LaPierre doesn’t give a damn about your freedom… unless guns are involved

Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association’s spokesperson and CEO, talks about freedom an awful lot. More than many politicians truth be told. But like all republicans these days, he’s all talk. He doesn’t care about your freedom, he’s just trying to sell guns.

Case and point: Last week LaPierre said at the NRA’s annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, that Democrats are “even allowing felons the right to vote, including violent rapists and murderers.” Not entirely true of course, some Democrats are trying to allow ex-cons to vote.

It would appear that Mr. LaPierre prefers the sword over the pen. He doesn’t want former felons to have the ability to elect their leaders, but he has no problem fighting on behalf of those same people to own guns. No surprise I guess.

“Tentacles of the Clinton machine are out registering those felons right now. They’re releasing them, and then they’re registering them. Heck, when they sign their release papers, they might as well at the prison door … give ‘em a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker.” – Wayne LaPierre, May 20th 2016

Not only does this deceitful man paint all convicts as liberals, but he clearly believes that giving the right to vote back to ex-cons is more dangerous than giving them guns. Perhaps he’s right.

If you gave ex-convicts a choice, whether to have the freedom to vote again or own a gun, which one do you think they would choose? Since most of them are locked up over petty drug crimes, I suspect a majority of them would rather vote.

In a democracy, the right to vote is still the most sacred act of freedom one can partake in. To deny someone who has paid their debt to society the simple act of voting flies in the face of the system itself. Our modern justice system was built around second chances, denying them that second chance is a great injustice in most instances.

Of course. There are some people out there I’m sure that will say owning a gun is the most sacred call of duty Americans can engage in, but they are the minority. Around sixty per cent of Americans vote during a federal election, but only about thirty-two percent of Americans own guns.

As the subtitle suggests, neither Wayne LaPierre, nor the NRA care about your rights or your freedom unless guns are involved, because that’s the business they’re in. Marketing and lobbying on behalf of gun manufacturers.

As pointed out time and time again, nothing sells guns more than paranoia. First it was Clinton coming to take your guns away, then it was Obama and soon it may be another Clinton! Now we have the dangers of ex-felons, not being armed of course, that’s just fine, but being able to vote… for Clinton!

Scary stuff Mr. Gun Nut. But redemption is not just for those of you who want to own guns, it is for all of us who wish to partake in democracy.

Unlike LaPierre who uses freedom when it’s convenient, I believe everyone should have the right to vote, whether you’re an ex-convict, a current convict or have never been to jail. It’s the most basic right that everyone should be entitled to.


  1. The remedy for these two controversial ideas starts with voting for democrats since the republican party has been taken over by religious nuts, anti-human rights zealots and idiots.

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