How the fear of a Donald Trump presidency can be just as dangerous as his own rhetoric

A wise Muppet once said “Fear is the path to the dark side.” If that’s true then America is in for some dark times. If Donald Trump’s supporters are to be believed, we should be fearful of all those who aren’t Anglo-Saxon White. If Trump’s opponents are to be believed, we should be terrified of Donald Trump.

Fear begets fear as they say and this election cycle is a perfect example of how. Mr. Trump has been dividing the country for more than a year now with his hate speech and fearmongering. As a consequence, that same language has been dividing liberals as well, not by color, religion or sex, but by how best to defeat him in November.

From the get-go, the main argument for nominating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Candidate was that she was more likely to defeat any possible candidate from the Republican Party. What they did not expect was the GOP to nominate such a divisive man who’s still further to the left of Clinton on certain issues.

Now fear is everywhere and everyone is afraid of everyone and everything. Republicans are afraid of Hillary Clinton, immigrants, Muslims, China, Black Lives Matter, socialism… and Donald Trump. Democrats are afraid of Donald Trump, guns, big banks, the word socialism, capitalism… and Hillary Clinton.

Some of these fears have more merit than others of course, but the point is they’re there. I don’t think you would be wrong in thinking it all originated from the same source in Donald J. Trump, but are we actually justified in fearing the fear monger? Are we fearful enough to allow his rhetoric to tear progressives apart? That seems to be what is happening.

We supposedly live in a free democratic society, we are free to vote for whomever we choose, but this election year seems to be taking on a different nature. It is an election involving the two most hated candidates in history and yet we are told to worship either one as the messiah in fear of the other one winning.

Last week we posted an article entitled “Voting Independent is Not a Wasted Vote!” Our progressive audience was none too impressed. Some people can’t get passed the fact that Clinton doesn’t appeal to many progressives, especially young ones. She hasn’t tried to appeal to them, and in some instances (like her VP pick) she has outright rejected them.

Still, a progressive voting for Jill Stein is equivalent to voting for the apocalypse to many liberals, despite the fact that the libertarian candidate is stealing twice as many votes away from Trump so far. Both candidates are losing votes to third party candidates, and you know what? It’s out of fear of what either Trump or Clinton might do.

Some people can’t vote for a candidate in good conscience who is likely to go to war in the next four years. It’s that simple. So these people aren’t wasting their vote, for those who still have a conscience, they are simply exercising their right.

But oh the hate it breeds… among my own people far too scared of an orange billionaire. When a so-called progressive tells me I have no right to an opinion because I come from Canada, that sounds like it’s coming straight out of Trump’s mouth. He became so afraid of the fear monger that he became what he feared most.

Nobody should have to trade in their conscience for an election victory, otherwise we are no better than the hated politicians we help elect. I for one would rather see dictator Trump get elected a thousand times than compromise my principles and become like him.

So far Donald Trump has said a lot of crazy, hate filled, fear inducing stuff, but that’s it. He hasn’t actually done anything and is not yet in a position to do so. Instead of being afraid, which is what he wants, maybe we should ridicule the hell out of him and let the votes fall where they may.

“Fear is the path to the dark side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda


  1. Very good… But there is another reason many of us are not voting for either of the 2 Evils.. and it is not fear!! It is the belief that the corruption inherent in a 2-Party “First Past the Post” electoral system is inherently undemocratic, and unrepresentative. Many of us are supporting Jill Stein to try and break the system and force change… even when we know that Jill has no chance of winning.. but she still has a chance to gain Legitimacy… and it is another “F” word that drives us… we are not voting for Fear….
    It is the Future we are voting for!!

    • Think about the next 25 years of a Supreme Court appointed by Trump, if it’s the future you’re thinking about. As far as 3rd party, “all politics is local.” There are no appreciable 3rd party grassroots; without that, fuggedaboudit.

  2. Let’s talk about Hillary as a “hated” candidate. Whence the hate? Who are the haters? Granted, she’s a politician – and they ALL have clay feet. But what makes her such a special target? Well, how about the 25-year drumbeat of lies, misogyny and other filth from the right-wing noise machine of Murdoch and his ilk? Seems to me like some of this poison has been swallowed by the left as well.

    • I don’t understand this idea that Hillary is going to take us to war. I don’t buy that. I think she will be a great President and hope she gets a Congress that will work with her and we can take this country forward!

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