Whether we acknowledge it or not, we can only be mad at ourselves

Anger lies within America; the constant failure of promises cultivates the seed. It’s a disturbing thought to realize the lack of faith in our democracy.

This election year is making many hearts flutter until hilarity ensues. Too many people have gazed upon the mundane political advertising, campaign funding, and debates.

Anger whispers to us: The next four years aren’t going to change or clean up the last few decades. The new president is going to be a scapegoat like the one before him. What’s certain is taxes, death, and trouble.

The spirit of independence is dead, and the murderers are Wall Street and Washington. They manage to play pat-a-cake while people’s problems go unsolved or swept under the rug.

Voters don’t see any hope from the mainstream candidates of either party. A look at the voting polls reveals the desire for voices to be heard. A vote for Trump lets them fling feces in the eyes of the establishment. A vote for Sanders lets them demolish the government ideology represented by the Clinton’s years of political privilege.

An average voter’s mind deals with the reality of less jobs, less pay and immigrants always receive the blame for the problem.

There’s a need for more education and training to close the wage gap, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The truth is the better jobs require change and many people can’t adapt. They’re caught in a bind. Besides, higher paying jobs simply aren’t out there.

The belief in a broken system leaves broken hearts. Inflation, deflation, trade deficits, national debt, and other financial blunders, all build up to uncertainty. The working class can’t deny the feeling of being cheated.

To see America’s anger in its rawest form, one only needs to listen to any political pundit on television or see the comment section of any newspaper, political post or meme, even Facebook status update. It’s created by the powers that be and fueled by the media which target’s each one of us, forcing us to pick a side.

When the illusion begins to fade into the darkness, the materialistic beating heart of America continues to pound against the chest. Despite fear, despite deep seated suspicions regarding honesty within our system, the Conventional American Dream is alive for all generations to appreciate.

A decent job, a family, cars, and a house in the suburbs is a reachable target. This “conventionalized” objective is applicable for most Americans as the grand finale. The reality is Americans are struggling to maintain the dream.

Many young people don’t have any idea how to maintain the dream for the future. At this moment of vulnerability, the nightmare creeps overhead of how they will survive in old age. To sustain the dream, souls are in a pact with the Devil in exchange for worldly desires. The reality is these diabolical deals are among ourselves.

The anger in America is with the figureheads: deviants that set up ideologies only to tear them down to be “for the people.”

Anger and America will ferociously brawl in a downward spiral. America is the structure we made and built – a fractured relationship between a creator and his monstrous creation.


  1. As you quoted, the enemy is us! We’re pulled by the strings of ideas and influence. That is the point! The media is people gather most of thier information from to provide insight or reinforce their perspective. Even though as my stylistic vagaries obscured my ideas, you managed to grasp the main idea. Congrats! However, there’s a chance you might make some sense and I’m being a subjective fiend to my own writing.

  2. Sorry, but your stylistic vagaries are obscuring your ideas. You need editing, badly. We get that demagogues and their media allies are ginning people up. To no good, to be sure. But what else is your point? Is it Pogo’s “we have met the enemy and he is us” ?

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