Equality and racial justice won't improve until people stop profiting from hate and fear

As much as some Americans don’t like to admit it, the United States is a racist society. From the first days of slavery to the last days of Philando Castile’s life and beyond, America runs on hate and fear. The fear of minorities and the black man in particular help to keep the white population in line and benefits many of the powers that be.

What happened in Dallas, Baton Rouge and St. Paul this past week won’t change anything because the profit motive is too high. While many of us are saddened at the sight of racial violence and death, there are those who see only dollar signs and opportunity.

One powerful group, perhaps the most powerful, that profit from racial tension is the media. Not just right-wing media, but the mainstream media in general. From their perspective it’s all about ratings and advertising revenue. It’s in their best interest to keep tensions high in order to keep viewership high.

When you offer opinion without facts to back it up (you know, actual news) then you are inciting more racial tension, often by praising one side and demonizing the other. Nowhere is this clearer than the likes of Fox News, the Blaze and other hate profiteers such as The Drudge Report and the New York Post.

The New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, for example tried to fuel racial tension and sell more newspapers following the Dallas shooting with the headline “Civil War: Four Cops Killed in Anti-Police Protest”

Then there are outlets like Fox News who fuel racial tension and line their pockets with pundits and contributors who deny race is still a problem in America. Then they have the nerve to call Black Lives Matter a “violent movement” when in reality, they are trying to raise awareness about violence directed at them.

Then you have the real wackos like Tomi Lahren of the Blaze who’s trying to further her career and possibly land a job at Fox News by tweeting the Black Lives Matter movement is the new KKK. Then you have the Drudge Report with the headline “Black Lives Kill” and Alex Jones who thinks the Dallas shooting is part of a global Obama/Clinton conspiracy theory.

Let’s not forget good old Rush Limbaugh who claimed Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group committing hate crimes and Radio Host Joe Walsh who said “This Is Now War. Watch Out Obama. Watch Out Black Lives Matter Punks. Real America Is Coming After You.”

These are all media figures with an audience, some of them pretty sizable, who benefit from prolonged racial tension and violence. In fact without the racist element to their gig, they wouldn’t have much of a platform in the first place. They may cater to those who are already racists, but anyone not intelligent enough to see through their bullshit will also fall in line and unknowingly become one of them.

Racism isn’t inherited, it’s taught, and it doesn’t always come from the parents… Or the media. In America that dishonor also falls upon our leaders. Whether it was Democrats back in the day or Republicans since the Civil Rights Movement, racial tension has been used as a political weapon to fundraise and win votes.

I won’t go into too much detail about Nixon’s southern strategy, Ronald Reagan’s creation of the welfare queen myth, the Clinton Crime Bill or why George Bush doesn’t care about black people, I’ll just go with the obvious example; Trump.

Here is a man who now represents a party so ashamed of having a first black American President that they collectively question not only his nationality, but his religion as well. And they all blame Obama for everything, let alone everything race related.

Whether it’s a black man shooting cops, cops shooting black men, black men shooting other black men or even white men shooting black people, Obama is responsible for it. Apparently the only thing Obama is not responsible for is white on white crime, which doesn’t exist anyway.

Donald Trump has masterfully used racial tension, be it with Mexicans, Muslims or blacks, to rise to the top of the Republican food chain. If anyone has benefited from racism in America in 2016, it is him. And yet if you ask many conservatives, he’ll be better for race relations than anyone, he loves the blacks.

As of this writing, Trump has yet to comment on the tragedy in Dallas, but if and when he does, we all know what he’ll say because we’ve heard it all before, again and again. If a white man kills a bunch of people, it’s because he was crazy. If a Muslim man kills people, it’s because of his religion, and if a black man kills people, it’s because of black people.

In America there are those that protest injustice and those that profit from it. We progressives can protest injustice and racial intolerance as much as we want, but as long as there are enough people out there who benefit or profit from racial tension, nothing will change. Perhaps we should start protesting the benefactors instead…


  1. I agree with Everything… But you left out One Related item, that would have also been presented differently had the Victim been White!!

    I refer to the Murder by the Dallas police of the “Suspect” in the Shooting of the Five cops…. Now before I get lynched, .. I am NOT saying that the “Suspect” was innocent, nor am I saying he didn’t deserve the Death Sentence (Full disclosure.. I am against it.) … I am Saying that
    1) This person was NEVER Charged nor Tried in a Court of Law and no sentence (execution better than 100% Likely, as this was Texas)
    2) Under the US Constitution all Suspects are deemed “Innocent until PROVEN Guilty” in a Court of law, and Tried by a Judge and a Jury of his Peers, and then sentenced Lawfully, by that Judge.
    3) This person was corned in a garage away from any additional potential Civilian casualties
    4) The Police were already conducting Negotiations with this Suspect
    5) The police were protected from any surprise attack by the Suspect and were in NO immediate danger or threat of danger
    6) The Police are PAID by the Public to take Risks… They knew what they were signing up for.
    7) Their Sworn Duty is to PROTECT and Serve… and therefore they had a DUTY to the Suspect to Apprehend him and Protect him from harm until he could appear in a Court of Law.
    8) The Police Force is mandated to be on Duty 24/7… In other words they were doing their Job, and had no other place to be… They had NO time frame for concluding their Negotiations.
    9) The Suspect Was BLACK.
    10) They killed him by DRONE!!!

    This is MURDER BY police under ANY definition!!!

    What happened to the time when Police would starve a Fugitive out rather then Execute a man without Due-Process of Law?? Are the Police now Judge, Jury and Executioner?? Is this the New Norm??? Is this why people are executed while sitting in their cars or Lying on the Ground??? PLEASE enlighten Me.. I’m so desperately Confused??? When did the Constitution and “Innocent until Proven Guilty” cease to apply in the USA???

    There can be NO argument that this man was executed… No matter his crime or His guilt… He was Murdered… The police were, by their own admission, Negotiating with this man.. they were NOT in an Active Fire-Fight where Lives were in immediate Jeopardy.. The situation was static and confined.. there was no option for escape for the Fugitive… All the Police had to do was WAIT… eventually they could have captured this man alive, to face Justice… Or what passes as “Justice” these Days in the USA (unless your name is Clinton, of course… another topic)… But in this YouTube, Smart Phone era.. There is no longer time to Wait…

    So this man, no doubt Guilty, but uncharged and untried, was Murdered by the police in obvious retaliation… and of Course there will be a White-wash of the events and motivations and the police will never be held accountable for Their crime… The same crime as when they gun down people for Traffic violations or selling individual cigarettes… or walking home… The same crime which was being protested on the streets where this execution happened!! What happened to American Justice???

  2. The solution to the problem that you so ably presented is the redevelopment of the Black Press including the electronic media. Keep telling the truth Mike.

  3. Good points all.

    As a 60’s teen I was aware of the racism of the 50’s and we actually learned in my public school actual history about slavery and the Civil War (that name still bothers me).

    This latest surge of racism, brought on by factors too numerous to list, is a real disappointment to me.

    As I enter my later years in life, the society I see around me in the United States and in other areas around the world, are very much the same in a lot ways.

    I had, as a optimistic teenager, thought that with education and better communication among all the people of this planet, we would have made much larger strides towards making the world a much safer, less racist and hateful place for all to coexist.

    It looks like that will not happen in my lifetime.

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