Sorry establishment, revolutions don't end at the ballot box

The struggle continues. It seems that the Sanders’ Revolution has only just begun, and that it is possible Bernie will take his anti-establishment fight all the way to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. While the June 7th primaries did not produce the symbolic victories Bernie wanted, it appears that this hasn’t deterred him or the movement he has coalesced. The revolution is not over, not by a long shot.

While Hillary Clinton appears to have clinched the Democratic nomination, Bernie is still staying in the race. It is unclear what his strategy will be going forward, but it is clear that Bernie is putting everything on the line. The establishment press all thought Bernie was sure to drop-out and endorse Hillary, and leave it to Bernie to toss out expectations. Not only did Bernie not drop out, he is still pressing on for every vote going into Philadelphia.

Mainstream media talking heads are furious with Bernie, of course. The establishment firestorm has been unleashed, all calling for Bernie’s head on a silver-platter over not dropping out and endorsing Hillary. Social media has been bombarded with articles and statuses calling Bernie every dirty name imaginable. Bernie is the Anti-Christ to establishment Democrats, all because he decided to do exactly what he said he was going to do from the beginning. Bernie promised a revolution, and revolutions are not won by ballots alone.

It is laughable to see Hillary supporters and establishment pundits foam at the mouth, accusing Bernie of being selfish and that he is only remaining in the race to satisfy his ego. It’s frustrating to repeat this point, but it appears necessary to do so: THE CAMPAIGN WAS NEVER ABOUT BERNIE!

Those accusing Bernie of an ego trip just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that Bernie never intended to run a traditional campaign, because the campaign was not about him advancing his own career. Bernie meant what he said. He wants a political revolution, as do his supporters, and he won’t simply let that revolution die easily.

The point of this campaign was not to simply elect a candidate, but to change the narrative and political landscape of America. The reason establishment minded Democrats and pundits are so sure that Bernie is only in it for himself is because that’s exactly what a traditional politician would do. It’s a form of projection. Normal politicians run for office to expand their careers and gain power, more than willing to cut deals with corporate devils in order to advance themselves. Take Hillary Clinton, for example.

In 2008, Hillary stayed in the race four days after Obama had been declared the winner of the primary. Not only did she wait four days to concede and endorse Obama, she actually sent a letter to the super-delegates to ignore the results and vote for her anyway.

Is it merely a coincidence that Hillary became Secretary of State after endorsing Obama, or that Obama agreed to pay down Hillary’s campaign debt? Stranger things have happened, but this appears as a classic example of how traditional politics is played. You cut deals to advance yourself, not a cause. Bernie has changed that, whether the establishment likes it or not.

Bernie is continuing the fight because he wants to overturn this corrupt system. If Bernie was only interested in advancing his own position, he would have dropped out long ago and endorsed Hillary. Hillary wanted to make a deal with Bernie, but Bernie can’t be bought.

Again, Bernie isn’t interested in making deals. This isn’t about his career. Bernie will fight for the issues he cares about, issues that the American people care about, issues that the DC establishment has tossed aside too often. One way to make a revolution is to change the narrative of the debate, to bring to light the issues that the people care about and to fight for those issues in spite of losing an election.


    • Yes. This knee jerk reaction to get on board with the Clinton machine does not sit well with me. I am not in favor of Bernie dropping out and joining the Democrats in their anti Trump mission. I don’t think it shows very much character to see Elizabeth Warren join her either. I joined this movement to make Bernie our president, not to just fall in line with the establishment. I still cannot understand why there has been no discussion regarding running an independent campaign. Everyone used to say he would be successful on his own, but now we don’t hear a whisper on the subject.

  1. Bernie’s campaign was never about Dems OR Republicans. His campaign IS about AMERICA and DEMOCRACY. Bernie played by the rules and killery cheated. She is as corrupt as she can be and still draw breath. This NEW Revolution is just getting started. We have adopted Bernie as our figurehead but we are not his sheep. This Revolution will continue with Bernie OR without him. TRump is a disgrace, but is not QUITE as corrupted as she is. (close, but she is the Corruption Queen.) True Bernie supporters are True Revolutionists. We WILL NOT “go away,” and we WILL NOT be silenced. Unless Bernie Sanders is elected as POTUS in November, the real fireworks will begin. We are as serious now as we were in 1776. We are as dedicated as our predecessors were. As Patrick Henry said, “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” My life under the oppression of Big Money and its minions is worth little more than death, and I will to the end of my days, fight for FREEDOM.

  2. Bernie’s campaign is over. He is acting like a “sore” loser. He needs to just go away so I hear no more screaming & accusing the DNC for his campaign failure by saying it was a rigged process. It’s easy to fail & holler “foul.” But. who listens & accept the excuses.

    Bernie & Hillary played by the same party rules. He was too dumb or less than smart to comprehend rules by which he agreed to run his campaign. She was smarter & more effective in her approach to be nominated. Thus, she got to the party’s required delegate count before he did.

    Finally, Bernie used Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, etc who turned off some of us. Their cause was ok for some topics, but their tactics of disruptive, comfrontational behaviors were unacceptable. Bernie did not disavow such behaviors & it affected his overall campaign.

    • “This campaign was never about Bernie….” Can you read? I did a LOT of research on the CA County primary ballots…the call of foul is real, as the CA Sec of State will tell you, too. Please go back to the place that spawned you. If you cannot help your Country, get out of the way of those who can and are. af

    • No matter what your political views are it’s clear to see there was some manipulation of the system to work in favor of the DP’s selected nominee, HC. In Cali alone, the amount of independent voters that didn’t get to cast their votes is staggering, to the tune of three million plus. It was decided by the DP just 135 days ago, not to allow indies to vote in the primary unless you jumped thru hoops and get a “special” ballot to do so. Then, your ballot may not even be chosen to be counted, yeah, chosen to not be counted, because of the way the ballot is labeled. This happened in many, many states over the past few months. Sad state of affairs.

    • First of all, you obviously did not read the article, you obviously know nothing about Bernie, and even more obviously you do not understand much about politics. So, it probably is not a good idea to be making condescending, insulting, and rude remarks about things you know nothing about. Now, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing you are a female who can’t wait to see a woman president, based on your comments. I am also guessing you have never been to a Bernie rally, but because you want to see a woman in the WH, that is the only issue you care about. I see nothing in your comments highlighting anything outstanding about Clinton’s platform.
      So I will tell you a little about Bernie. His campaign is NOT over, in no way is he any type of loser, nor is he acting like a SORE loser, and he is not going away anytime soon. His campaign definitely did not fail, and he would never say it was a rigged process unless it is absolutely true, because Bernie is not a liar, like your candidate is. You are probably not aware of many things about the last few months because Corp media will not discuss Bernie in the news, only Clinton. They have all donated a lot of money to her campaign which means she will owe them favors, so she made it clear that they could only talk about her campaign on the news. He is the most honest and well-loved man in the political arena, and there is never much of anything to criticize him for. However, Clinton is not well-liked much at all by anyone who knows her and works with her. The only ones who seem to believe that she is honest and nice are the people who want to vote for her based on few key issues like name recognition, what you hear on the news, being a woman or maybe something you heard someone else say. But it is very strange to me that when reporters are out on the street asking people why they are voting for Clinton, most of them have no idea why because she hasn’t stated her stance on issues that matter to voters who understand what is important in any election! All she really has said more times than not is that she “can get things done.” But what things? I know what topics are important to me, yet in every debate or when I see her on the news or making a speech, I have never heard her provide much in the way of solid information. But she sure knows how to do a lot of spinning, Meaning she will say a lot of words, but they have no content. She also never gives a straight answer to a simple yes or no question, but she’ll respond with a whole paragraph of words that sound intelligent until later when you think about it and realize she never said a single word that answered the question. That is what voters need to know about the ones they are voting for. For example, what if someone asked what Clinton’s position is regarding social security? Would you immediately have a response, or would have to think about it, or would you not know? I prefer Bernie because he is very direct, truthful, and straightforward with his responses and never feel like you’ve come away with a head full of non-answers.
      I’ll answer a question you asked about who listens to remarks about rigged elections, who listens are people who actually care about election fraud and will do something about it in a courtroom.
      Bernie never USED Black Lives Matter, he was kind, generous and enough of a gentleman enough to let them have the stage to make their point. Why would that turn people off of him?
      On the other hand when a young lady tried to do that with Clinton after she paid $500 for a seat at a fundraiser for Clinton, the poor girl was ignored first, then chastised by Clinton for interrupting her and escorted out rather roughly by secret service men. Not that I was ever a fan anyway, but that would have turned me off about Clinton for being so rude and not a answering one question, when the girl paid a lot of money to be there and ask.

  3. His/Our revolution should not end with this campaign. I’d be disappointed in all of us if it did. As a child of the 60s, I embraced Bernie’s idealism and know it will continue to influence politics for generations to come. Every now and then someone comes along to shake things up; Bernie did that. Being a pragmatist, however, I am a Hillary supporter because I know she is the next step to getting us to a Bernie-kind of place.

      • I didn’t give up before the convention. I attended caucus in my state and voted for Bernie. He got a party platform that his almost entirely his. He did makes changes and so did we, but now that the convention is over, it’s time to look to November and to preventing a Trump presidency.

    • She may be able to prevent Trump from becoming president, but I doubt she will move us toward the Bernie vision of what we can and should be. Hilliary is too entrenched in the existing power structure. As a child of the 60s, you recognize that the people who try to change the establishment from the inside are all too often co-opted by the establishment. That is why we need to continue to rail against the DNC and force them to be more transparent and also ditch super-delegates. I trust that the movement Bernie has kick started will not stop, but it will be difficult. Just as the Occupy folks brought us a new conversation in the US and continue to work at the grass roots level. what the pundits and the DNC don’t realize is that income inequality has become so severe that there is now a recognized class struggle – and it won’t get better without direct action. Stay tuned. The show isn’t over.

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