Whether the establishment likes it or not, Republicans have now gone full fascist this election cycle

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee this election cycle, whether the Republican establishment likes it or not. It seemed hard to imagine months ago, but it is pretty much settled now. Republican voters have spoken, and they want Trump.

It is impossible to see any other candidate become the Republican nominee at this point. While Trump hasn’t captured the number delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination, he has captured the most delegates so far, and it doesn’t seem any other Republican candidate will be able to catch up and overtake Trump in the delegate count. Most of the primary wins have gone to Trump so far, and the map only favors Trump going forward.

There is a rumored possibility that the Republican establishment may be planning a brokered convention, designed to snatch the nomination from Trump. This would work if the remaining Republican candidates stay in the race and deny Trump the 50% of delegates needed to clinch the nomination, in which case a vote at the RNC could pick any of the candidate as the nominee.

A brokered convention seems unlikely, however. While it is clear the Republican establishment does not want Trump as their nominee, there doesn’t seem to be much they can do to stop it at this point. Denying Trump the nomination at the convention would be a bad idea for the Republican establishment either way.

If anyone thinks that Trump’s supporters would quietly accept him having the nomination essentially hijacked,  they clearly haven’t been paying attention. Trump’s voters are fanatical in their devotion to him. Trump himself said that there would be “riots” if he doesn’t become the nominee. At the very least, Trump could run as a third party candidate, but we should be much more fearful of a violent reaction.

We should take this threat seriously. We have all seen how violent and unreasonable Trump crowds get, and there is no reason to suspect they wouldn’t react violently if Trump was denied the nomination. Trump’s voters could be easily whipped into a frenzy if Trump commands them, and this should worry us. One way or another, Trump nor his goonish supporters will be ignored.

Trump will be the Republican nominee. This doesn’t mean he will become the nominee quietly, and it also doesn’t mean the Republican establishment will not do what it can to prevent Trump from getting the nomination. Yet, as it stands now, Trump is way ahead and the numbers don’t lie.

Trump as the nominee has a rather frightening implication. It seems Republican voters are going full-on fascist this election cycle. The question now is who the Democrats will pick as their nominee. Conventional wisdom says that Hillary Clinton will be this nominee, that she stands a stronger chance against someone like Trump.

The Republican and Democratic establishments are underestimating the mood of the electorate this year. The same reason why Republicans are swooning to Trump is also the same reason why Democrats are skeptical of Clinton. There is a massive anti-establishment wave brewing, and don’t think for a second that Trump won’t use Clinton’s establishment connections against her.

One way or another, it seems that the Republicans are bound to have the most unstable candidate ever seen in modern political history. This is a pivotal moment, and it seems we are getting closer and closer to having a fascist become the next president of the United States.


  1. Surreal, Trump predicts a kristolnacht of racially charged rioting by his followers (they don’t call themselves voters)is a likely outcome and everyone in America agrees. I guess this is how millions of intelligent,educated and morally responsible Germans once felt. Living through this kind of historical period is much less enjoyable than reading about it. I sure hope all the stories about WW3 not reaching New Zealand turn out true. So long America, thanks for all the fish.

  2. Don’t count out Bernie Sanders just yet. He represents a much stronger challenge to Drumpf than Hilliary and she has in no stretch of uncommitted delegates sewn up the nomination. I have and will continue to support Bernie Sanders as the only true candidate, and one that we so desperately need, in the face of the slippery slope this country seems to be on. Talk to me again in June. The picture will be much clearer then….

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