Donald Trump will bounce back in the polls and he’ll get some help before November comes

It’s safe to suggest that last week was a a terrible week for Trump. Combined with Hillary Clinton’s convention boost, the Donald now finds himself about eight percentage points behind the former Secretary of State.

Trump’s week started off with a seemingly endless fight with Khizr Khan, the father of Humayun Khan, the Muslim US soldier who died in Iraq in 2004. He then refused to endorse Paul Ryan which nearly sparked a civil war within his own party. He later endorsed Ryan without mentioning a single policy they have in common.

As if alienating Republicans and the Military wasn’t enough, he failed to understand that Russia had taken the Crimean Peninsula a couple years ago. He lied about seeing Iranian officials “pouring” $400 million off of a plane in exchange for prisoners. And then he committed the ultimate political sin by telling a mother with a crying baby at one of his rallies to “get the baby out of here”.

Trump now finds himself falling further behind Clinton in almost every poll. Some pundits and politicians of both parties have determined Trump’s week to be the worst week in presidential campaign history, some even going so far as to say Trump’s presidential bid is already over. Keep in mind it was the first official week of campaigning after the conventions.

All might seem lost to the supposed billionaire and his supporters, but let’s not forget there is roughly a hundred days before Americans cast their ballots and anything can and will happen between now and then. By October, most Republicans and independents won’t remember who Khizr Khan is.

Of course, there will be debates before November and if the past has taught me anything, it’s that money doesn’t just drive politics and elections, it also drives our mainstream press. The same media that Donald Trump has been manipulated since first coming down that escalator last year.

The media wants ratings, and to get it, they will play each side to their own benefit. A close presidential race means higher ratings. I’ll be shocked if by September the race isn’t a dead heat again, same as it was before the July party conventions.

If and when Trump manages to find legitimate criticisms about Hillary’s policies, without insulting women, gays, ethnic minorities and the handicapped, the press will start attacking Clinton. As mentally ill as Trump seems, his rival is far from perfect and vulnerable in certain areas.

It’s guaranteed to happen, whether the masses fall for it is another matter. Clinton will have to remain sharp and stay on the attack if she is to remain successful and even then, don’t be surprised if Fox News or another conservative outlet creates a controversy out of nothing with the intent of bringing her down to Trump’s level.

Just like Donald Trump’s policies, the polls in this election will flip flop back and forth until November whether it be by design or by accident. What’s important to keep in mind, even if Trump is getting destroyed just days before the election, is to get out and vote. Just like Donald’s disastrous week, polls can be meaningless. It’s better to be safe than sorry…


  1. It’s important now for Democrats and progressives to not get complacent and assume a landslide victory in November. We must never assume anything, take anything for granted or let our guards down for a second when we are dealing with presidential politics and elections. A turnout that’s lower than expected could put Trump in the White House.
    I do not see a huge poll turnaround at this point because Trump cannot deal with pressure, criticism, stay on message or resist insulting the public at every turn. His ego is so massive that he simply will not listen to any advisors, period. He believes he’s right, America loves him, and worst of all that people are accepting his “message” of alienation, hate and pure stupidity, and for the right, he’s correct.
    Disgusting shills like Shawn Hannity, Alex Jones, the paranoid conspiracy lunatic premier, FOX News and Limbaugh have no shame or character and have therefore no problem trying to help Trump. Unfortunately they have audiences – illiterate for the most part, rural and totally clueless about the rest of the country except for the town they grew up in, hate filled for anything they do not understand, brainwashed by the Christian cult in about 25% of the population, and racist/misogynist/homophobic to psychotic degrees.
    Should Trump end up in a debate with Hillary Clinton, it could end up being a disaster for him as Clinton will easily outsmart him on any policy questions, and with minimal provocation can and may make Trump say and do some incredibly stupid shit on national television. I cannot see him softening his image, or act “presidential” in any way. But we must be determined to get out the vote and allow no slack.

  2. I believe (and certainly hope) that this election will be a replay of Goldwater vs. Johnson. It’s one thing to win the Republican presidential primaries, another to win the presidency. There are not enough gun-nuts and sex-obsessed evangelicals to tip the scales nationally. There are not enough Archie Bunkers (re Carl Icahn’s prediction.) And Trump is unable to zip his mouth.

  3. I don’t think so. For Trump to rebound, he would have to execute a 180-degree turn in his own demeanor and poise, and demonstrate leadership and policy savvy to erase the disaster that he has created. In so doing, he would have to get the Republican Party behind him again, as well as the large number of Republican voters that have fled. Then, either Hillary Clinton would have to make some very serious missteps, or some new damaging information would have to come to light regarding her past or some other bone-headed move she’s made. At this point, the two candidates are trying to win the undecided voters (and keep hold of the ones who might defect to the other side). But for the most part, I don’t see the lines moving much, barring some new information or drastic change in tactics.

  4. Hell, they elected Reagan, Bush, and Obama twice each. The electorate is ignorant, childlike, and easily manipulated. If there is a significant terrorist attack,even if arranged by insiders, they’ll probably go for tattooing Muslims and Mexicans.

  5. Hard to believe what’s going on in America, this campaign is almost a joke , if Americans think that trump should be the next president, well if he you will pay a big price for that , trump is just playing a game , he has that temper , calling everyone names, racist, liar , fraud , bankrupt etc….. Go for him ……good luck

  6. Great essay. Sadly I wish your were wrong and trump was finished. If he stays down in the polling long enough, I suspect he would start panicking and coming out with a whole bunch of outlandish lies, each crazier than the next.

    If he stays on message and starts rising in the polling, that’s the last thing we need.

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