The Donald is such an unpredictable flip-flopper, there is no telling what he would do as President

There’s a two week chance for Republicans to stop the dominate force of Donald Trump. As shown on Super Tuesday, Trump resonates with the voters of the Republican party.

For the GOP establishment, Super Tuesday filled their hearts with fear. Trump strengthened his grip on the nomination, and Cruz, the candidate who has shown the most resilience is the other antagonist of the Washington establishment. In a choice between these two candidates, those part of the establishment still can’t decide.

It took them nearly a year, but the anti-Trump forces recently realized the reality of Trump as the nominee. His support manages to grow from each contest. In Georgia, Alabama, and Massachusetts, he was winning by more than 40 percent.

Trump supporters will rally behind him under any circumstance. He knows how to lure supporters with his rhetoric and he is whatever they want him to represent. If Trump assumes the presidency, the question is what kind of president would he be?

My prediction is that President Trump would be the same hot-tempered, unorthodox individual gathering support from his faithful followers. Trump’s ideology is based upon ratings; he is a skilled entertainer and a shrewd businessman. He feeds off attention and thrives where the largest crowds dwell.

In all his speeches, he always mentions his poll numbers and mocks his opponents. The constant need for external validation is the blood that surges through his veins.

In past interviews, Trump aligned himself with being a Democrat. He treats the Republicans just as he’s doing now – like an embarrassment. He sides with Democrats and Republicans on issues as it suits him, with no real concern about consistency or electability.

Trump has voiced that he wants to abolish Obama’s healthcare reforms, but he states under his presidency: “people are not going to die in the middle of the street.” He called for taxes on the wealthy, but now he’ll cut many taxes. He was pro-choice and pro-gun regulation; now he’s on the other side of both issues.

President Trump would wonder if his latest speech made him popular. A president like him would say or do anything to hear an applause. He’s an emotional loose cannon, an agitator who wants to make people feel love, hate, or pride without any rational explanation.

Trump values himself as a businessman and negotiator who can master federal fiscal policy. He vows to make America great again and bring pride back in being an American.

Trump’s weaknesses have been known since he began his candidacy, and the Republicans dismissed Trump as a valuable candidate. When he proved capable of surviving mistakes, they assumed during the primaries, voters would vote for the other candidates in the race.

So, Republicans, this could be the last chance to change the face of your party, or Trump could be your champion. For once, you can’t blame this on the Democrats…


  1. Mr Donald Trump is indeed a loose Cannon, a howitzer, and his name is “Big Bertha” and fires a 900lb shell that annihilates his enemies for miles around. Clinton ought to remember that the next time she brags about Gadhafi “We came we saw and he is dead”.

  2. Trump is a megalomaniac, Cruz wants the country to be run by the churches and Rubio is, in a word, a crybaby. None of these (looking for a proper word here, hang on……), OH! I have it. They all can be described by the word; rodomontade, which means, a person that uses vainglorious boasting or bragging; pretentious, blustering talk.
    Pretty much says it.
    Then there is the republican lite candidate, Hilliary, who does not share the vision of Bernie Sanders and is more of a republican (now) than what a real democrat was back in the days of FDR and JFK. She is not the answer either.
    Insert Bernie Sanders here.
    Anyway, it’ll be a real turning point for the current generation at their first opportunity to vote and for the next generation (and what kind of future they’ll have), and if a progressive is not voted in as our next president, if you’re a person that’s not white, not Christian, is collecting Social Security or is on any public assistance, you’re in for a real bumpy ride.
    It’s time to restore a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

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