When liberals are divided, particularly within their own party, conservatives win

Anyone who’s seen Robert Reich’s documentary “Inequality for All” knows that in times of great wealth inequality, there are deep political divisions that come with it. So with wealth inequality as high as it is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the 2016 election is turning out to be the most divisive in generations. Both conservatives and liberals are heavily divided.

I would like to concentrate on liberals/Democrats seeing as how little I care between the choices of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Either of whom must lose come November. I’d rather caution everyone on the dangers of cradling our ideologies just a little too close.

I can’t remember the last time Democrats had two candidates further apart on policy. We have a democratic socialist facing off against a corporatist who just happens to be married to a former president who passed a lot of conservative laws during his presidency. It’s easy to see why tensions are so high.

The differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are vast. There is nothing wrong with these differences per se. They are forcing the two candidates to takes up each other’s positions at least to a small degree and the debates have by and large been informative and well behaved. But the followers of both candidates are taking it to extremes.

I’ve written about both of them in great length and yes I am a Bernie supporter, have been for the better part of a decade. Other writers on Partyless Politics are Hillary supporters, nothing wrong with that either. The point here is that the site itself has not taken sides, we talk about the facts and leave the judging to you. Unfortunately we’ve paid a great price for it and we’re not the only ones.

Writing a single article that either supports or attacks a candidate’s particular policy now alienates the other side completely. Since we cover both sides of the story as much as we can, we’ve managed to disenchant all our readers to the point where our readership is at all-time lows. All for reporting what people need to know.

It seems neither side is willing to read or hear what the other has to say, even when we supposedly share common bonds. This is not progressive thinking. Progressives are not supposed to shut it down, we are supposed to open it up.

It is extremely hard to find liberal groups or pages on social media that have not completely backed one particular candidate and ostracized the other. It is the shame of the liberal/progressive community when a group’s name has the word liberal or progressive in it and they have nothing positive to say about Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Of course there are differences of opinion, differences in policy and even a little bit of mudslinging. It’s part of the democratic process. It should not switch us off completely. If we turn ourselves off to those in our own party, we’re doomed. We’re nothing more than the conservative extremists we are trying to defeat.

I must admit, although I’ve been following American Politics most of my life, I come from a place that has three major center left parties and only one conservative one. While I’ve always been able to vote my conscience thanks to where I live, it is extremely hard sometimes to pick a favorite, especially in a contested conservative/liberal riding.

Americans are both blessed and cursed with its two party system. Sometimes there are no choices. Sometimes there is only one. In 2016, there are two. You might not agree which one is better than the other, but we all know they are far superior to Republicans who don’t even believe in government.

It’s about time we stopped the bitterness, the anger, the hate and started to listen to what the other has to say. Either dismiss it or take it in, do not throw it back with words unbecoming of either candidate. It’s not the progressive way.

Take it from someone who always chooses between three leaders, not just one or two. Liberals divided can’t stand together and conservatives will win. Of all people, Stephen Harper taught me that…


  1. Thank you for being a thoughtful voice in the cacaphony of extreme positions. First, there is a place for Sanders supporters and I feel strongly that we will need a Bernie Sanders in a Democratically controlled Senate rather than the White House. Mrs. Clinton on the other hand has a level of international experience and a cachet among the more progressive elements of the 1% that cannot be ignored. What the liberal wing of the American polity must do is consider all of the levels where they need to be involved. Need proof? Go to your local government office and notice the lack of diversity among members of various volunteer and non-volunteer boards and commissions. Instead of being outraged at who is less pure than the driven snow we need to do what the right and the T-party has done, go for the low hanging fruit!!!

  2. The differences are vast? Well, no, they’re not, especially compared to the Republicans. I took one of those quizzes to determine which Presidential candidate most closely matches my political positions. Bernie matched 96%, but Hillary matched 92%. That’s not a vast difference, especially considering that the next closest match was Trump at 43%.

  3. The writer makes no sense – the supposed premise is to prevent the Democratic party from being divided, then it writes false things about Hillary that will divide the party. Makes you wonder if it is really bu liberals or Koch brother conservatives.

  4. I won’t vote for Trump or Rubio. I won’t vote for Hillary. Period! If Bernie is not the Democratic candidate, I will write in Bernie, or vote Green. There is no choice if I must choose between a pimp and a madam. I would still get screwed.

    • HisXMARK, you contradict yourself. If you don’t vote for Hillary if she is the nominee, you are automatically voting for Trump or Cruz.

      Get smart, Research credible sources. Lean the truth about Hillary. And Bernie.

      • False dichotomy. You can see only what the Wall Street bosses server up to you: Tweedledumb or Tweedledumber.
        The Republican party has been a Wall Street puppet since the Civil War. Now the Democratic party has also become corrupted. It is the fearful slaves of the system that allow the corruption. We have no real choice between Hillary and Donald.

  5. I read every thing. Even the Republican side. I take it all in. The bias going on is extreme. We want change. Every one wants change. The path to getting change started with President Obama. He scratched and clawed to get things done, but was fought on every issue. Clinton has Republican values except on women’s health. She is about backroom politics, and until her investigation is over, she is under suspicion for her emails. If she is not brought to justice, and they do nothing, people with think it’s a backroom pay off. The Republican side in my opinion has nothing to offer. Democrats will back Bernie. Republicans are already brainwashed with the constant reminders of every mistake Clinton has ever made. They also don’t respect her because every day she is in another meme or article making her the devil. If Republicans don’t want to vote for any of their guys, they won’t cross over for her. Not the ones I have spoken with. Sanders can break barriers if given the opportunity.

    • Linda, please search the ‘net for “Department of Justice Clinton email.” You will find at least one article from a CREDIBLEwould have read and comprehended the numerous credible reports that Hillary Clinton is NOT under investigation about her emails, and that, in fact, the DOJ has stated that Cllnton did nothing wrong. Clinton is “under suspicion” only by nut-jobs.

      • Well this crappy site would not let me edit my posts after it was posted before I clicked “post comment.”

        The point reminds — DOJ has stated Hillary did nothing wrong. The ongoing FBI investigation was prompted by the intelligence community/State Dpt deciding AFTER the emails were sent to/from her server that material in them should have been classified. this is for the purpose of determining whether her server was hacked.

        Consider the source of your information. If it puts out bad information like Hillary is under suspicion, why should you trust anything else it publishes?

    • Linda, you write about Obama fighting for change. Are you not aware of Bernie’s criticizing Obama and saying he will change Obama’s [policies? Have you not read that Hillary has said she will continue on with Obama’s policies? Do you think Obama would have, first selected Hillary as his Secretary of State, then kept her on as long as he did, if he did not believe in her?

      • Are you not aware Obama could not do everything that needed to get done because of our lazy worthless congress? Many things need to get done, I would like to see banks and wall Street stopped. Clinton will not do anything to change that. Private prisons are ok with her. She wants baby steps, We the people want actual change.

        • you the people want Donald Trump, are you an idiot or what? This man spells out the problem that Bernie and Hillary supporters are causing for the party and you just keep on keeping your eyes closed. It’s not their policies or anything, it’s their supporters are going to CRASH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S chance to even get into the White House, so just shut up and listen!

  6. I have a problem with this but not with the article itself. My problem is with the concealed carry ad. When hundreds of people are being slaughtered with guns every year, I find the ad distasteful and contrary to liberal views. I know your advertising budget is tight, but surely it’s not so bad that you allow this type of ad.

  7. I have asked Hillary supporters dozens and dozens of times now, to name a few of Hillary’s policy proposals that excite them and that they believe will energize the electorate to come out and vote for her in November, if she is the nominee. I have only received 2 types of answers: name-calling or silence.
    I thought this was a fair and respectful question to ask, since the only reason I’ve heard for supporting Hillary has been that she’s become the “Anybody but Trump” candidate. Is that really a legitimate reason to vote for someone?

    • You can go to numerous sites and find Hillary’s detailed plans and policy proposals for her presidency. Like those “dozens and dozens” of people you’ve asked, I’m not going to even attempt to list them all in one short post. Based on the issues she’s supported in the past and her accomplishments so far, I’m very enthusiastic about her, her intelligence and ability to “get things done”. If Bernie is the candidate, I’ll vote for him and I think most of Hillary’s supporters feel the same way. Voting Blue in November is the goal we should all be striving for. Leave the ugly divisiveness to the GOP.

    • KLADINVT, stop and think about what you are saying. I can’t find the total number of votes Hillary has – I’ve heard over 9mil), but she has at least 2.5 mil more votes than Bernie, plus nearly all the votes of Congressional Democrats (unpledged/”super” delegates). You are saying they that every one of these people who support Hillary are doing so not because they think she is the best qualified, but only because they don’t want Trump. Where does that leave Bernie? That people who don’t like Trump like Bernie worse? You are also saying that the majority of Congressional Democrats are, what dumb? Closet Republicans? Against the “99%”? Do you not follow Congressional actions to see how Democrats are voting?

      Do yourself and the country a favor — verify your sources before spreading their information.

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