For Jenner to say that Hillary's record on woman's right is selfish and self serving is reproachable.

During a segment in her reality show, Caitlyn Jenner had some tough words for Hillary Clinton:  “If we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side… Although she won’t be –she couldn’t care less about women.”

I am not a Clinton supporter, and have often criticized her, but to say that Clinton’s record on woman’s right is selfish and self serving is reproachable. Whether it was as first lady, Secretary of State or her retired years as a Democratic figure, Clinton has fought for the rights of women domestically and abroad.

Caitlyn Jenner however, is a different story. After coming out as a transgender woman in the summer of last year, her story started a dialogue over the plight of the transgender community. At her acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, an award named after a former black tennis player who is notable for his advocacy against AIDs, she said this:

“If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions go ahead, because I can take it. But for the thousands of kids coming to terms with who they are, they shouldn’t have to take it.”

Of course, these are some nice words of encouragement. Especially in support of LGBT youth who might feel conflicted and shunned by society. Her story has raised visibility and started a discussion for transgendered issues that were often ignored. And God knows how much courage she had to muster up to come out as who she really is. But Jenner’s recent support for Ted Cruz gives no support for her speech that poised her as a fighter for transgender rights, and seems contradictory to her “intentions”.

Her support for Ted Cruz is not that surprising since she has often stated that she is a conservative and “traditionalist”. Her conservative views come more from the fact that she is a “trickle down economics” kind of person rather than her social views. In Jenner’s own words:

“Republicans and conservatives are not these horrible people who are trying to oppress people. For the Republicans it’s (transgender rights) not a big issue… They’re just worried about 18 trillion dollars of debt.”

I can respect her economic views, no matter how wrong they are. But what I don’t understand is her defense of a party which clearly rejects her as a person. Her statement that conservatives are not trying to “oppress people” couldn’t be more devoid of reality. Nationally and statewide, Republicans have undoubtedly been hostile to transgender rights. Especially Ted Cruz.

Cruz opposes the Equality Act, a law that would protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment. Cruz has also been at the center of the fear mongering against transgender children access to bathrooms. And when Robert Dear, a right wing ideologue, went on a rampage and killed 9 at a Planned Parenthood clinic, Ted Cruz called him a “transgendered leftist activist.”

Transgender people face high rates of poverty, unemployment, and violence. Many employers prefer to hire less qualified candidates over a transgender. In Detroit, if you’re a black trans gendered woman, you are being targeted and killed at high rates.

In face of the struggles and hate the transgender community have to face, one would expect for Jenner, the most prominent transgendered person of this time, to stand up for their rights and not for a man, who if elected president, would continue perpetuating lies and fear about the transgendered community.

Many criticized the fact that Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Award  because although she took a brave step in coming out, “ it seems that most issues a transgender woman faces in life, Caitlyn can skirt by using affluence and social connections.”

Caitlyn Jenner, a white former Olympian decathlete who married into the social elite circle of the Kardashains, never had to face any of the issues facing transgender America . Her support for a man and a party that have opposed transgendered rights shows a lack of sympathy, and a spit in the face, towards the struggles of the everyday transgendered American.

Given her support for Ted Cruz, Jenner seems to be the least adequate person to say that Hillary Clinton is inauthentic and selfish in representing women’s rights. If somebody is not fighting for the voice of the people they purport to represent, it is Jenner, not Clinton.


  1. Caitlyn, like the rest of the Kardashian clan, is a publicity whore. What makes her uniquely hypocritical is that she’s used the struggles of the transgender community for her own benefit. She’s riding on the backs of the oppressed just to gain fame and cash in on her own reality payday.

  2. Jenner’s sexuality is as irrelevant as Hillary’s. Hillary’s record, opinions, and decisions are tailored to fit the political polls. She’ll say or do anything to further her ambition, and think herself justified and noble for every sell-out and moral compromise.

  3. This isn’t as complex as you make it seem, Jenner is joining the cool new fad demographic everyone wants to be a part of. Non cognitive American. Emoting is in, ease back on the frontal cortex and let your amagdyla dance with your ego. Go ahead, feel the unthinking . The future lies behind us know. Donald Trump and Kanye Kardashian prove the case, greed, vanity and hubris win the day brains down. Remember what the Great rapper Dat Vanilla Icehole said ” thinking’s hard so I’m not gonna , rhymes is hard so I don’t gotta , give me munny or else I won’t shut up and go away like everyone wishes I would ”
    Minionhood is good!!
    Throw off the shackles of self determination!!!
    Freedom from cognition is true freedom!!!!

  4. Caitlyn Jenner is no inspiration to anyone struggling with a transgender identity. She’s just one of many LGBT people in this world,such as the Log Cabin Republicans,who are basically currying favor with their biggest oppressors in order to save themselves from scrutiny. Above all Jenner is “protected” by the affluenza that surrounds her with the Kardashian’s. I can empathize with Jenner’s struggle with gender entity,though I am gay rather than transsexual. But part of equal rights says that she can be dead wrong about a given issue too. And while I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, she’s dead wrong about Hillary’s support for women.

    • Charles, while what Caitlyn has between her legs is incredibly irrelevant, it seems you are a dick. Just because Caitlyn is a hypocrite and supports politicians that work to roll back any hard-won equal rights for transgender people, that doesn’t make her any less of a woman. Neither does her being transgender. In fact, if anything, we’re more sure about our gender because in order to go through the process of changing your legal documents and pursuing medical care, it takes incredible strength of character and certainty in your convictions.

      But sure, go ahead and make a crass comment. You’re only showing your ignorance.

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