How the Internet media has treated Bernie Sanders more fairly than the corporate media

Bernie Sanders did an interview on The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur, and it could not have come at a better time. It’s no secret that Sanders is the favored candidate of the TYT Network, and a good chunk of the interview dealt with the nature of US mainstream media and Bernie’s relationship to it. The discussion highlighted several issues with the mainstream media, and having the discussion on TYT is appropriate.

The questions over media dealt mainly with Bernie’s relationship with it, and whether or not he has been treated fairly by the media. Of course, examples are rife with the media’s unbalanced coverage of Bernie’s campaign, and the interview focused on a couple of strong examples. What makes the media discussion on TYT important, however, is the rise of new media which TYT is a large part of.

It is clear that corporate media is a voice box of the DC establishment, and that they have never taken Bernie or his campaign seriously. Bernie has been unfairly dismissed and targeted by the mainstream media, but his prospects rest not with the old media of broadcast news, but with the new media of the internet.

Bernie’s best bet is to stray away from the mainstream media for coverage and instead turn to the internet, which by far favors him more and gives him more access to potential voters interested in him. The average age of mainstream news network viewers are much older than Bernie’s main supporters. Younger voters get their news and information from the internet more than TV. Perhaps this why the demographics are the way they are.

The mainstream media will not magically come to their senses and give Bernie a fair shake. They have vested interests in favor of our currently corrupt political system, especially the flow of dirty money to buy politicians. CNN and NBC’s parent companies are huge contributors to Clinton’s campaigns for example. There is no reason for them to give Bernie a fair shot, which is why Bernie must turn to alternatives in order to spread his message to the fullest.

For Bernie to rely on old media for coverage is virtually suicide. The mainstream media sidelines Bernie for intentional reasons. For Sanders to spread his message, he should do more appearances on networks like TYT than with CNN. Bernie has a better chance to drive the support for young voters this way, and it also makes a strong stand against the bias of corporate owned media.

Rather than regurgitate the points made, take a look at the interview here:


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