What if liberals tried to restrict the sale of guns the same way conservatives try to restrict abortion?

Another day, another mass shooting in the United States. I don’t know how many times I’ve started off an article with those words, but the line is getting rather tiresome. It was tedious after Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora, San Bernardino and countless others.

Now we have the most lethal mass shooting in American history occurring the other night in a gay Orlando night club. At least fifty dead so far and another fifty-three wounded. A blatant attack on the LGBT community by another mental ill man in the name of religion.

The question is, as it always is, what are we prepared to do about it? And the answer is, as it always is, nothing! Six months ago, Republicans rejected a law that would have allowed the FBI to deny firearm purchases by people on terrorism watch lists.

While the bill is being revived in the senate, it will likely meet the same fate. When Republicans call for a moment of silence in the house and senate, it isn’t to honor those killed in the latest tragedy, it is actually a reminder that Republicans plan on remaining silent on the issue of gun control as they repeat the same NRA talking points over and over.

As long as the second amendment remains interpreted as a right to own assault weapons. As long as the NRA continues to pollute the minds and line the pockets of our politicians. As long as liberals continue to fight for gun control the traditional way, it is abundantly clear that nothing will change, particularly at the national level.

So what is the solution here? Facts don’t seem to work. What would Republicans do if the situation was reversed? How would they take something that was virtually legal across the country and restrict its access? Ah yes, abortion!

Now I know the right to an abortion and gun control couldn’t be more different, even though both may be required after a certain gun is discharged (purposely or accidentally), but for the sake of this article, let’s say they are one and the same.

For starters, half the states in the union require the woman to undergo an ultrasound before going through with an abortion. I say we should force men who want to buy a gun to undergo an erectile dysfunction exam. You know, in case they are just trying to compensate for something.

We all know certain states like Texas have passed laws that require abortion clinics to operate more like mini hospitals in order to keep operating. The added expense has forced many abortion clinics to close. Perhaps we should force private gun shops to operate like Wal-Mart. Eight foot wide aisles, everything manufactured in China, happy faces everywhere, and don’t forget the gun shop greeter! The education level of the consumers probably wouldn’t change very much.

These tough anti-abortion laws have left only one abortion clinic open in the entire state of Mississippi, forcing women to drive countless miles in order receive an abortion. Let’s say the link here is driving. Perhaps guns should only be sold at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll be forced to stand in line for hours on end while they do extensive background checks. All in order for you to receive your gun licence!

We’ve all seen anti-abortion activists with the pictures of dead fetuses protesting in front of abortion clinics right? I’d suggest protesting in front of gun shops with pictures of gun victims, but some gun owners would probably get off on that. Perhaps the posters should be of broken guns. A beautiful majestic AR-15 crushed and smashed into a thousand pieces. That’ll make them weep!

Obviously these ideas aren’t to be taken too seriously, but I believe the point here is that progressives, liberals and conservatives with common gun sense need to start acting a little more aggressively, starting at the state level.

If conservatives can take a woman’s legal right to an abortion and make it virtually illegal to go through with one, I’m sure liberals can take a man’s legal right to own a gun and do the same. Particularly if they are mentally ill, have abusive behavior or are on a terrorist watch list.


    • well, it could lead to the taking of a life. And if you’re not planning on killing anyone, you shouldn’t have a problem with waiting a few days, and you shouldn’t have a problem with what kinds of guns you can own.

      But you want to know what abortion is? Whether you like it or not, it is not taking a life. It’s taking a POTENTIAL life. Not the same. But even if it were, you have no right to my kidney, even if you’d die without it. You cannot legally compel me to give it to you. Why should you be able to legally compel me to donate the use of my body to a fetus. It’s called bodily autonomy.

  1. thank you for this. thank you and the Congressmember who walked out of the obligatory and perfunctory moment of silence. we need drums.

  2. Another mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, and once again we have the pundits on Fox (is not) News going on TV and repeatedly spouting the lie that this is NOT about guns, it’s about terrorism. WTF?

    Of course it’s about guns.

    It’s about the ease in which one can obtain weapons that are designed to do only one thing, kill people.

    It’s about knowing there are people that should never have any kind of gun, yet they can obtain any weapon they choose through gun shows and straw purchases or other means.

    It’s about the attention (to a radical view be it a religious one or not) one person can attain, even though in many cases it’s posthumously, when using guns with the ability to kill dozens in a matter of seconds.

    When are we going to have the balls to demand a change, to take measures to reduce this massacre?

    Unless we are willing to face the fact that without some radical measures to limit the type of weapons that are legal to have, the amount of ammunition one person can legally possess, addressing the mental health issue or even the total confiscation of ALL privately owned guns, (don’t get your tidy whiteys in a bunch, that’s not what I am advocating here) there will be no change or chance of anything changing.

    I should go into the elected representatives, um, republican representatives that refuse to even pass one simple measure to make it harder to get any gun, won’t support a ban on assault type weapons, won’t close the loopholes that are used daily by people filled with hate and mental problems, but I believe I’ve said enough.

    Oh, one more thing. Vote out all these idiots that refuse to do what a majority of American want and vote for those that will act on the will of the people and are willing to make these much needed changes.

    Until that happens, get ready for another news flash about another mass shooting somewhere in America, maybe even in you own backyard.

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