Democrats are in complete denial if they think they’re not at fault for Trump’s election win

Nearly a week after the 2016 election, it appears many democrats are still stuck in the first stage of grief; denial. As the protests to Trump’s victory have grown in major cities across the nation, so too have the excuses being used by Clinton, Democratic elites and the rest of the establishment for the epic loss.

Clinton blamed FBI Director James Comey. Rachal Maddow blamed third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Some blame WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Others blame outsider interference from Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Then you have people blaming the Electoral College, an unpopular but important part of the constitution. Last, but probably not least, you have liberals blaming the loss on fellow Americans, racist or not.

For over a year, progressives had been warning Democrats about the dangers of their selected path. For starters, Barack Obama won the presidency with a campaign based on change. For the past six years, that change has been blocked and obstructed by congressional Republicans. The end result was a country still hungry for change.

But Democrats went out of their way, even put the fix in, to ensure they nominated someone who was running not on change, but more of the same. The Democratic primary and the way Bernie got burned did more damage than Democrats are willing to admit.

With no disrespect to Clinton, Democrats nominated a fixture of the establishment with close ties to Wall Street. With the anger of the great recession still somewhat fresh, it was the exact opposite of what most Americans, Democrats and Republicans, wanted.

For Democrats not to see the major flaw in Hillary’s candidacy from the get go was a complete failure. Her Emails, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, all that mattered little compared to her ties with the institution that nearly brought the world to its knees less than a decade ago.

As I’ve mentioned before, Clinton has always had trouble campaigning and unfortunately this was another factor in the epic loss. Instead of her campaign focusing on what people want, the Clinton Campaign dedicated most of their money advertising what people already knew.

Everyone knows Trump is a racist, misogynist, bigot, a bad role model for our kids and shouldn’t be trusted with the launch codes. Thanks for the breaking news Hillary, but Americans were already too racist to care or they’re too fed-up with their economic situation to give a shit. Hillary promised these people nothing.

And that in truth, is the crux of the problem. Half the country is in or near poverty. Income inequality has been getting worse thanks to 35 years of Reaganomics and instead of fighting it, Democrats, starting with President Clinton in the nineties embraced it. Dems abandoned the middle class a long time ago and now there is little of it to speak of.

What did people expect? Nor Democrats, nor Republicans were speaking up for the little guy anymore and then along came Donald Trump who pissed both parties off by speaking out against the establishment. Just like Hitler in the thirties, without an outsider alternative, people turned to him out of frustration and desperation.

When Reagan and Bush left office, democrats decided to embrace their economic ideology. In the end, that corporate embrace and lean to the right in the nineties is very much responsible for what happened last week.

If democrats refuse to see the error in their ways and cling to the easy scapegoats in front of them, then they’ll have learned nothing. If, in four years Democrats decide to once again lean right in order to dethrone the Donald, history will repeat itself, whether in four years or twenty-four.

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