Trump's foreign policy is built upon contradiction, ignorance and destruction

Conservatives cry and complain about President Obama alienating our allies and getting the US closer to our enemies. Yet, how ironic that the Republican nominee has received nothing but rebukes and criticism from our closest allies. At the same time, he has received lavish and generous praise from the likes of Vladimir Putin and the North Korean regime.

There are plenty of good reasons for which many of our allies are in fear of a Trump presidency. Truthfully, if we were to sum up Donald Trump’s foreign policy, it would be contradictory, ignorant, and full of destruction. Trump has contradicted himself many times before, but perhaps it is best that he takes a clear stance on the issue of nuclear proliferation.


For example, back in March, Donald Trump suggested that the US should pull its troops out of South Korea and Japan and allow the two countries to develop nuclear weapons. The logic being that nuclear weapons will deter other potential foes, like China and North Korea, from making a move on our allies.

Compare this with the reason for which he opposes the Iran deal. According to Trump, the nuclear deal with Iran is a very “incompetent” deal that will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons and “would start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with potentially devastating consequences.”

Never mind the fact that Trump has been hugely wrong about the Iran nuclear deal. While it has had some complications, the Iran deal has been a success in securing peace in the Middle East and taking a step forwards in avoiding an arms race.

But if Trump is so worried about an arms race in the middle east, why would he suggest giving nukes to Japan and South Korea? Both countries are situated in a portion of the world that may not be as volatile as the middle east, but is still of great concern. China continues building up its military capacity and continues to be in a feud with Japan over the Senkaku/ Diaoyu Islands.

In Japan, China’s aggressive tone has sparked a growing movement that calls for a reform to the Japanese constitution to allow the nation state to build up it’s own military. And let’s not even talk about the Korean peninsula, where a totalitarian and paranoid state continues to broadcast its threats against South Korea and the United States.

Does Trump really want to throw in nuclear weapons into this region? And cause greater insecurity and distrust among the Asian pacific nations, that can ultimately lead to higher tensions in the and a nuclear arms race?

History shows us that nuclear deterrence doesn’t work. When one nation has nuclear weapons, it will only cause the other to become more paranoid and proactive in searching for methods to defend itself. Trump seems to understand this when it comes to the Middle East, but cannot understand the same concept in the Asian Pacific.


Ignorance, it is one of the constant elements of Trump’s campaign. And it is just as present in his foreign policy credentials. Perhaps conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt did us a big favor back in 2015 when he showed how much of an ignorant jackass Trump is in matters of the middle east.

In an interview with Hewitt, he confused the Kurds, an ethnic group throughout many countries of the Middle East, with the Quds Force, the special operations units of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran. And then there was the moment when Donald Trump was completely oblivious to the names of the leaders of the terrorists groups that he claims to be able to defeat.

For somebody aspiring to be commander in chief of the most powerful military and diplomatic power in the world, Trump’s answer, “You know, I’ll tell you honestly, I think by the time we get to office, they’ll all be changed. They’ll be all gone,” is a laughable excuse for not knowing the names of influential players in the Middle East


Until now, Trump’s strategy to battle the Islamic State is too “bomb the shit out of them”. Not only bomb the shit out of them, but also destroy their oil fields, use torture against terrorists, and attack the family members of terror suspects.

Even if we ever manage to control the shit-hole we created in Iraq and defeat ISIS under the strategy of bombing oil fields, how could Iraq embark on a nation building project if their natural resources and capital have been destroyed?

A new Iraqi state that cannot afford to build an economy will only fall into chaos and anarchy once again, and the problem of extremism and Islamism will continue to plague Iraq, despite all our efforts.

While US led airstrikes have targeted oil fields, and have caused much financial damage to the Islamic State, it is nothing compared with what Donald Trump has called for. And forget the natural resources. Imagine all the countless civilian lives – men, women and children – who are living under the control of ISIS and who would be bombed to “hell”.

Perhaps the most accurate depiction of Donald Trump came from former Mexican President Vicente Fox , who called him a “false prophet”. In reality, that is what Trump is. He says he will make America a stronger and safer nation. The truth, Trump would only make the world an even more dangerous place for America and its allies.

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