The so-called progressive news network has become a shadow of its former self

The 24/hour MSNBC news network has seen a lot of changes in the past couple years. The station’s stellar line up of fairly progressive hosts has been dwindling to the point where only Rachel Maddow and perhaps Chris Hayes can be seen as an actual progressive with few ties to the establishment.

As I write this, on’s front page, there are two articles about Marco Rubio, two articles on Hillary Clinton, three articles about Donald Trump and two articles not related to the election. Nothing about Bernie Sanders, the only real progressive in the race.

Honestly, what’s going on at MSNBC isn’t so surprising. After years of bad ratings, they have essentially decided to use Fox News as their template to bounce back, and it starts with Joe Scarborough. The host of Morning Joe has been one of the architects of Donald Trump’s rise to the top, praising him on a daily basis for months. At least until Trump’s predictable refusal to disavow David Duke and the KKK. Still, Scarborough remains the network’s Republican like bully, and ensures mornings across America, at least on television, remain conservative.

Over the last year or so we’ve also seen MSNBC force Melissa Harris-Perry to apologise to conservatives over the most insignificant nonsense. Before that, the network apologized over a tweet about a Cheerios Commercial:

“Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.”

Hosts on Fox News have said far worse without the slightest regret or remorse. The so-called progressive news network had lost their spine, assuming they ever had one to begin with. They were apologizing for calling the racism of the right-wing out.

Now, what happened last week on MSNBC cemented my disdain for the network. Over the past month, the network all but forced Melissa Harris-Perry off the air. Perry’s show brought much needed diversity to the network as she concentrated on black rights and minority issues.

The New York Times reported that on Super Bowl Sunday, Melissa planned to discuss Beyoncé’s new video, “Formation,” and how it addressed race, but was encouraged by the network instead to focus on the election.

She wound up discussing the video anyway, but as she did, a video of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie rallies in New Hampshire appeared in a box. In order to improve ratings, MSNBC was emphasizing round-the-clock election coverage. This segment would become Melissa Harris-Perry’s final appearance. Pre-emption after pre-emption later, she had had enough and walked off.

Rick Tyler, does that name sound familiar? While Perry’s dismissal was upsetting to any progressive, what the network did with Rick hours earlier really put me over the edge. They hired him.

Mr. Tyler was the communications director for the Ted Cruz Presidential campaign. At least he was until Cruz asked for his resignation because he was caught lying too much. Yes that’s right, Ted Cruz, arguably the biggest liar in the Republican Party dismissed Rick Tyler for being a liar… And MSNBC hired him. Because there is way too much truth in journalism these days?

Not only has MSNBC stopped leaning forward, they have fallen flat on their back. It won’t be long until the Maddow’s and the Hayes’ share the same fate as Melissa Harris-Perry, unless they agree to conform to the new norm, at which point all of their remaining credibility will have been lost


  1. MSNBC is going down the toilet!! Chuck Todd sucks. I have quit watching. I feel sorry for Rachel Maddow how much longer will she stay around?

  2. This bs about Bernie Sanders being the only true progressive in the race is garbage. How progressive is it to vote to send your state’s nuclear garbage to be buried in poor, minority communities in Texas. It’s called environmental racism and Bernie is guilty. How progressive is it to vote against the Brady bill FIVE times. Stop perpetuating the myth that Bernie is the only progressive in the race. If Bernie is so progressive, why is it his Bernie Bros will vote for Trump if Hillary is the nominee. Bernie is the last great hope for the Republican party and a Trump Presidency.

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