It wasn’t because he was dubbed Robo-Rubio, it’s because he was a Robo-Republican

When Jeb Bush fell flat out of the gate for the Republican nomination, the Republican establishment looked to Marco Robo Rubio to take the reins and lead the party back to the White House. Little did Rubio know at the time that he would be trumped by a fascist billionaire.

Now the young Republican finds himself frustrated and defeated with no one to blame but himself. After losing his home state of Florida last night to the so-called anti-establishment candidate Donald trump, Rubio quit the race.

Following the disastrous 2012 election, Marco Rubio was hailed as the Republican savior for his initial efforts to broaden the GOP to immigrants and young people. Minorities, immigrants and students being the key reason why Republicans failed to defeat Obama for the second time.

Some say Rubio’s downfall started at the early February debate which saw Chris Christie call him out for repeating the same memorized talking points over and over again. From that point on, the name Robo Rubio stuck in everyone’s minds.

But I don’t believe he lost on account of one particular blunder. In the end, he lost by being no different than Cruz, Bush, Christie or any of the other established Republican Candidates.

He conformed as much as he could to Trump’s bigoted Tea Party ideology, even on immigration. On everything else he was a typical Ronald Reagan, small government, trickle-down, cut this, cut that Republican lackey.

This election cycle has been far from normal, no one has come close to matching Donald Trump’s nearly $2 billion worth of free media air time for example. Still, that does not excuse the Rubio Campaign from not separating themselves from the herd.

Virtually all the Republican Candidates aside from Trump, from the very beginning of the campaign, have not offered anything different to the America people. Tax cuts, social program cuts, cutting entire federal departments, it’s all been said time and time again. They have nothing new to offer.

When all the terrible policies are similar, there isn’t much to debate. That’s why we see Republican debates filled with the same robo-talking points and dick jokes. Marco Rubio never stood a chance of taking down Trump, the people saw him as just another Republican sheep. And for all intents and purposes, he was.

In a way, Rubio lost the same way Jeb lost, the same way Christie and Carson lost, by being a robo-Republican. Generic, bland, all with a lack of new ideas. You can argue that Trump has less brains than Rubio has ideas, but with the media attention those brains get, it doesn’t matter. Rubio is toast.

All is not lost for Rubio though, when Republican are forced to do another autopsy in November to analyze what went wrong, they’ll come to the conclusion that Trump was just an anomaly and in 2020, little young Marco will be free to run for President as his plastic robo Rubio self once more.

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