Culminating in the Nevada Convention, many Democrats have felt cheated this primary season

The Nevada convention has left me with a sour taste in my mouth for the DNC as a whole. This election has not brought out the best in the Democratic Party, which has been plagued with multiple claims of voter fraud and voter suppression.

Over 120,000 voters were purged in Brooklyn, in the New York primaries allowing Clinton to snatch the state and perhaps the nomination. In Arizona, the amount of polling stations were cut down to a measly number of 60 in Maricopa County alone, when they had at least 200 in 2012. That led to long waiting lines, and people being turned away even after waiting in line for hours. There are countless claims in other states all across the board, but Nevada takes the cake.

The biggest blemish on this election year in my opinion is the Nevada convention. The anger of Bernie’s supporters was a buildup of months of misconduct on the DNC’s behalf. Misconduct that was led by the establishment media and DNC chair (and ex Clinton campaign co-chair) Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The response that was received in relation to last Saturday’s raucous state Democratic convention wasn’t just a temper tantrum. Nevada’s procedure for delegates is one of the most complex processes to begin with.

The state actually caucused in February and had results that favored Hillary Clinton. While that was true Sanders was eventually able to turn Delegates in his favor in time for the convention, but because of the adoption of a temporary set of rules, things didn’t work out that way the Sanders campaign expected them to.

The temporary rules called for the dismissal of the credentials for 64 of Sanders Delegates, while only 8 of Hillary Clinton’s were disqualified. This resulted in an outcry of disagreement from Bernie Sanders supporters. People could be heard booing Barbara Boxer a well-known Hillary Clinton surrogate as she addressed the audience and stated:

“I bring a message from Bernie Sanders and I bring a message from Hillary Clinton, we need civility in the Democratic Party. Civility. Because the whole future of the country is at stake, that when you boo me you’re booing Bernie Sanders, Go ahead, Bernie is my friend. You want to boo Bernie, boo me. Go on your booing Bernie, let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton! We have the votes, we have the voice, and we have the victory! Yay! I’m all for us. Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election.”

This captured the attention of Bernie’s supporters, and out came the anger. Of course the media hooked right on to the anger, but left out everything else. The DNC has been openly disagreeing with the way Bernie’s supporters responded and with the way he himself addressed the behavior, but you have to look at the way she addressed an already agitated audience.

The question here isn’t really about the decorum of Sanders supporters. It should really be about fixing the rules of these elections. With so many claims of voter suppression, fraud, misconduct of government officials, super-delegates and the way in which delegates are distributed, maybe it’s time to do a deeper evaluation of the primary process and see what needs to be fixed.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be pointing fingers, but we the people are losing faith in American democracy. It just doesn’t seem to be an honest voting system any more, not that the primary system ever was. The Hunger games comes to mind way more than it should, and I find myself constantly thinking “May the odds forever be in your favor.”


  1. Hillary nor Bernie had anything to do with voters not being able to vote in NY. The reasons were clearly stated.

    In Arizona, neither candidate had anything to do with the voters’ situation. People seem not to accept that.

    In NV, neither candidate predicted or had anything to do with that situation. People just don’t want to accept that.

    Sanders should never win a Democratic nomination oh he & his supporters continue their decisive, bullying rhetoric & behaviors.

    • I’ve read your post several times, and am unable to make heads or tails of it. But I believe you are seriously underestimating We the People and our reactions to getting screwed

  2. First the NYC Brooklyn voters 120,000 were not all Bernie voters based on the percentage Hillary won NYS apprx 60%of those voters would of been Hillary’s and it had no effect on the vote.
    Arizon is a republican state and installed voter restrictions and closed those polling areas the democrats had nothing big to do with it in fact they also filed a law suit and so did Hillary for that effected people who were voting for her. So don’t blame the DNC they have no control over it.
    As for Nevada the rules did not change they have been like that for several presidential elections. The Bernie people either never informed their delegate what they had to do or they never asked or thought they we’re above the rules.
    Bernie failed his followers by not keeping them informed about the rules for each individual state or the followers never bothered to learn them.
    But the DNC is to forego the rules the majority of the people are following and make special exemptions for Bernie and his followers. I don’t think so.
    If you want to fix the rules then get involved locally and on your state level, run for office and maybe by the next presidential election the rules will be modified.
    But it’s not going to happen this election we are on the home stretch for primaries and ready to begin the general election.
    You want change then join and work on making it happen or start your own political party or get involved with the independent party maybe their rules are more to your liking.

    • OK, you’re on. What are the names of the delegates and “Super” delegates in California. I obviously need their guidance. Sincerely, Ms Anon Forrest

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