced candidates are saying.

The sad part of it is that people are supporting them in such great numbers, not knowing that acting out on their frustrations and disappointments by electing one of them will not bring them an actual leader but, rather, a disaster. America cannot be run as if it were a business. It’s not a business. It’s a country where people live and have needs and have rights. Inalienable rights. Ask the people of Flint what happens when government is run like a business.

On the other side of the isle, the Progressive Democrats are appealing to a somewhat different group of frustrated and burned out Americans. They are the same working class people trying to survive, but their approach is much different. Bernie Sanders is leading a political revolution that would bring the government back to a position it used to hold, that of a servant to the people.

The right claims that those on the left want to have everything given to them, that they want to get money from rich people because they refuse to work hard enough. Of course, those who made a fortune, did so on the backs of these hard working people.

Sanders makes no bones about what he wants to accomplish and how he wants to accomplish it. Everything is laid out on his website and is very clear. On the other side, “Don’t worry about it” is the phrase from Trump that is supposed to keep everyone assured.

In this Presidential election it is easy to find one thing that all Americans can agree on – the status-quo cannot continue. Drastic changes are needed. What is drastically different among our citizenry is what those changes should be and whom we best believe can carry out the implementation of those changes.

Can a career-long politician like Hillary Clinton break away from her track record and do something new, or will we just see President Clinton II? can a multi-billionaire businessman who is afraid of reporters challenging him be the answer to the frustrated right? Or will a senator from a quiet little state in the northeast who has been a life long fighter for the rights of all Americans bring some closure to Reagan era economics? Only time, a few more debates, a couple of primaries and a November election will tell. Which side of the revolution are you on?


  1. I’ll keep it short. The republican side has no one even close to qualified for the immense job at hand. Hilliary Clinton is too close to Wall Street to make the changes needed, so that leaves the only viable choice for me, Senator Bernie Sanders. His vision and changes are what we need, but he’ll need help from a cooperative congress, and that is a possibility too….

  2. It’s certainly clear that Republicans are disenchanted with their own party, though in denial of admitting it outright. Many think they have found their answer through the Trumpster, who promises to make America “great”, providing no explanation of what his interpretation of ‘great’ actually means. Judging from his random statements, Trump does tend to echo the same policies that will promote the status quo. What a shame that those in denial are willing to accept empty promises in exchange for the words of “greatness” they long for, yet have no idea what it is meant to bring.

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