The conservative columnist is now afraid of us bleeding-heart Canucks

Nobody stirs up the fear better than American conservative television and radio pundits. They are known to exaggerate threats and point fingers where no digits should be pointed. In this regard, conservative columnist and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin has had a record of going over the wall.

This time around she has her claws digging into the great white north. Last week Michelle Malkin penned an article titled “Yes, We Need a Canadian Border Wall” for the conservative website No, she’s not worried about border jumping illegal Canadians sucking off the American economic teat, she’s scared of something much more terrifying; Muslims!

It seems Malkin has a problem with our new Liberal Government’s successful plan to take in 25,000 Syrian Refugees. As of the end of March, 26,207 Syrian refugees had arrived in Canada since November.

Malkin doesn’t see 26,000 Syrians trying to escape certain death and make a better life for themselves with their families however. She sees 26,000 Muslim terrorists eager to cross the Canadian/American border and kill as many innocent people as possible. So naturally she’s calling for Donald Trump to double the number of border fences he promised to build.

“Donald Trump shouldn’t just be promising to build a Mexican border wall. He (and any other sovereignty-minded presidential candidate) should be vowing to rebuild the decimated “wall” of first-line watchdogs, field enforcement and patrol officers on our northern border.”

The Liberal Government’s plan to bring in these Syrian Refugees may not have been perfect given the time-frame that they had (due to the urgency of the situation), but the only way these Syrian families will turn violently hostile towards Canadians or Americans is if we treat them as second class citizens, something I’m sure Michelle Malkin has no problem doing.

It wasn’t too long ago that the U.S./Canada border was called the longest unguarded border in the world. 9/11 changed all that of course, but it shouldn’t have. Those hijackers came into the U.S. on airplanes with visas. In fact, it’s much easier still for a terrorist to land in America by plane than sneak across the Canadian border. But that doesn’t stop people like Malkin from further fear mongering:

“In Plattsburgh, New York, 45 miles from Syrian refugee dumping ground Montreal, the Customs and Border Patrol’s air branch has been slashed from 25 pilots down to a shocking six in the last three years. Shifts have been reduced to bankers’ hours, while terror plotters and smugglers never rest.”

Okay, now she’s made it personal. Montreal is my hometown and I live in a part of that town that is extremely diverse. My neighborhood consists of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Africans, Caucasians and Asians. It’s a dumping ground of different cultures and I love it. We take in Syrians because we are open to having them.

Now I don’t know how much truth there is too Malkin’s claim that the border patrol’s budgets are being slashed, but if they are, I haven’t seen much change. For instance, of all my times going shopping in New York or Vermont, I’ve never, ever seen border patrol helicopters overhead.

Furthermore, I recently went down to inspect the Plattsburgh border as part of a trade mission my company sponsored with the Montreal Chamber of Commerce. I can tell you I’m always intimidated when crossing the border and my trip reaffirmed that fear.

The American border patrol agents all looked like NFL rejects brandishing rifles and hand guns. At the time I remember questioning my colleague as to why they needed to be so heavily armed. Why would any would-be terrorist subject themselves to all this when they could simply fly into New York on a plane from virtually anywhere? Hell they can even travel first class and draw less suspicion.

By the way, if you’re one of those people who think terrorists need to go by road in order to smuggle in weapons you forget a few minor details. You don’t go to Canada to purchase guns and explosives just to smuggle them into the States. If anything you go to the U.S. to purchase guns and explosives period. I’m much more fearful of them being smuggled into Canada.

So I’m not saying the border should be completely unguarded. There are lunatics out there, but they are often the same lunatics that buy into the rhetoric coming from fear mongers such as Michelle Malkin. Lucky for us Canadians, as we saw in our most recent election, we aren’t so easily scared.


  1. Malkin is a hateful twisted creep. and a calculating opportunist making a living by being venomous. But it is true that the border with Canada is easily crossed without government interference. Writer must actually know that. And it is true that there are many dangerous and hateful fundamentalist Muslims roaming around, as there are many hateful and dangerous fundamentalist Christians out there.Doctor killers, for instance. The problem remains, the disease of organized superstition, religion, in all of its mind corrupting forms. So, it is reasonable to watch the religious maniacs carefully.Because when god tells you it’s okay to kill other humans, you are dangerous. Pray tell, why do so many who fancy themselves enlightened leftists have a soft spot for Islam? Somehow, they think it less awful than that practiced by Christian bible thumpers. Why?

  2. Ms. Malkin’s masters at Fox News have little interest in anything but fear-mongering. The rest of us cannot tell to stop because, well, we believe in the first amendment. On the other hand there comes a point where the information (and I use the term loosely) from Fox is unhelpful and needs to be called out as such.

  3. B**** please. Syrian came to Canada months and months ago and I don’t see any explosions yet. Syrians are very friendly people, you need to meet them in person to understand them. Plus not all of them are Muslims. If you want to build a wall then fine. Don’t start asking or moving to Canada once Trump start a world war 3.

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