As Republicans enjoy their own private civil war, some liberals are cracking down on any critical thought

Last year, almost to the day, I wrote a piece entitled “Are Progressives Less Tolerant These Days?” In the article I cited a few examples of how liberals have become less tolerant toward humor, free speech and political incorrectness. This of course was published before the election season had started and as much as it pains me to admit it as a progressive, liberal intolerance of liberals has become even worse.

Leave it to an election season that stars an authoritarian fascist, a theocratic Canadian, a Democratic hawk and a Democratic socialist to bring out the worst in everybody. The whole country has gone ape shit, and everyone including progressives have forgotten what it’s like to be open minded and tolerant of speech.

For a change I’m going to try and leave republicans out of this, in fact, I’m even going to defend them… sort of. We all know Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are as intolerant as presidential candidates can get towards anyone who isn’t Anglo-Christian white. But the point of this editorial is to address progressive like-minded people and call them out for acting like authoritarian conservatives.

I find it equally important to point out the short comings of Democrats, liberals and progressives as those we tend to ridicule on the other side such as Republicans, conservatives and men named Donald Trump. It is important because when ideological equals say or do something that goes against our principals, it makes us all look bad and it can actually wind up helping the other side.

Let’s go back to the March 11th Donald Trump Chicago rally protest. The Trump presidential campaign postponed a planned rally at the University of Illinois citing “growing safety concerns” due to the presence of thousands of protesters in and outside of his rally. These protesters, for the most part, went to protest the Trump rally with the express intent of shutting it down. To that extent they were successful, but it backfired for two reasons.

First, it muzzled free speech. Granted it silenced speech from a bigot and racist, but I thought this was America where the right to speak your mind is what makes it great. I’m not saying not to protest his rallies, by all means please do, that too is your right, but at least let the asshole speak.

Second, the protesters who shut down his rally did Donald Trump a favor. By shutting it down, Trump was able to go on every news network in the country and rightfully blame liberals and Democrats for opposing free speech. You know progressives were in the wrong when a guy like Trump doesn’t have to lie to get his point across.

I myself have also been a recent victim of so-called liberals who detest critical thought, particularly on social media. For years, yours truly and my Quiet Mike colleagues have had the privilege of sharing our progressive stories and views on all sorts of liberal Facebook pages and groups. That all recently changed.

Following an article critical of Obama and Hillary Clinton, there were three liberal pages that not only deleted our posts, but prevented me from every publishing anything again by completely banning me from the group.

For starters, there is a group called Hillary in 2016 (for intelligent & like minded individuals only). After two years of sharing our thoughts and views in their 200,000+ group, I was banned for a piece critical not to Hillary, but Obama’s Supreme Court pick. For intelligent & like-minded individuals my ass. To David Simms, the apparent founder of the page, perhaps you should open your mind a little before you or your admins decide to cut off a fellow progressive’s tongue.

The next week, in retaliation for an article about Hillary Clinton’s Hawkish AIPAC speech (one in which she came out further to the right than Trump) I was banned from a group called I Am Liberal. A much smaller group, but one would think a safe place to criticize a very right wing speech. Apparently not.

You’re probably thinking to yourselves that I’m just bitter over being banned in the first place. Not really, I don’t mind being banned from pages dedicated to the NRA, Heritage Foundation or other conservative groups, I expect it. When liberal or progressive groups ban like-minded individuals, that hurts, and there is no reason for it.

Because of these banishments, the group’s followers will miss out on all the other important issues we cover such as our piece on Hate Groups in America, the new anti-abortion movement and a great one on Honduran Indigenous Leader Berta Cáceres

I’m proud to be part of a website like Quiet Mike which enjoys a wide range of opinions and views. They often contradict each other, but that’s what being a progressive is all about; thinking, debating the facts, and holding people responsible no matter who they are.

I’m also proud to be part of a Facebook page called “I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President.” Despite the long name, I’ve been free to criticize anyone and anything not worthy of carrying the progressive mantle (even Obama himself), no matter how many foul comments we get.

The point is, if you are a Facebook page/group administrator, Trump protester or an ordinary Joe trying to enjoy a comedy show, and you consider yourself a liberal or progressive, you need to let people speak.

Protest the speaker, even the speech, but do not prevent him from speaking. If you do, you’re one step closer to becoming the people that all liberals and progressives should be protesting against in the first place.


  1. Mike, The Point you have missed, is that “Democrats,” though they may refer to themselves as Liberal or Progressive, no longer are either… they just have misappropriated the terms and are destroying the Meaning. They are as much Progressive or Liberal as Bernie is a Communist. A neo-liberal or 3rd Way Democratic is more exactly related to a DINO… Democrat in name only… they have dragged the party so far to the Center (which is really now to the Right of center) that we should be able to sue them for false advertising… Being ejected from those groups (full disclosure, so have I) should be an indication that you have shown them too much truth to be allowed to corrupt others with your Enlightenment and Integrity.

    As much as I am against TeaPublicans…. or even more… I am against Hypocrisy and Pandering and Corruption… and the DNC is rife with all three. Hillary is NOT a Progressive… and Obama lied about Hope & Change… He gave us the Hope until he was Elected… and his Change was only Marginally better (or non-existent) where it counted, in the Lower and Middle Classes… Is it no wonder that the “Establishment” loves him… and Hillary waves his banner!!

    It is honorable to stand by your principles and point out the Hypocrisy when and where you find it… Loyalty Be damned… If Bernie ever exhibited any of those negative traits I would be the First to point them out… and he would be the first to acknowledge that he had gone off course…. and That is the Difference between US & Them !!!

    • I didn’t realize that Obama could make those changes all on his own. Silly me, here I am thinking one person can make all those changes. Thinking that democrats who don’t think it’s important to vote in non presidential elections who help republicans get in , have nothing to do with his inability to push policy.

      And So Allan , how would allowing a republican to win, without voting for a democrat, even one like Hillary ? Do you think voter restrictions would go away, abortion rights stay safe or wars less devastating under a republican? Because if you stay home, if a republican wins, all of the above will be worse. I will vote for Sanders in a second if he wins, but I sure as hell won’t be part of sacrificing my country by not voting democrat.
      Don’t give up and stay home just because your choice didn’t become the nominee.

      Unless you prefer a country worse in 4 years than it is now. And who knows, maybe republicans will take away you’re right to vote, but at least you could stand on principle.

      • First Obama had a Senate majority in his First 2 years… The ACA was passed during this time… He negotiated away all the Brest things about Universal care in order to get a Republican Deal… Not a Democratic party deal… remember ObamaCare was really RomneyCare!! The list of his broken promises, (all that HE had direct control over and required NO congressional approval) is long and getting longer… Start with Transparency… end with unending and Unwinnable War… I’m not going to go into them Here. You can easily Google them, though I doubt you are interested, OR care!!

        As for allowing a Republican to Win… that is what will happen if Hillary is the Nominee… First she is a DINO (republican-lite)…
        2nd, She comes in Second compared to Bernie about Electibility over ANY Republican Nominee… Bernie BEATS all of them by a greater margin (What was that about caring about a republican Winning, while You support a 2nd rate loser???)…
        3rd, the Race is far from Over … Hillary lost Nevada today in the County Convention) and Bernie will be the Winner in Wisconsin, NY and California…
        4th, I’m NOT a Democrat , I’m an Independent that joined the party to Nominate Bernie and Vote out DWS in her Florida Primary challenge .. The day that happens I am out.. back to being an Independent, Because I will NOT remain a Member of a party of 3rd Way NeoLiberal Dinos who are trying to masquerade as Progressives…. It will NOT work… we are smarter than You…
        and Finally… Trump does not scare me half as much as Cruz… Or Hillary… The Constitution will rein Trump in… But Hillary will be far more destructive and this is America’s last chance to get it Right and truly reform the electoral process forever… If The USA turns its back on Bernie, the Revolution… a Real one… will not be far off!!

  2. While there is some disagreement between liberals in any election, this election has seen more disagreement among conservatives, quite obviously. I don’t support the banning of you Mike from any page out there, although I admire your tenacity in getting booted from the NRA and Heritage Foundation sites. I take exception to the above comment from Spencer Thayer, who argues that Liberalism is not the same as Progressive Leftism. ‘Progressive Leftism’ is not a thing. It seems to me that the use of the term ‘progressive’ came to be once the Republicans made ‘liberal’ into a four-letter word. I am amused to have seen Bernie Sanders try to claim that he is a progressive and that Hillary Clinton is not. Well .. he is a socialist, and Hillary is indeed a liberal/progressive. My concern for this Democratic nomination process is that many of those that ‘feel the Bern’ have brazenly spoken out about how they would support Trump in a general election over Hillary. This is insanity. It is not understandable, as these Bernie supporters might think they might persuade some undecided Democrats to lean towards Bernie, by scaring them with Trump. There are so many more people out there who support Hillary who also claim that they will support the eventual nominee, than Bernie supporters who also claim this.
    As to your claim that “These protesters, for the most part, went to protest the Trump rally with the express intent of shutting it down”, I challenge you to prove this point. It is a citizen’s right to protest. That you believe Trump’s nonsense that they were muzzling his free speech is laughable. The Chicago protests were terrific. The anti-Trump majority came out and raised a fuss at Trump’s rally. There is no one in the country who has had more free speech that Trump, lately. It’s no secret that you Mike are a Bernie supporter. It is disingenuous for you to repeat right-wing nonsense about Trump’s free speech. We on the left-of center (liberals, progressives, or whatever else we’re called) should all be united in the upcoming fight against the nasty Republicans. Primaries are a necessary thing for both parties, and we shouldn’t let the differences between Hillary and Bernie, which are few, turn into anti-Bernie or anti-Hillary rhetoric, which only helps Republicans in the fall.
    So yeah, Mike, I agree that you should not be banned from other left-of-center pages. It seems that there are many people who need to remember our cause, and stop the bitterness.

    • organized the Trump rally in Chicago. An organization I do normally support. Some misguided Bernie supporters may vote for Trump for his anti-establishment views, they may even be racists, but that is hardly Bernie’s fault.

      As far as liberals and progressives go, they are not the same. You can blame conservatives for turning liberal into a bad word, but I blame 30 years of liberals adopting conservative issues, particularly concerning the economy…

      • Actually I have given the term “progressive” to be a safer version of “liberal”, since, as you assert, it has become a bad word. However, the term itself pertains to one being mainly concerned with “liberty”, and nobody should apologize from that.
        Where we run into trouble is when anybody who claims to be patriotic or love liberty acts in a way that threatens those ideologies. We know Republican leaders want fascism, albeit in a less fanatical fashion than Trump, a Christian theocracy for further mind control, again, preferring someone less loony than Ted Cruz, and good luck finding anybody in that crowd who isn’t a lunatic, and total control of all media.
        We can’t act like a GOP idiot. Protesting Donald Trump is fine, but shutting him down is not. Let him bury himself with his own stupidity and hate. If we show that same intolerance for difference of opinions, and often within the left itself, we are no better, and no longer qualified to be the flag bearers to the original intent of the Constitution.
        Censoring and removing you because of mere policy differences could be construed as censorship if you wanted to pursue that avenue, but publications do reserve the right to refuse content in print. It’s a lousy way to do things, but in the same token this web site would not run op ed pieces from shills like Dick Morris, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, or other Republican shills because it doesn’t have to. There we get into equal time as it is supposed to be on television, but is rarely enforced.
        The main lesson here is not to call the kettle black. No two people agree on absolutely everything, and shutting someone down who is only trying to make a comment is wrong. Expect the same treatment for you that you do to others.

  3. As far as those who allegedly had the intent to shut down the Trump rally, I don’t know that you can blanket the entire protest with that accusation. I rather suspect most motives were were akin to those who counter-demonstrate at neo-nazi and other rallies. Be seen and not silent when the haters are out selling their fetid wares.

  4. Great editorial Mike, as usual.

    I hate hearing what uneducated and illiterate people say, but they always have a right to their opinions. If we don’t listen, we never know what they’re thinking and how to deal with them.

    You’d like to think your side is where the intelligent individuals reside, but sadly we have some individuals on the liberal side who are as uneducated and as repressive as their counterparts on the right.

  5. It’s important to note that Liberalism and Progressive Leftism are not identical ideologies. In fact Liberals have a long history of hippy punching Progressive Left movements. In short, Liberals suck. They are a cowardly lot who care more about status quo than changing what is wrong. The authors capitulation over the Chicago Trump shut down is a perfect example of the moral failure that is Liberalism.

    • Your dim view of liberals is wrong and misguided. Without progressive policies that have been 90% done through progressive/liberals you might still be a slave so watch who you say “sucks”….Such a negative attitude towards all liberals shows that you are a troll and have no real opinions other than those supplied by dickheads such as Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly or any number of ass backwards manipulators that use people like yourself and get them to vote against their own best interests.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful and reasoned response. How can we learn and understand where others are coming from if we don’t listen. The breadth of opinion and point of view on Quiet Mike makes it my favorite” go to” each day.

  7. I was recently called ‘abusive’ by a Hillary supporter for posting something on FB about her corporate ties and about her campaign’s possible involvement in the Arizona voting debacle. God forbid we share information!!!

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