Contrary to popular opinion, hate for the LGBT community is quite equal among Abrahamic religions

Here we go again. In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting we are once more seeing a spike in anti-Muslim rhetoric. While it is always important to debate the questionable aspects of a religion, we should also understand that not all fundamentalism stems from Islam. Those who love to talk about the negative aspects of Islam seem to overlook or diminish the fundamentalism of Christians here at home.

This is important, because we are now seeing right-wing Christians use the Orlando shooting as a means to point out the evils of Islam. Rudy Giuliani was on Fox Noise recently and he basically said that our (Western) culture was superior to Muslim culture, and that Muslims are basically barbarians. He stated that while we argue about marriage equality and social rights here in America, we don’t hold debates on whether or not gay people should be executed.

The statement is not entirely correct, as a lot of context is left out. It is true that countries ruled by Islamic radicals do execute gay people, and at alarming rates. In no way should this be excusable. Saudi Arabia, for example, is a top US ally and it is notorious for its executions of its gay citizens. Groups like ISIS throw gay people off of roofs, yes it is true and deplorable. But, is it true that Western culture is more evolved on this issue, or that Christian fundamentalist don’t pose as near a threat? Not at all.

Giuliani is wrong that Islamic culture is the only one that debates whether gays should be executed. Christian fundamentalists debate the topic all the time, and are doing so as we speak. Many fundamentalist Christian pastors have praised the Orlando shooting, saying that the victims were all “pedophiles” and “disgusting homosexuals.”

One pastor in particular said Orlando would sleep safely knowing that there were “fifty less pedophiles” around. Another said that while he disagreed with the method of the killing, he agreed that the victims should all have been killed anyway because “that’s what the bible says.” These aren’t just isolated voices, these are pastors and religious figures with national followings, and their rhetoric is just as wicked as an ISIS member.

While we can debate the merits of which religion is more violent and why, we can still agree however that Christians here at home have a long way to go before they seem remotely acceptable on the issue of gay rights. This doesn’t speak of all Christians of course, as there are many Christians who are active supporters of gay rights and disheartened by the hateful rhetoric coming from other Christians. However, we can’t ignore the issue. Christianity is still overwhelmingly antagonistic to gay rights, and many Christians are willing to enforce execution for homosexuality if they had their way.

It’s striking that when a Muslim commits a mass shooting, such as Orlando and San Bernardino, we as a society collectively demand that all Muslims and Muslim leaders denounce the radicals in their ranks. Yet, when a Christian commits similar acts (such as the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado) Christians as a whole are not expected to denounce those radicals. Why should they be?

When a radical Christian shoots up a clinic or Sikh Temple, or a pastor says gay people should be rounded up and shot, should we expect all Christians to denounce this and claim it doesn’t speak for them? Of course not, yet it’s strange that we do not hold this standard for Muslims. It should also be noted that Muslims in America are much more liberal than the standard they are portrayed as.

We need not point fingers here. There is plenty of blame to go around for Christians and Muslims when it comes to the issue of gay rights. We should examine the nature of our Abrahamic tradition, as it is indeed true that the main source for hatred against gays comes from the religions spawned by Abraham.

Christianity has been restrained by secularism in the West, unlike much of the Islamic world. But is it true to say, however, that Christianity has evolved better on the specific issue of gay rights? Not really, and this is evident by the fact that many Christians still see execution as an acceptable punishment for being gay. If they had their way and seized complete political power, don’t think for a second that their regime wouldn’t be just as bad as ISIS.

Don’t feel comforted by the idea that you live in a superior culture with a superior religion. Monsters lurk in every corner of the world and in every culture, and hopefully the tolerant ones will realize this before they are swallowed up by those monsters.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Jerry Bierens on the pathetic mythology that has held billions as mental captives for thousands of years. It’s the worst case of cognitive dissonance when a person who otherwise may possess at least respectable intelligence somehow convinces themselves of the truth of the Bible and its myriad of impossibilities, threats, contradictions and rip-offs. No contradictions? Look up any decent web page concerning Biblical contradictions. The New Testament has two of the four Gospels detailing the lineage of “Jesus” “proving” He was from the house of David, but those two accounts disagree and only one could be correct. But even that is impossible, because in one of the biggest idiocies and contradictions of all the Bible, how can it prove a direct relation to an ancient tribal leader when there was no sperm involved? A virgin birth with no DNA passed on by Joseph. Whatever.
    Believing as Jerry suggests in the story of the ark that was about the length of a football field that all the millions of animal species could even fit, and according to one prominent deranged evangelical radio personality, the oil heiress June Hunt, included dinosaurs is beyond ridiculous. Does that include the Mesozoic, Jurassic and Cretaceous all at the same time? How about the millions of years of the early mammals and birds, and others like mastodons? Well, according to a Christian cult believer, the usual cliche of a “miracle” or “God” works in mysterious ways is sufficient if you have the I.Q of a carrot and believe absolutely everything you’re told.
    And these are the people who are so full of hate toward the LGBT community and claim they, as Christians are always right. So homosexuality is so terrible, but how much hell do they raise about stuff like rape, incest, child and spousal abuse, drug cartels, white corporate criminals, and their own religious leaders making billions tax free from the ignorant fools who worship said leaders like the phony Messiahs those assholes think they are? And how about supporting Trump because he says he’s found Jesus now? Really? How fucking stupid can you get? What skeletons are in your closet you’d like to share? None? Oh, that’s right – you’re forgiven. Plus you never do anything wrong in the first place.
    As for Christians who claim to disagree with the more vocal and extreme faction of their faith, I have a question: why don’t you form coalitions and groups that decry the maniacs of your religion instead of standing idly by and saying and doing nothing? Don’t you understand your refusal to protest is tantamount to condoning what your other Christians say and do? What other conclusion do you expect others to reach? As the cliche goes, although this is a fairly accurate one, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.

  2. Please consider changing the title to “Some/Many Christians Hate Gays as Much as ISIS.” You do point out that it is “some Christians” and that there are many Christian advocates for LGBT rights who feel disheartened by the hate speech. By merely stating that Christians hate gays, it gives the impression that all Christians do. Thank you for this article.

    • Except for the highlighted areas, which are links to other articles that provide the evidence that Christians have indeed advocated gays be killed…

    • There is a news report in the Sacramento Bee as of June 17, 2016 discussing a Christian minister’s sermon that reflected the sentiment that the incident at the Pulse had religious justification. Very young minister, very thoughtless sermon. Let me put it this way, not my brand of Christian, and did I mention I’m pagan?

  3. The subtitle there is a blatant falsehood. There’s only one Jewish-majority country in the world, and it has a relatively good record on LGBT rights, unlike all Muslim-majority countries — many of which are outright theocracies — and have crap records on gay rights. Reform and Conservative Judaism have issued formal statements of support for transgender people and their rights. To pretend that Judaism in the present day is “just as bad” against gays as Islam in the present day is total bullshit.

    • The subtitle is not incorrect. While I’ll admit that those who identify as Jewish aren’t the main sources of anti-gay hatred in the world today, it is ultimately the religion of Judaism, the religion of Abraham, that has spawned the reason why there is such homophobia in the Western and Islamic worlds today. The texts of the Old Testament that call homosexuality an abomination and punishable by death stem from the texts of the Judeo/Christian religion which was ultimately adopted by the Islamic faith. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share the same Abrahamic tradition which is where our societies get the notion that being gay is “immoral.” The Abrahamic tradition is the ultimate problem, because the text exists in the Jewish religion, which Christianity and Islam stemmed from. While Jews may not be the main arbiters of persecution against gays, this may be an indicator that Jews may not really believe their religious texts the ways that Christians and Muslims do, as many Jews who settled in Israel did so for secular rather than religious reasons. The article made no indication that Judaism is a major factor, but the Abrahamic tradition that Judaism spawned is a major factor because it is this tradition that has given us this issue with being gay in the first place.

  4. Comparing one (Abraham, Mohammed, John Smith or L. Ron Hubbard, or any of the thousands of sects in each) religion to another is like comparing a California orange to one from Florida.

    I think that reason and logic need to be the main theme here and that all secular governments, like the USA and other non-theological countries need to come out and speak the truth about all religion.

    Until reason and logic become accepted and the hypocrisy in all religious texts is considered, then put into rational thought, there can be no such advancement of equality and justice for all.

    The fact is that there is no proof of that anything written in ancient times is true, nor can be confirmed empirically, therefore logic confirms that all these religions are nothing but myths (and stories passed on from one generation to another) and should be treated as so.

    Until that happens and people are required to read the books of the Bible, Koran or Torah in an open minded and critical thinking state, where reasonable people can see the hypocrisy in all religious texts, nothing permanent will change.

    Damn, we are over 2000 years removed (over 1400 for Mohamed) from any new things from their respective (fake) God and if we are so important to this “God”, then why, with all his “supposed” all knowing/all powerful attributes, does he not send us a new message to confirm this? It certainly is within the realm of possibility for him if you believe in your brand of scripture, so what’s the problem?

    I can tell you why with 99.9% certainty that the only logical reason is, is that God is imaginary.

    All scriptures are the product of ancient people that thought that the earth was flat and didn’t know where the sun went at night. There is no magic here (no talking snakes, talking/burning bushes or great floods where millions of species lived for over a year on a tiny, fragile boat) and there never was.

    All religion and all ‘gods’ are merely the product of the minds of early civilization during a time when science was considered as the evil work of man, and myths and fairy tales were the norm.

    Is that too much to ask?

    God didn’t write the Bible (buybull), the Bible wrote ‘god’………

  5. As Mike pointed out, in Western European cultures, the extremism of religion has been (mostly) controlled by secularism. Without secularism, religious extremism would run amok as it did in Western Europe during the religious wars on the 17th century.

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