Just like Frankenstein, the Trump candidacy was created by those seeking to play God... With American politics

Given that Trump is the talk of television pundits around the clock on every network, you must have seen someone by now comparing him to the biggest monsters of our time; Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, etc.

Perhaps in the earlier days of their careers, there were accurate comparisons that could be made, but the real creature that likens perfectly with Trump is the fictitious Frankenstein Monster. A story where protagonist Victor Frankenstein created this monstrosity, abandoned him when he realized what he had created and then dedicated his life to killing him.

Up until Barack Obama was first elected, I never looked at Trump as a Republican, perhaps because I never looked at Trump at all. But still, this was a man who was in favor of universal health care, was pro-choice and stood to the left of Obama on several issues, especially free trade.

Soon after Obama took office, the so called Tea Party movement caught fire. But contrary to what you heard in the mainstream media, it was not a grassroots movement which found its beginnings in the resentment over the bank bailouts.

Many people don’t realize the Tea Party was actually the brainchild of the libertarian leaning billionaire Koch Brothers. It wasn’t long before the protesters of the bank bailouts and corporate influence turned into the extremist wing of the Republican Party. In a way, Trump is the creation of the Koch Brothers, much like like Victor tried to play God by creating his monster, the Kochs tried to play God with American Politics.

These new, often racist, hillbilly Tea Party activists now turned to protesting taxes, the ACA, gay marriage, abortion and everything to do with Barack Obama, including his citizenship. I can’t say why for sure, perhaps it was racism, perhaps he simply saw opportunity, but Trump ate it up and became the spokesperson for the birther movement.

Much to the Koch Brothers delight at the time, a couple short years later and Republicans started to elect Tea Party candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Many politicians in the Tea Party ran their initial primary campaigns in opposition to the Republican establishment of the time.

It wasn’t long before the establishment of the Republican Party shifted as far right as we thought possible. You see, the Tea Partiers who won primaries against other Republicans simply became part of the establishment themselves instead of actually fixing anything. In fact, they blocked all of Obama’s plans, shut down the government and threatened disaster at every turn.

Conservatives never thought that in 2016, voters would start to protest this new Republican establishment. Enter Donald Trump who embraced the racism and bigotry of the Tea Party movement, but at the same time rejected the corruption of the same Republican establishment.

When Trump first entered the race to be the Republican nominee in 2015, he was dismissed by everyone, even those in his own Party… Until he started talking. The establishment media loved him. He said crazy things, boosted ratings and they made lots of money off him.

Fast forward to 2016. It took eight months for everyone to realize that Donald Trump may actually be a threat to them. Not just the other Republican Presidential Candidates, but the whole Republican establishment; Republicans scared of losing their comfy jobs in congress, the big donors like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, even the media. The establishment and the special interests all have the potential to lose something if Trump becomes the nominee, or worse, the president.

So after ignoring their creation for so long, Republicans now have to deal with the Trump threat and they need to attack him from behind, evidently with his small hands and penis. And they say Republicans don’t like gays…

No one really knows what Trump would do as the Republican Nominee or as president, and perhaps that’s where the fear comes in. The establishment doesn’t care if he’s racist or hates immigrants, their main goal is to look out for their own interests, to ensure the game stays rigged so the money keeps flowing up.

There is an above average chance that if we see a President Trump, he will simply become part of the establishment himself, much like Ted Cruz after winning his senate seat or Obama after winning the presidency.

One thing I know for certain is that Donald Trump hasn’t hijacked the Republican Party, he’s simply that original racist Tea Party activist still protesting the Republican establishment. The old establishment of John McCain and Mitt Romney, and what Ted Cruz has turned it into.

By attacking Trump now, the establishment, the Tea Party, the media and anyone else who had a hand in creating this monster is simply making him stronger. Remember, Victor Frankenstein was never able to kill his creation.

Hijack the Republican Party


  1. Wrong! At some point the Republican Party controllers will accepts a Trump Presidency then develop a strategy to hijack the Office. Trump does not know law and for that he hires “advisers” to keep him out of trouble and limit the extent of his impulses. With Trump in the WH the Republicans will “suggest” advisers suitable to their interests. Trump in his ignorance will see no difference and will willingly go along with the program, do what he told and sign what ever is placed on his desk. In return Trump will have his own reality show of his pleasing for the next four years. Welcome to the Bush II Presidency!

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