The Progressive takeover of the Democratic Party has begun. It’s been a long time coming, and can’t happen soon enough. After Trump’s electoral victory in 2016, the Democrats are trying to “re-brand.” Establishment Democrats, however, seem to have read the wrong signals from Trump’s win. Have no fear. The progressives have a plan, and it includes taking back the Democratic Party from the corporatists.

A new initiative has been launched by progressives to take back the Democratic Party. The Justice Democrats plan to form the new backbone of the party after years of domination by pro-corporate elements. The initiative is sponsored by people such as Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski of the TYT Network. It also is being organized by many former members of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

The Justice Democrats have established a solid progressive platform, and are gearing up for the 2018 midterms. The goal is to have the people themselves run candidates within the Democratic Party that represent them. What does that mean? You, the people, nominate your own candidates (possibly even yourself) as potential nominees within the party. The Justice Democrats then vet these potential candidates and run them in the local primaries where they had been nominated.

It’s a bold initiative, and has seen a good launch thus far. Some skeptics have questioned the initiative, claiming that there is no way to reform the Democratic Party from within, therefore its best to form a new third party instead. However, there are far too many institutional biases against third parties. It would be far easier to take over the Democratic Party to affect progressive change.

Some see the move as a “sell-out” by progressives. This could not be more incorrect. The Justice Democrats aren’t trying to form an alliance with the corporate Democrats. They want to throw them out of the party all together. Centrist minded Democrats might see the initiative as a Tea Party of the left. This is intended as a jab, but it’s not certain why this should be such. While progressives certainly disagree with the policy platforms of the Tea Party, one must admit they were successful in redefining the narrative of the Republican Party.

Re-defining the narrative of the Democrats is exactly what is needed. Centrist critics may lament at the idea of progressives stonewalling on policy goals. Many centrists have criticized progressives on the basis that they want to have a “purity test” and that it’s best to be a “big tent” party. There is much talk of “unity.”

Yes, progressives are no longer tolerating Democrats that take corporate money and do corporate bidding. If centrists consider that to be a “purity” test then so be it. As far as the “big tent” party is concerned, this notion is duplicitous at best. Of course, progressives want people of all backgrounds and origins to participate. This does not mean, however, we should be tolerant of Democrats who are fine with taking corporate money. The day of Clintonite centrism is over. If you don’t agree to flush money out of politics and stop taking corporate donations, then progressives will fight you.

Now, as it pertains to party “unity”, we must be clear on one key issue. Unity is nice and all, but progressives will not unite behind the establishment. What corporate Democrats mean when they say “unity” is “compliance.” Their idea of a unified party is for progressives to shut up and tow the party line set by the establishment. We are not to criticize any Democrat for any reason, and God forbid we talk about primaries or policy principle. Progressives are expected to be “team players” and nothing more. Sorry, that’s out of the question. Progressives aren’t interested in compromise in this regard.

It’s important that the Justice Democrats succeed. The Corporate Democratic establishment is reading all the wrong signals. Rather than seeing the obvious mistakes of the Hillary campaign, they are ignored and instead they intend to continue their failed strategies.

Democrats must run and govern to the left if they want to defeat Trump and the Republicans. Corporate Centrism is what cost Democrats in 2016. Not only was Hillary Clinton a bad candidate, the party abandoned the concerns of the working class and therefore handed the election to Trump.

Hillary and the Democrats ultimately lost because they abandoned the left and workers. The reason the Obama coalition did not turn out for Hillary was because of economic concerns that she was not addressing. Hillary claimed to be against TPP, yet never gave any key speeches outlining why. TPP was a top concern for blue collar workers, a concern Trump bothered to address.

The progressive base felt snubbed by Hillary, especially after a contentious primary where half the party felt cheated. Her strategists planned to focus efforts on attracting “moderate Republicans” rather than progressives and blue collar workers. This is what gave Trump the White House.

The progressive takeover is coming, whether the corporate Democrats like it or not. The tide of history has turned against them. Across the country, progressives are taking the helm of local Democratic Parties. California is one area of success. More initiatives are being launched to repeat the results of California across the country. How ironic. It was the centrist Democrats that scolded progressives for not doing enough to win locally. Thanks for the “advice.” Now step aside if you please. The progressive revolution has begun.


  1. Thanks for a good post. I am an independent currently active in the Green Party, but I am seeing a lot to admire in the Justice Democrat platform. Good luck and power up!

  2. I can’t seem to get to a site “” that will allow me to register as a member. Is the site being blocked? Can youhelp advise me how to join? Please e-mail me. Thanks!

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